24 Entrepreneurs Explain Why They Are Selling Their Business

24 Entrepreneurs Explain Why They Are Selling Their Business

Selling a business is a normal, and notable goal for many entrepreneurs, but what is the reason that business owners feel now is the right time to sell their business?

We've compiled a variety of answers from businesses currently for sale on Exchange Marketplace. The answers are all unique and tell the story behind the numbers and sales of the business. Some entrepreneurs are facing bureaucratic hurdles in their country, others are selling to focus on another business, or facing a personal life event that requires their attention. Several of the entrepreneurs may have run their businesses for years and are generating sizeable revenues, but have lost interest and excitement. If you're curious about any of the businesses listed here, we encourage you to reach out to the listings to learn more.


NeatVibez Store

“I started a business on Shopify as I thought that I could use my extra time of after university to grow a business within various type of niche. I wanted an income from the online store, however a week later I had been successful in a job I had applied for which was surprising. The Store was completed two months ago (March) and it took me a 2 Months to get it to the way I truly wanted it to be.

During the months I was not at university or work I did put in a lot of work into making the website what I want it to look and be. As well as including ratings of the different products and editing the reviews. After I receive a job and started it, aside from posting on my Instagram I haven't done much to attract customers.

The reason I am selling this business as much as it is hard to say I simply do not have the time nor energy to run the business and i dont do it justice.

As much as it pains to say, I love what I have created but starting my youth work role as well as being in university full time and getting home 10pm each day is not ideal. Even-though, I have kept the website each month and paying the subscription of oberlo/shopify per month $29 I dislike the fact I have abandoned it.

I really dont mean to but if I had time I would.” - Tolulope K., NeatVibez Store


Private listing #139311

“I created this fashion online store to meet the requirements of all woman buyers in the fashion industry. We started this shop in January 2018, super fresh and recent, and we made $1,600,000!

The reason i'm selling is to focus in other areas of my expertise. We stopped to sell on May, in order to sell the business and move to another areas.” - Paulo Cunha, Private Listing #139311

Revenue (past 7 months): $1,593,599
Traffic (past 7 months): 834,698


Squishy Squish

“We at Squishy Squish aim to bring you high-quality products at the most affordable prices.

I got a well paid job a while ago and this is why I paused the store so no one can buy from it. This is the reason for the drop of sales” - Martin K., Squish Squish

Revenue (6 months): $8954.00
Traffic (6 months): 106,255


Imperial COLT

 “Imperial COLT was started by myself as a clothing brand to shake up the equestrian clothing market. It provides trendy everyday wear to all equestrians whether they are at the stables with the horses or out for the day with friends.

I had a vision of starting something reasonable priced and fashion forward, that can be worn by everyone for every occasion.

I am selling the business partly for personal reasons and partly due to the fact I feel I cannot take it to the next level that it is crying out for. As a twenty something with no business or fashion qualifications or training, I feel that I don't have the knowledge, funds or understanding that it needs without feeling completely overwhelmed!” - Sophie W., Imperial Colt

Lifetime revenue: $16,337
Lifetime traffic: 28,047 



“The main reason for selling the eCommerce store is just a change of heart. I started this business about 5 months ago because I was out of work and wanted to focus on something that was more centered around my kids. Since starting the store I have taken on a full time job and have many other personal obligations.

I hate to be selling it but with my job and the demanding life of being a single mother I just do not have the time or money to bring this site to its full potential.” - Chelsea H., Itsy-Bitsys

Social media followers: 1,052



“Hungry for knowledge and driven by a critical situation, I got to learn social media marketing by myself as well as the dropshipping business model, from countless hours of reading and watching videos, until I finally decided I had to give it a shot. When I finally started, I realized this was actually possible. It was a slow start because I didn’t have any money to keep up with the orders, but this store gave me much more than that. I’m going all in with a new POD store.

The reason I am trying to sell it is that I can't keep up with the scaling because I have to wait around two weeks to actually get the money into my bank account from my payment processor.” - Mauricio R., Freshloox

Lifetime revenue: $18,103.00
Lifetime traffic: 48,956


The Rustic Beardsman

“We started The Rustic Beardsman back in 2015. Since then we have grown to have a good base following of regular customers, along with attracting new customers through out online methods and email blasts. Word of mouth has been our main avenue of marketing since we wanted to grow our business organically and steadily over time. We are currently sold in 5 retail locations around Fort Worth and in Oklahoma.

The reason we are selling our business is because we as a family want to explore new avenues of entrepreneurship with another business partner. We have worked tirelessly to bring the best products we can possibly craft to our bearded friends and family (all customers), but as times change, we feel this is the right time to allow someone else to take over our hard work and take it to another level beyond what we currently are able to.” - David F., The Rustic Beardsman

Lifetime revenue: $34,422.00
Lifetime traffic: 25,446 



“December was the best month and could have been a lot better if I wouldn't have run into liquidity problems. Unfortunately my bank raised the limit of my credit card just to a certain point. Given the fact that I am young too and don't have wealthy circumstances or a business model which fits their criteria they didn't want to raise the limit nor give my additional credit. I didn't want to use my own money from my personal bank account because I needed the money for other investments which I didn't want to affect. So I was forced to reduce promotion and advertising because I couldn't handle more sales. It was frustrating for me.

So January came, I managed to get more money to invest and I was ready to crush it. After 5 days into January I ran into the next problem. The bureaucracy of the Italian Republic is not a friend of drop shipping. The problem was that the vendor on AliExpress don't issue any invoice and the Italian state seems to have a problem with it, more specific the financial authorities. So in order to solve the problem, I had to pay a lot of money so my accountant was able to fix it so I won't get any troubles if authorities were to check my company.

That was the moment I knew that the business model was not suitable for my situation, mainly because of the high expenses for my accountant who had to adjust everything to overcome the bureaucratic nightmare of Italy for me.

So since mid January I didn't advertise anymore and just fulfilled the orders which were still coming in from alone. I thought about restarting again with someone from another country but now I want to sell it because I have other things going on in life which need my full attention.

So as long as you're not in Italy you won't have any problems and can enjoy a quite easy, passive income.” - Alexander M., Prosaves

Lifetime revenue: $12,262
Lifetime traffic: 30,091


Tica’s Textbooks

“Ticastextbooks is an online bookstore with the intention to sell college/university textbooks and other textbooks such as fiction novels.

I built this business in May 2018 and slowly expanded my inventory. I am a full time college student, a full time nurse, and a mother 3 toddlers. I am unable to focus on my business and keep up with the demand. Therefore, I am unable to grow my business. I am not ready to start a break and mortar bookstore at this stage of my life.

I decided it is in the best interest for myself and my family to sell my business to someone else who can take it to the next level.” - Carline C., Tica’s Textbooks



The reasons for selling the store are the desperate need for money for the family, and if that were not the case, I would not have thought about selling the store, especially after that the early stages were the most difficult ones.

The real amount of money for the selling the store is not the one that I am asking for, as the store is much more worthy. An equivalent amount of money has been disbursed, and a full year of time has been spent on hard and continuous work on the store.” - Alaa S., 10MINUS

Lifetime revenue: $7,331 USD
Lifetime traffic: 115,273


Chakra Passion

“We love and passion in Chakra and understand the needs of Chakra balancing. All of our products mostly focus on customer happiness, satisfaction towards the products they purchased from us.

The reason I decided to let go this store because I commit, focus to take care of my family in more time due to some of the personal reasons. Due to the family issues need to pay focus to 2 sons, I have not much focus working in this store.

That's the reason why I haven’t had much time in running the advertisement in these 2 months. Seeking for the right person to take over this store. Thank you.” - Shirley, Chakra Passion

Lifetime revenue: $49,993 USD
Lifetime traffic: 69,169 



“The store sells all kind of Lightroom and Photoshop Presets which are used by photographers to edit photos faster and more efficient.

First my business partner and friend lost interest in this project along the way so I kept on finishing things up alone.

But now my normal job is very time intense and I also study arts at the moment so my free time is so limited that I’d rather spend just a couple more hours a week with my girlfriend and family instead of figuring out all about marketing on the internet.

I have a photography background but unfortunately, I am not very good in marketing especially not on the internet. 

I tried Google Adwords and also posted this store into different Facebook groups for photography but I have the feeling that the other stores are doing something different than what I did.

So the future owner should have online marketing skills for Google Adwords and SEO knowledge.” - Vincent, Lensgrade.com

Value of inventory: $29,000


Mommy's Store

“This is my very first store and it brought approximately $56,000 USD in revenue in a short 3 month sprint.

I might regret this later…who knows? But…

Here’s why I am selling it:

Lack of time and energy to devote to this store. I own another store in another niche that quickly became far MORE successful than this one and because of it I have been devoting all my time and energy towards it, and this one has taken the back burner for a while as a result thereof.

As hard as it is to walk out of so much opportunity, this is the decision I’ve made after pondering it for a long time.

The store was profitable right away but I don't have enough time to take care of it and scale it as I'm devoting a lot of time and energy to my other much bigger store.

I would like to sell it to someone who is passionate about helping moms and I truly believe this would be a wonderful business to run for the right person.” - Josue, Mommy's Store

Lifetime revenue: $58,717
Lifetime traffic: 126,421


Supreme Pride

“I decided to create Pride Bucket or Supreme Pride Store, at the start of my internet marketing career around a year ago.

The only reason I am selling this business, is because now I have a business that is about to be 10 times bigger than this one, and It is no longer worth my time to run this business.

I put a-lot of work into the store for the first 6 months (15 hours a week); however, since I started my new business in march I have not put any work into the business whatsoever because it is not worth my time.” - Jake B., Supreme Pride

Lifetime Revenue: $59,188
Lifetime Traffic: 107,135 


Second Thread

"Second Thread is an online womenswear clothing store, selling unique brands with a focus on quality, fit and fabrics. What makes Second Thread different is the emphasis on quality and the brand message of being confident and unique in your own style.

Second Thread's story began in 2015, stocking wholesale items and handmade clothes. I began Second Thread to encourage women to be confident and unique in their style, investing in their pieces, rather than buying throw away fashion which is so saturated in the market at the moment. I grew the stores following through promoting this message and selling high quality garments. The store has become a destination for our customers to find investment pieces and discover new and upcoming brands with this focus on quality.

My reason for selling Second Thread is that it needs investment and time that I no longer can contribute to it's success. Due to my current situation, I am unable to invest the money that is required to continue the business.” - Cat, Second Thread

Lifetime revenue: $25,166
Lifetime traffic: 54,534


Desert Moon

“Desert Moon launched in May 2017, it's USP selling vintage rock tour tee's, and vintage iconic brand tee's. Its a drop shipping POD business and currently only operating from the UK but ships worldwide.

The business has a great brand image and has a good following already. It needs someone with a good marketing knowledge to come on board and take it to the next level.

I have a young son and another clothing business and its for these reasons that i have decided to sell this one to concentrate on this.” - Alice L., Desert Moon

Lifetime revenue: $40,986
Lifetime traffic: 51,703



“DÉVELÖ is a Smart Tech store.

Right now I have 2 other online business and venturing into creating my own brand therefore I can’t afford to dedicate extra hours to this. This store can be a money cow for you. Also, I have coaching schedule on dropshipping, online marketing for my mentees which took up extra hours of my day time.

Right now I have 2 other online business and venturing into creating my own brand therefore I can’t afford to dedicate extra hours to this. This store can be a money cow for you. Also, I have coaching schedule on dropshipping, online marketing for my mentees which took up extra hours of my day time.

I have worked on this store for lesser time as I have too many things on hand to take care, and I want to be transparent here that the store is blooming, the sales escalated in May 2018, so I will need someone who are willing to work and learn hard about this niche to make themselves rich.” - Aiden H., DÉVELÖ

Lifetime revenue: $25,648
Lifetime traffic: 38,661


The Epic Outfitter

“I've been managing product and solutions marketing for hi-tech software companies for over 15 years. This was my side business.

The only reason I'm selling my store is due to poor health and the inablilty to manage this business.

I was doing well before I was forced to put it on the back burner in January 2018.” - Julie F., The Epic Outfitter

Lifetime revenue: $8,995
Lifetime traffic: 14,748


Silk by Nancy

“Silk by Nancy focuses entirely on manufacturing 100% Italian silk items handmade in the Netherlands. Manufacturing can be done all over the world though.

As I am a business woman myself I love to wear silk blouses but couldn't find a blouse made from high quality silk for a reasonable price. Of course silk will always be expensive but we managed to find this quality of silk for a much better price.

Because we will be moving to the Dutch Antilles it will be very difficult for us to continue our business due to limited shipping possibilities.” - Nancy W., Silk by Nancy

Lifetime revenue: $28,391
Lifetime traffic: 51,314



“We are selling this site, as our offline business has taken off in a large way unexpectedly in a totally different niche, therefore we don't have the time to continue to build this store further, and use it to its potential. Offline business is known to take a lot of time.

The only reason why I'm selling it, is the fact that my offline business it taking all my time right now and I can't stay focus with both of them at 100% especially that I'm working alone.” - Daniel, Yorris

Lifetime revenue: $48,543
Lifetime traffic: 73,662


Private listing #984367

“This is my second store and it brought approximately $336,607.71 USD in revenue in a short 5-month sprint.

Here’s why I am selling it:

Lack of time and energy to devote to this store.

I've recently accepted a position as VP of marketing for a SaaS company and because of it I'm busy devoting all my time and energy towards building a multi-million dollar business, and this one has taken the back burner for a while as a result thereof.” - Private Listing #984367

Lifetime revenue: $369,099
Lifetime traffic: 665,863


Private listing #241321

“This store has brought in approximately $54,915.99 in revenue in a few short months.

Here’s why I am selling it:

Investing fully, in my brick and mortar business and scaling my amazon business.

Cutting all ties to my dropshipping stores to fully concentrate on the above points.” - Private Listing #241321

Lifetime revenue: $66,285
Lifetime traffic: 66,612


Grunge Glasses

“We are selling our on Jan '17 founded eyewear company Grunge Glasses.

We have started several other stores that we are recently more focussed on so that's why we are selling our brand.” - Vincent D., Grunge Glasses

Lifetime revenue: $42,141.00
Lifetime traffic: 54,178 


CefaTrainer.com (Council of Exercise Fitness and Athletics)

“We are an online based certification program in the fitness industry. We offer many different fitness certifications, but our main product is a Personal Trainer Certification.

The biggest challenge is marketing to customers. We created this company because we have the expertise to build a comprehensive website as well as the expertise in the fitness industry. We are not particularly savvy in e-commerce marketing, which is why we are selling. CEFA is just a great marketing strategy away from being enormously profitable!

Our challenge was we didn't know how to market it.

We've spent the last year creating it, and are just ready to let someone with a marketing background take it from here.” - Ben D., CefaTrainer.com

Lifetime revenue: $1,892
Lifetime traffic: 588