16 Art Websites for Artists or Collectors to Sell Art

16 Art Websites for Artists or Collectors to Sell Art

Art websites can be a resource for artists looking to stock up on supplies for their next work of art. They can also be the site to visit if you’re looking to buy a painting or print to decorate your home or workplace. In this list of the best art websites, you will find art supplies, prints for sale, and digital art websites where you can purchase high-quality images or custom digital art. You’ll also find websites that sell paint-by-number kits for people of all ages to enjoy, and so, so much more. Take a look at what these art websites have to offer — they are all for sale in the Exchange Marketplace as well, and purchasing one would be a great way to turn your passion for art into a business. 

1. Wall-designer ($11,430)

Wall art can make a statement, set the vibe, or simply spice up an otherwise boring space. It depends on what kind of piece you hang on your wall. Wall-designer is an art website that sells a wide variety of canvas prints that you can order in whatever sizes you prefer. The art you choose could fit in a tiny studio apartment or a giant living room, have bold colors or muted tones, or be abstract and zen or eye-poppingly out-there — it’s all up to you. Each canvas comes pre-framed and is UV-resistant, so you’ll be able to hang it right away without hassle and can enjoy it for years without any sun damage. 


2. Easy Paint By Numbers ($50,000)

Easy Paint By Numbers sells painting kits that will remind you of the color-by-number coloring books you might have used as a child, except instead of hanging up your finished artwork on the fridge, you can frame it and hang it on your wall as a permanent piece of room decor. Each paint by numbers kit comes with a canvas that is printed with the outline of the picture you chose and in the dimensions you selected from the product page, the appropriate colored paints labeled with numbers that correspond with the canvas, and a set of brushes. You can also choose whether you want to include a frame for your painting. The process of creating the painting is great stress-relief and a fun activity on your own or with family or friends.

easy paint by numbers

 3. LFE’s Art Studio ($25,000)

Is calligraphy your passion? Then LFE’s Art Studio is the art website for you. Even if you’re just getting started in calligraphy, you’ll be able to find the supplies you need in this online shop. You can go the marker route and pick up a set of calligraphy markers, or choose from the wide selection of fountain pens with calligraphy tips. Some pens are refillable and store ink inside, while others require a dip in an inkwell. There are also special items like a feather pen set, gel pens, and watercolor paints in the shop as well. While you’re stocking up on pens and ink, you can also pick up some calligraphy-related swag to make sure everyone knows how much you love pens and ink. 

LFE's art studio

4. Wordartz ($997)

This digital art website allows you to customize a special piece of art — the occasion and meaning are completely up to you. Depending on your price range and preference, you can choose a poster option or have your unique wall art printed on a canvas. Provide a photo and special words to go along with it. Wordartz will print the photo with the words superimposed on top to create a meaningful work of art that would make a perfect, thoughtful gift for one of your loved ones. Commemorate your wedding day, a new baby, your pet, or anything else that you would like to see on the wall. As a bonus affordable option, you can also have your art created as a digital download.


5. Le d’ARTe ($16,270)

You could take your home decor to the next level with a piece from le d’ARTe. Each piece of art is hand-painted with oil or acrylic paint. A work of colorful abstract expressionism, a painting of your favorite animal, or a beautiful landscape would be waiting for you here. Categories include abstract art, animals, nature, pop art, and more. If you take a look you’ll be sure to find a beautiful painting to decorate any space on this art website. There really is a high-quality painting that could please just about anyone for sale on le d’ARTe.

le d'arte

6. Thezoombackgrounds.com ($4000)

If you work from home, chances are that video meetings are a major part of your life. Sometimes it’s difficult to look professional when you’re sitting in your kitchen, living room or bedroom. Even if you keep your home office space neat, using a background image can elevate your work meetings or webinars. Thezoombackgrounds.com is a website where you can find a background image to simulate an office setting, natural landscape, or cityscape. There are plenty of serious or funny images to choose from, so you’re sure to find a background photo here to suit your needs.


7. Portrait My Pets ($250,000)

Your pet is the king or queen of your household, so why not commemorate their reign with a portrait from Portrait My Pets? All you have to do is choose from one of the designs on this art website, and upload a high-quality image of your pet. The Portrait My Pets designers will then work with your image to create a unique work of art featuring your pet. The artworks can be purchased as posters, canvas prints, or digital downloads, and before a print is made, you’ll be able to approve it. Browse the pet portrait options and decide if your pet is a royal, a general, an astronaut, a businessman, or something else entirely, then get started on creating your own unique pet portrait.

portrait my pets

8. Natural Art Supplies ($20,000)

Art supplies that are environmentally friendly can be hard to find. Natural Art Supplies is an art website that helps artists create their work using products that are free of toxins and better for their health and the earth’s. Each product on the Natural Art Supplies website is natural, organic, green, fair trade, eco-friendly, or carries a social mission. Practicing artists can find professional-quality supplies here, but the shop also sells things like crayon rocks, face paints, craft kits, and egg dye that would make for fun arts and crafts activities for kids. There’s an eco-friendly item for everyone on this art supply website.

natural art supplies

9. Tattoo Kit Store ($50)

Have you always loved designing tattoos but never had the tools to create them yourself? Tattoo Kit Store has everything you need to get started on a new style of art — the art of tattooing. The sets for sale on this art website provide you with tattoo guns, ink, and needles, and some of them come with other accessories such as transfer paper and sanitary gloves. The only thing you’ll need is your own design ideas and to find is someone willing to be tattooed by you, and you’re on your way to a new hobby or career as a tattoo artist. 

tattoo kit store

10. Extremely Stoked ($2,500,000)

When it comes to decorating your home, you want to express yourself as much as possible, so why stop at wall art? For those who live a lifestyle dedicated to extreme sports, Extremely Stoked has you covered, literally. The bed covers sold on this website are works of art in themselves. You can find designs in all kinds of colors depicting surfing, motocross, bmx, and snowmobiling. This niche art website also sells things like baby bedding and curtains to match. Go ahead and browse for bedding that will look great in your home, kids’ bedroom, or dorm room.

extremely stoked

11. Uno Presets ($20,000)

Professional photographers, graphic designers, influencers, or social media users who want to take their content to the next level should check out Uno Presets. The presets easily work in conjunction with Adobe Lightroom software to create special effects on your photography. The digital art website offers deals on preset packs that could take your original photography in a new direction. There are presets for any vibe, whether you want to give your photos a soft or edgy look, muted or bold, old-fashioned or futuristic, there’s something for you on the Uno Presets website.

uno presets

12. 7space art ($2,999)

If you want to fill your home or office space with art that exudes a contemporary aesthetic, look no further than 7space art. This art website sells prints to decorate a modern household. Browse the shop and you’ll find posters and canvas prints that come in matching collections, so you can pick and choose the ones that go with your space. Choose from art with a feminist message, colorful abstractions, floral designs, cheeky animals, images of the European countryside, and more.

7space art

13. Coupleofthings ($2,250)

You can now commemorate your relationship with that special someone by gifting them a custom-made cartoon portrait of the two of you as a couple from Coupleofthings. A portrait from this art website would make a wonderful Valentine’s Day or anniversary, or a “just cause” gift to let them know how special they are to you. It’s easy, all you have to do is upload a photo of you and your partner and choose whichever artistic style you’d like. The options range from goofy, to cute, to serious. Pick the one that means the most to you, and surprise your loved one with a piece of art they can cherish forever. 

14. Eyeshadow Heaven ($50)

This art website is for makeup artists who use the eyes as their canvas. You can find an eyeshadow in every color of the rainbow on the Eyeshadow Heaven website. Browse the shop and you’ll find large eyeshadow palettes with dozens of colors as well as smaller, curated palettes with different color schemes. There are also other types of makeup items like highlighters and liquid eyeshadow. Whether you’re in search of glam or you like to stick with neutral tones, you’ll find something on this website. Take a look and let the glittery palettes and shimmery eyeshadows inspire your next beauty look.

eyeshadow heaven

15. Pinkstrawberry ($1100)

Pinkstrawberry is the place to go if you want to find a paint-by-number or gem painting kit that will help you create your very own work of art. Categories for paint-by-number kits include animals, flowers, ships, landscapes, Christmas, and more. If you want your work of art to be a little more sparkly, you might want to try a gem painting kit that comes with all of the gemstones and pre-printed canvas you need to create your own work of gem art. The most unique product you can buy on this art website is a custom paint-by-numbers kit. Using your own photo, Pinkstrawberry will create and ship you a kit that enables you to create a unique painting based on the image of your choosing.


16. Wall Art HQ ($50)

Wall art means more than just paintings. At Wall Art HQ, you can find a wall decal to decorate any space. The decals are great for covering a lot of wall space without making it look too cluttered. There are various sizing and theme options, making it easy to find the perfect wall decal for your office, workspace, salon, classroom, or home. Classy world map decals, peaceful mandalas, or customizable name decals that would be the perfect finishing touch to your child’s bedroom or nursery are all available from this wall art website.

wall art hq


Some people are natural artists, others need a little bit of guidance from a paint-by-number kit when it comes to creating art, and some prefer to simply purchase their art ready-made and framed. The art websites in this article have something for every type of art creator or appreciator. Hopefully you gained something of artistic value from this list, like inspiration for your next work of art, the perfect custom portrait to give to someone special, a therapeutic painting hobby or your new favorite art supply website.