Best Dropshipping Niches in 2021

Best Dropshipping Niches in 2021

If you’re looking to start an online business in 2021, then dropshipping is one of the most exciting business models you can pursue. Dropshipping’s thrill lies in selling products all over the world without having to keep any inventory. Plus, you get to choose from various niches to offer the best products to your customers. However, identifying the best dropshipping niches is a little tricky, and it often feels like everything you could potentially sell is already being sold by others. As such, you can feel overwhelmed and just pick any niche randomly, hoping it turns out to be profitable for your business. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to leave things to chance. We’ve put together a list of the best dropshipping niches for 2021 to help you start off on the right foot. Whether you’re new to dropshipping and want to start with a proven niche, or you want to add a few hot items to your new year product range, you’ll be able to find something on our list. 

what is a niche

What Is a Niche?

A niche is a small, more specific section of a product category. For example, bathroom products is a niche within the home and garden category. You can go even deeper into niches by finding items liked by a very specific audience – such as hilarious-looking travel pillows or sports-themed kitchen aprons.

The goal behind choosing a niche or niche market is that you can really resonate with your audience. Some creative marketing is all you need to tell people that you’re selling products that will solve their pain points. The product doesn’t need to be revolutionary – it just needs to help the customer do something better or more easily. 

You might even be able to tap into a niche that has low to zero competition. However, because your target audience is smaller, it’s also crucial to choose a niche with good potential – that’s where our list comes in. One of the easiest ways to start a dropshipping business is to set up a Shopify store and add products from one of the following niches. 

Best Niches for Dropshipping

1. Baby Care Niche

best dropshipping niches

Although it has always been popular, the baby care niche has shown promising growth in the past few years. This is one of the best Shopify niches for dropshippers for a few reasons. The first is that it connects you with an extremely passionate audience, i.e. parents who can go to great lengths to improve the lives of their children. The second reason why it’s a great niche to sell in is that most of the products are lightweight (rompers, pacifiers, baby bottles, etc.). Suppliers dropshipping baby care products won’t charge you as much as vendors selling, say, furniture or other heavy items. 

Baby Care Product Ideas

Silicone Teething Mitts – We’re sure many mothers wish this item was around when their children were young. Teething is a painful part of infancy for both the mother and child. These mitts help by absorbing drool and giving the baby something safe and soft to chew. 

Fleece Gripper Booties No parent is immune from having to look for shoes that magically disappeared from their child’s feet. Fleece gripper booties are designed to keep those tiny feet warm and covered. They also feature a two-snap secure fit that ensures they stay put.

2. Home Office Niche

dropship home office products

Because of recent events, more people are working from home than at any time in history. This has led to a huge surge in demand for home office supplies. Spending hours managing projects from home, these individuals are striving to create the right working environment. Having the right supplies is an essential part of building a setup that works for them. One way to support them is to start selling home office supplies that help them stay focused and add some personality to their workspace. No one knows for sure when things will return to normal, so we might as well take our home workspace to the next level.

Home Office Product Ideas

Foldable Laptop Desk People new to the WFM lifestyle are unlikely to have a designated computer table. Why not attract them with an easy to assemble table that can be set up on a dining table or a bed? Your audience will thank you for helping them avoid long-term lower back issues.

Surge protector – Power strips are necessary to keep the laptop, mobile, and other devices powered. For a higher margin, you can offer one with surge protection. You can promote this item by suggesting that the audience invests in the protector for the same reason they invest in data backup solutions. In case of a dangerous power strike, the protector will take a hit instead of their device, potentially saving them hundreds to many thousands of dollars depending on what information was saved.

3. Pet Niche

sell pet products online

With everyone and their mother having a pet these days, this is unsurprisingly one of the best dropshipping niches for 2021. Pet owners don’t shy away from spending on products that improve their furry friends’ well-being. And they also love buying items that help entertain their pets. While selling pet products, you can choose from various items that could facilitate better living for your audience’s pets – ranging from small items like LED collars and pet toys to larger products, such as pet fountains and grooming kits. Suppliers also offer cat and dog outfits, or cute clothing, as well as beds and silicone mats. Marketing pet products is fairly easy as you can post adorable images of your own or a friend’s pet using your product on Instagram.

Pet Niche Product Ideas

Novelty Pet Beds Novelty pet beds look fun and give pets somewhere fun to lay and get their sleep. They come in various different themes like banana bed and vintage RV trailer bed. The quirkiness of these beds makes them an impulse buy. Your audience will probably want to share a picture of these on their social media accounts.

Pet Gates Do you know someone who always struggles to stop their canine from getting into places he shouldn’t be? Such people could do better with a high-quality pet gate. They can set it up to create a risk-free zone for their furry friends in their homes. You will find suppliers offering different finishes of this product and even gates that feature paw print accents. 

4. Board Games Niche

boards game best Shopify niches

With most of us now indoors, people are noticing something. There are not many interesting activities that can get a family together. That’s where board games make a difference. Friends and family can shun their gadgets and group for a fun-filled session of Monopoly. Therefore, dropshipping board games can be a fun and profitable business venture for someone passionate about games. You can start with popular games and then expand into other relevant categories like novelty toys, tarot cards, etc. You can also find suppliers that offer a range from classic board games to modern family favorites.

Board Games Product Ideas

Sorry! This board game, which was well popular before 2021, is an unpredictable game of mostly luck and chance. The game involves four pawns, a board, various zones, and an altered deck of cards. Players draw cards to move their pawns to different areas on the board, and whoever gets all four pawns “home zone” secures the win.

Trivial Pursuit This board game is super simple. The play boils down to answering questions about everything and anything. Players move in a circle around the board, answering questions from categories like Science and Nature, Geography, History, and Sports and Leisure. It’s essentially every restaurant’s trivia night packaged into a single game. 

5. Gifts Niche

gifts niche

If you’re good at spotting products that make great gifts, this might be the perfect niche for you. Give people the chance to buy creative presents for their loved ones to celebrate their special moments. When it comes to products, they can range from travel gifts, handmade gifts, wrapping supplies, artisanal products, and more. By opening a gifts shop online, you can also target people with gifts for different occasions such as anniversaries, housewarming, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Father’s Day, and other holidays.

Gifts Product Ideas

Temporary tattoos – Do you remember those fun, gimmicky stickers we used to plaster on our arms when we were young? Temporary tattoos offer us a chance to relive those moments. If you’re a good illustrator, you can add this product to your store. From a marketing standpoint, you can promote them as cheap and fun gifts that don’t require the audience to put permanent ink on their skin.

Scented candles This item is unique, and people find it an adorable and easy way to make their home smell nice. From luxury candles with strong, perfume-grade smells to soy wax blends in reusable decorative jars, you can sell a variety of scented candles through your dropshipping store.

6. Tech-Friendly Fitness Clothes Niche

tech friendly fitness clothing

Next up on our list of best dropshipping niches is tech-friendly fitness apparel. Here’s why: more and more people are relying on fitness apps to guide their workouts. Many individuals are also bringing their phones to the gym to track their calories burned, follow their favorite fitness influencer’s routine, and more. The way to capitalize on this trend is to identify apparel that makes it easy for customers to securely stash their phones. Whether they need the device to play tunes during cardio or look at what exercise to do next, tech-friendly sportswear can keep them from gripping the phone in their sweaty palm.

Tech-Friendly Fitness Clothes Product Ideas

Cell Phone Gym Shorts This product is ideal for people who like to exercise and use fitness apps on their phones to measure their progress. It will help keep their hands free while cycling, running, or lifting weights. The pockets on these shorts are deep enough to bury phones with a large screen.

Phone Armband – People can wear this band on the top of their arms. It’s designed to make life easy for gym-goers who like being able to check notifications, change tunes, or glance at their email without the possibility of dropping and breaking their device. 

7. Sleep Niche

sleep niche

Some people have a difficult time sleeping because they have an uncomfortable pillow or mattress. You can help them get a better night’s sleep by selling accessories that help address tossing and turning issues. Just because there are big brands in this market, doesn’t mean there’s no opportunity for you to set up a profitable business. A lot of these companies are selling things like bedding and mattresses, and you’re going to steer clear from heavy items like these. Research the accessories that promote good sleep, and think about what you can offer to the sleep-deprived folks looking for a proper rest.

Sleep Product Ideas

Blue-light blocking glasses Blue light is the light that our smartphone emits while its display is active. Exposure to this light makes our bodies think it’s daytime, making it harder to fall asleep. This product blocks out blue-light waves and can help customers sleep better when worn before bedtime.

White Noise Sound Machine – This sleep gadget can help clear out the sound of chirping boards or noisy neighbors, which can help customers fall asleep. Most of these machines come with adjustable volume and tones for adults, kids, and even pets. Your customers will appreciate the effectiveness and simplicity of this product. 


And there you have it, the best dropshipping niches in 2021. Hopefully, after going through these categories and product recommendations, you have some idea about what to sell. You can set up a Shopify dropshipping store to sell these products or buy an established business that dropships similar items. Exchange has dropshipping businesses ranging from baby products stores to online shops selling various gifts and collectibles for sale. Regardless of the approach you take, stick to the dropshipping niches above as they have plenty of revenue-generating potential.