25 Online Baby Stores with the Cutest Products for New Parents

25 Online Baby Stores with the Cutest Products for New Parents

It’s easy to get carried away at baby stores. Babies need all kinds of products. While some are mundane, like diapers and baby formula, other items like baby shoes and nursery decorations are so adorable, new parents find it hard to resist purchasing multiple of them. 

Are you expecting in the near future and want to make sure you have everything ready when the baby arrives? Browse this list to find products for your baby registry. Are you looking for the perfect baby shower gift for a friend or family member? Find your inspiration here. Are you passionate about online baby stores and want to run your own shop? All of the stores below are for sale on Exchange Marketplace, making it easy to get started. 

These baby stores are brimming with cute and practical baby gear—take a gander and find the perfect products for your little bundle of joy.

1. My Kid’s Kicks

Your baby’s feet will grow so fast that you’ll be buying them pair after pair of shoes as the first few years go by. Check out the My Kid’s Kicks online baby store to stock up on moccasin-style slip-ons and tiny sneakers in boy, girl, and unisex styles. There are “pre-walker” options for babies that are still crawling, as well as shoes suitable for taking your first steps in.

my kids kicks

2. Baby Tent

Baby Tent is an online shop providing everything that new parents need to protect their babies from the sun when spending time outdoors. There are shaded floaties and inflatable kiddie pools on the website in addition to both indoor and outdoor tents for babies, toddlers, and young children, not to mention a selection of water toys perfect for either the bath or the beach.

baby tents

3. The Stroller

When your new baby arrives, you won’t regret investing in a quality baby stroller. The Stroller is an online baby store where you might find the perfect foldable baby stroller for jogging and walks around the neighborhood and day trips and vacations. All of the strollers on this website are portable and include plenty of storage space, so you and your baby will be ready to go just about anywhere.

the stroller

4. Baby Blanket New Born Shop

Your child’s favorite baby blanket might be an item that they cherish for life, so you’ll want to make sure you purchase the perfect one. Baby Blanket New Born Shop has a variety of blankets and other baby clothing items to choose from. Pick your favorite pattern and texture for the blanket that you’ll swaddle your newborn with, from classic pastels, cute animals, and floral patterns.

baby blanket newborn shop

5. Relaxedparent

Relaxedparent is a baby store that specializes in solutions for carrying your baby (along with all the baby necessities) with you when you leave the house. Check out the website’s signature baby sling for a more natural way to hold your baby or ergonomic baby carriers with additional storage to hold much more than just your child. You can also find other practical items in the store, like nursing pillows, baby rockers, and diaper bags.


6. Bibs & Tucker Co.

This apparel website has something for everybody, including cowboy hats, boots, and other western-inspired clothing and accessories. The CowKID collection includes baby and toddler-sized hats, leather belts, and other truly Texan items you can purchase for your little cowboy or cowgirl, so they can join in the rodeo fun. Who doesn’t love miniature cowboy boots?

bibs and tucker

7. Baby Christmas Clothing Store

One of the best parts about the Christmas season for new parents is photographing their baby on Santa’s lap, and no photo with Santa is complete without a festive baby outfit. Baby Christmas Clothing Store is a baby clothing store with everything you need to dress your baby with holiday cheer—elf outfits, red and green onesies, and more for your baby’s first Christmas.

baby christmas clothing store

8. Best Multi Functional Baby Cribs

Finding the perfect crib to fit in your baby’s nursery and ensure comfort and safety is easier said than done. Parents with a limited amount of space should check out Best Multi Functional Baby Cribs for a solution. The cribs in this online baby store are either suited for traveling, can be converted to a child bed as your baby grows, or include extra storage for diapers, toys, and more.

best multifunctional baby cribs

9. Baby & Child Store

If you’re looking for a go-to website for your baby’s clothing as they grow up, Baby & Child Store has you covered. Their clothing sets and jumpers range in size from baby to toddler to child-size eight. Browse the colorful sets in the shop and choose from casual and formal designs to dress your child as they grow up.

baby and child store

10. New Baby Best Seller Shop

Is your new baby set to make their arrival sometime in the next nine months? Give yourself some peace of mind with a fetal heartbeat monitor from New Baby Best Seller Shop. You’ll be able to hear your baby’s heartbeat whenever you like. While you’re at it, New Baby Best Seller Shop also sells baby essentials like bottles, toys, and strollers for after your newborn arrives.

new baby bestseller shop

11. Baby Swim Stuff

This baby store’s featured collection is a line of inner tubes and floaties that can keep your baby or child safe in the pool or at the beach—not to mention; they can make playing in the water a lot more fun. The Baby Swim Stuff website also lists children’s and infant’s swimwear, bath toys, and beach tents—everything you and your baby need to have some aquatic fun.

baby swim stuff

12. Child Mann

Child Mann is an online baby store selling formalwear in tiny sizes. If you have a special occasion you’re planning to attend with your baby, you have to check out the tiny dresses, skirts, suits, and bowties. If you and your baby like to keep it casual, however, this site has onesies and regular baby bibs (not the tuxedo variety) as well.

child mann

13. Kids Side Toy Shop

As your baby grows up, they’ll need plenty of toys, games, and other activities to stimulate their mental development. Kids Side Toy Shop has educational puzzles and toys that your baby will have fun playing with while learning about shapes, colors, animals, and more. There are also toys suitable for toddlers and children in the shop. 

kids side toy shop

14. Baby and Child

This online baby store has a little bit of everything. The Baby and Child online shop doesn’t just stop at onesies and baby shoes. There are also toys, pacifiers, and gadgets to help heat your baby formula on the go or potty train your child as well as other unique items that will keep your baby happy and safe.

baby and child

15. Maternity Clothes Shop

If you’re in the early stages of considering having a baby, you should also consider the maternity clothes you’ll be wearing as your baby grows in the womb. Stay stylish throughout your pregnancy with items from Maternity Clothes Shop. The website also doubles as a baby clothing store that includes clothing sets, onesies, and t-shirts sporting funny catch phrases like “If I don’t sleep, nobody sleeps.”

maternity clothes shop

16. Baby Activity Shop

Your baby needs the perfect crib. You might have your heart set on a traditional wooden crib to fit into your nursery aesthetic, or a multifunctional crip that you can also use as a diaper changing station. Baby Activity Shop is an online baby store with cribs to suit all styles, preferences, and needs, including cribs with mosquito nets and portable options for parents on the go.

baby activity shop

17. Private Baby Monitor Store

Baby monitor technology has come a long way since the early days of fuzzy walkie talkie signals. Check out the offerings in Private Baby Monitor Store—these devices are fitted with cameras to make sure your baby is safe while they sleep. There’s even a futuristic robotic baby monitor available if you want to try something a little more high tech.

private baby monitor store

18. Baby Care HQ

Babies need all kinds of stuff but never fear, Baby Care HQ is a baby store that has it all—and the items in this shop come in irresistibly cute designs. Make sure you’re ready for your new baby’s arrival with soft bedding and a matching blanket to swaddle them in, as well as drool-catching bibs and scarves to ensure privacy while breastfeeding.

baby care hq

19. First Baby Names

Choosing a baby name is a major decision, and you only get one shot at it. This online shop sells a book that can help you make the right choice, and hopefully answer some of the other questions you might have as a new parent, like how to change a diaper, what nutrition babies need, and how to dress your new baby fashionably.

first baby names

20. E-Baby Goods

E-Baby Goods has some of the most unique baby clothing items available, from fancy dresses to onesies sporting Mickey Mouse patterns. One of the cutest items in this store is a ballerina tutu, and matching ribbon rose headband that could fit a newborn baby. Even if she’s still crawling, you’re raising a little ballerina in this outfit.

e-baby goods

21. Baby Swimsuits

If you want your baby to be both safe and stylish at the pool or beach, check out Baby Swimsuits. This online baby store has one-piece swimsuits and matching sets for baby girls and boys, as well as floaties for their arms to keep them safe while swimming. There are also life vests available in case you need to take your baby on a boat.

baby swimsuits

22. Baby Bumper Bed Store

While your baby’s crib is probably designed to ensure your newborn’s safety, it might not be fitted with the most comfortable cushioning. Even though it doesn’t seem necessary at first, once your baby learns how to roll around, you’ll want to put something soft down for them to roll into. A plush crib bumper from Baby Bumper Bed Store is the perfect solution—you might even find one in a design that matches your child’s nursery.

baby bumper bed store

23. Baby Elation

Baby Elation is a baby clothing store that sells a wide range of sizes and styles of baby clothes. There are outfits in the shop specifically made for newborns, so even if your baby is still tiny, there’s still a onesie or matching outfit here for them. Choose from frilly, girly designs, or matching sets for your little “mama’s boy.”

baby elation

24. Baby Girl Socks

Stockings are the specialty in the Baby Girl Socks online baby store. While there are various shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns available, the most popular type of socks in the store are knee-highs, which would pair well with any baby jumper, and keep your baby’s little legs warm during the colder months of the year.

baby girl socks

25. Baby Jumpsuit Store

Jumpsuits are the ideal clothing item for your baby—they’re comfortable and cozy, and easy for parents to dress them with. Plus, they’re really cute. Just take a look at the jumpsuits for sale at Baby Jumpsuit Store and pick out your favorite, whether you like subtle nature patterns for your baby or you prefer a jumpsuit that will make them look like a baby shark, there’s something here you’ll like.

baby jumpsuit store


Shopping for baby clothing can be a ton of fun. Still, whether you’re shopping for your new baby as a first-time parent or looking for the perfect baby shower gift, it’s important to keep in mind that babies need practical items just as much as they need miniature tutus. Some of these online baby stores have essentials like baby bottles, monitors, cribs, strollers, bibs, and the less-important (but still adorable) miniature bowties and puffy evening gowns. Others specialize in swimwear or toys. The sky is the limit for the types of products you can list on your baby store, or buy for your baby yourself. It’s up to you to decide which items you need, and which ones are so cute that you can’t live without them.