9 Business Ideas for Retirees (Who Want To Work In Retirement)

9 Business Ideas for Retirees (Who Want To Work In Retirement)

Transitioning from working full-time to retirement doesn’t need to be a big challenge. At first, you might be excited about the freedom of a full day ahead of you for the rest of your life. However, after a few getaways and a fully renovated home, you might be looking for an activity that’ll keep you busy (and keep you connected with others.) In this article, we’ll share some of the best business ideas for retirees. The retiree business ideas on this list tend to be popular hobbies among Baby Boomers. 

Additionally, all the businesses on this list are currently for sale on Exchange. With a purchase of the company, you’ll gain access to a designed website, products that you can sell, and possibly more depending on the business you choose. So, let’s help you find a business that you can own, at any budget, to help you earn some additional income in retirement.

9 Business Ideas for Retirees (Who Want To Work In Retirement)

1. Wood & Resin Store ($50)

Many Baby Boomers have taken an interest in arts and crafts. You’ll find several retirees creating resin-based products and selling them online. This Wood & Resin Store has wood and resin-based products on the website. You can choose to sell the products listed on this website to help you generate sales. Or, if you have your own wood or resin products, you can sell those on your website instead (or also). 

You can reach out to DIY Facebook groups and to those who sell products made of wood or resin and ask if there’s interest in having those products on your website so you can generate sales. To promote your products, your target audience will vary based on what you sell. For example, selling a necklace is different from selling a table. Using Facebook’s targeting, you can change your targeting options to help you find a potential buyer. For example, you might choose to target people who like jewelry if you’re selling a wood and resin necklace. 

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2. Antique Faucet ($50)

Have you ever found yourself talking about “the good ol’ days?” Things were made differently back then. That’s true. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t people who prefer antique styles when it comes to their home furnishings. Antique Faucet features a collection of… well, antique faucets. You’ll find various faucet styles that you can promote to people looking to design their bathrooms.

To promote this business idea for retirees, you’ll need to find out who’s decorating their home. You might choose to target people who recently bought a house, recently got engaged or married, or are in the process of doing a home renovation. You could also target people who do bathroom remodeling as a profession to help connect your products to their customers. 

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3. Cycling Stoore ($100)

Many retirees enjoy the freedom that cycling gives them. With the wind at your back and your feet on the pedals, you get some fresh air and healthy exercise. So, unsurprisingly, owning a cycling store might be up your alley. The bikes are dropshipped, meaning that you don’t need to carry inventory, and you only pay for the bike after a customer purchases. If you’re looking to promote healthy living for a living, this business idea for retirees might be the perfect business to own.

One of the first things you’ll need to do after purchasing this business will be coming up with a business name on its own domain. You can buy and register a domain through Shopify, the platform this website is hosted on. To generate some sales, you can run ads to people who enjoy cycling with Facebook’s targeting capabilities. You can also run Google Shopping Ads so that people can buy bikes for sale through their platform.

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4. Postcard DIY Store ($210)

Not all business ideas for retirees are about nostalgia, but this one sure is. Do you find yourself sending holiday cards each year? Do you regularly mail out postcards when you find one with a cute design? If so, this postcard business might be the perfect match for you. You’ll be able to sell vintage postcards, art postcards, and other styles with a nostalgic flair. 

To promote these postcards, you might choose to target people who like giving and receiving mail. There are many cards swapping Facebook groups that might be an excellent place to promote your business. Ask for permission from group admins before posting your links, so you don’t get banned. There are also postcards targeted for different segments. For example, the Ancient Rome postcards might be of interest to people interested in history, Roman culture, or who like to travel. All these audiences can be found on Facebook’s targeting. 

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5. Golf Equipment Shop ($400)

If you’re looking for a niche that keeps many people relaxed in their retirement, you might find business ideas for retirees around the topic of golf might be a good start. Many retirees take up golfing since they now have the time. Why not start a business around your greatest outdoor passion? These golfing goods are all dropshipped, so that you won’t be storing your inventory at home. All you need to do is sell to your customer, send the details to your supplier, and your supplier will take care of the rest. 

As golf is a popular sport, you’ll find that there are many places to promote your business. You can join Facebook groups to learn more about other golfers. Ads targeting those with an interest in golf can be found on Facebook, Google, and Pinterest. You can create blog content around the topic of golf: remember, high ranking articles tend to be SEO-optimized and at least 2,000 words per article. But if you’re passionate about golf, you’ll likely find that it’s pretty easy to write 2,000 words about a specific topic. 

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6. Wine Storee ($2,500)

Like a fine wine, this business idea for retirees gets better with age. If your friends turn to you for your wine expertise because you have a fully developed palate, then maybe it’s time for you to run a wine accessory business. The products featured on this online store could just be the first step to your new beginning. Today, you’ll have access to inventory worth $2500. You’ll be selling wine-themed aprons, posters, bags and totes, blind tasting sleeves, and more. But you can always expand your business to sell more products.

To promote your business to other wine lovers, you can join Facebook groups where you share your expertise and occasionally suggest your new business. You can run ads targeting wine lovers or going after wine-based keywords. Blog posts about different wines can help you build an audience. As your blogs grow in traffic, you can run a retargeting ad showing your best-sellers to people who’ve visited your blog so that there’s an audience match. This method is effective if someone doesn’t sign-up for your email list so you can still market to them.

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7. My Kitchen Gadgets ($8,200)

The kitchen is the heart of the home. So, if you’ve spent years of your life cooking dinner for your family, why not try this business idea for retirees? After all, who hasn’t used kitchen products before? With this business, you can sell salt and pepper shakers, julienne peelers, cake pans, and more. The great thing about owning a kitchen business is that there are always new trending kitchen items in this category. 

You can promote your kitchen gadgets to newlyweds or recently engaged couples as they may be moving to their first home. You can also send mail flyers to people who’ve recently sold their condo as they may be moving to a bigger house. Another way to promote your kitchen gadgets is to run Google Shopping ads targeting the kitchen tool name as the main keyword, so people searching for those items can find your products. 

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8. Cat Massage Comb ($50)

They say cats are a retired person’s best friend. You can still cuddle and snuggle them, but they’re a bit more low maintenance than a dog. If you find that you’re more of a cat person than a dog person, this is the business idea for retirees to try out. This business specializes in cat products. From grooming to cat beds, you’ll find everything a cat needs on this website that you can call your own. And you're able to add as many cat products and more categories, such as toys. The pet niche is always centered around a new trending pet product, so you’ll be able to find waves of success by updating your product inventory regularly with new products. 

The cat niche is one of the biggest niches in the pet space. Since a considerable percentage of the population owns a pet cat, you’ll find that you can promote your website’s cat products to a broader audience of cat owners. On Facebook, you can target cats. On Instagram, you can build an account filled with cat pictures to do a soft sell. The link in your bio should go to your website so that you get sales from the platform. You can also run Instagram Stories that link directly to your product page to generate immediate sales from the platform. You can also run search-based ads as well via Google and Pinterest. 

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9. Paleo Choice ($20,000)

The best business ideas for retirees are about things they feel comfortable sharing their expertise in. And with a lifetime of experience eating different foods, we think this Paleo Choice business for sale could be a good match. Paleo is a diet that focuses on lean meats, vegetables, fish, fruits, seeds, and nuts. So, basically, a fairly healthy and balanced diet. It’s considered a popular diet among Baby Boomers who need to ensure that their bodies continue to be nourished as their body changes over the coming years. 

Fortunately, promoting a paleo business isn’t too challenging. Paleo, being a popular diet, can be easily targeted as a keyword in Google or found as an interest on Facebook. Pinterest is another platform, where recipes and kitchen items are popularly shared on the platform. This business also has keto products, which offers you a secondary segment to target to help create an even bigger brand. You can create recipes using the items you’re selling on this store as a soft sell for your business. If you’ve ever wanted to own an online speciality foods grocery store, this could be the business idea for retirees like you.

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Hopefully, these business ideas for retirees inspired you to pursue one of your passions by starting your own business. While we carefully crafted this list to you, it’s important to remember that Exchange Marketplace has over 10,000 stores for sale in a wide range of categories to suit any interest, budget, and business model you prefer. In retirement, you can choose to work as much or as little as you want. You can work around your own schedule while earning some passive income on the side so you can enjoy retirement your way.