19 Cool Websites to Visit In 2021

19 Cool Websites to Visit In 2021

The internet is one of the most versatile places in the world. When you’re feeling bored or listless, there are cool websites to visit that’ll keep you entertained for hours. Spoiler alert: we’re not referring to the usual suspects like YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook, but sites where you can find super-interesting things you never knew existed. Once you visit one of these sites, you’ll spend more than a few minutes looking at all the cool stuff available. And there’ll also be some things you feel are worth a purchase. Overall, all of these cool websites will grab hold of your attention…for good.

19 Cool Websites to Visit 

If you’re tired of seeing the same old stuff when you surf the net, we’ve got the perfect list of cool websites to discover here. And if you fall in love with one of these amazing sites, you can even buy it for yourself from the Exchange Marketplace

1. manxtshirts ($50)

What better way to showcase your personality and liven up your wardrobe than with some exciting new t-shirts? The manxtshirts store is brimming with the kind of eye-catching clothes you won’t find anywhere else. Whether you’re looking for vintage t-shirts with a striking design, or you want something that shows off your favorite hobbies, there’s something for everyone here. These t-shirts are sure to get people talking! 

cool websites 2021

2. Pocket Printerz™ ($350)

Do you have a creative side? Let your inner designer loose with Pocket Printerz. This unique website sells pocket-sized printing machines that allow you to edit and print a range of images straight from your smartphone. These thermal printers are totally ink-free, so you don’t have to worry about messy cartridges. The free app included with the printer means that linking your phone and creating your pictures is quick and simple. All that, and your mini printers look adorable as well – with a cute teddy-bear style. 

pocket printerz

3. Pink Velvet Jewelry Company ($500)

Jewelry isn’t just a way to finish off an outfit – it can also be an expression of your personality and style. If you’re looking for the perfect statement piece to wear with any outfit, Pink Velvet Jewelry has you covered. There are tons of collections to browse through, including “Flirty” earring options, door knockers, fringe options, and tassel earrings too. If you need help making a choice, just check out the editor’s picks! Stock up on a range of styles to make sure that you always stand out from the crowd with your accessories.

pink velvet jewelry company

4.  Corps Célestes ($1,500)

If you’re the kind of person who’s always hunting down exciting new accessories for the home, then Corps Celestes could be the perfect site for you. One of our top picks for cool gadget websites, this site sells interesting lighting options ranging from interstellar lamps that fill your room with color to Luna lamps that look exactly like the moon. These ultra-versatile lighting products use LED to minimize energy use. Plus, you get the extra benefit of being able to change the color of your lighting to suit your mood. This is an amazing store to visit if you’re looking for something to brighten your mood and your home.

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5. PickYourPens.com ($1,995)

PickYourPens.com is a cool website that appeals directly to the inner artist in you, with access to a huge selection of high-quality pens for shading, graphic design, and more. You can buy full watercolor marker sets to help you create images, unlike anything you can achieve with standard markers. Or why not get the full marker set for the ultimate investment? The complete set even comes with a handy carrying case.

pick your pens site

6. Gearnetic ($2,900)

Looking for cool websites for when you’re bored and uninspired? Check out Gearnetic. This awesome gadget-focused store showcases some of the most exciting inventions on the market today, so you can keep up with the latest trends. From heated neck protectors for traveling to unique posture correcting products, lighting, and game systems, there’s something for everyone. You could even find the ultimate gift here.

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7. Hello Headphones ($3,000)

Any music lover will tell you that you always need the best pair of headphones if you want an amazing audio experience. Hello headphones is one of the top cool websites to visit if you’re looking for a sensational set of headphones for use at home and work. These headsets are designed specifically for people who spend a lot of their time plugged in. You can use your headset for gaming, streaming, or just enjoying your tunes.

best headphone websites

8. The Wireless Guitar ($3,999)

Are you a guitar enthusiast searching for something completely new? The Wireless Guitar store could be the perfect choice for you. Designed to help you reduce cord clutter, the guitar wireless transmitter and receiver system allows you to connect your guitars to your amps and devices at a distance. This store is also a great place to visit if you’re looking for a guitar effects pedal, traditional cablers, or just a portable mini amp for your shows. You’ll be ready for any gig opportunity after an afternoon browsing this website.

the wireless guitar

9. thezoombackgrounds.com ($4,000)

It’s tough to find anyone who isn’t using Zoom and video calling apps virtually every day right now. If you’re constantly appearing in meetings and presentations, why not get your own custom backgrounds to make yourself stand out? Thezoombackgrounds.com store offers unique virtual backgrounds that help to make you stand out whenever you’re connecting with peers and colleagues over the internet. You even get a PDF book to help you get started.

background zoom video conferencing

10. The Wrecking Pit ($8,500)

The Wrecking Pit is sure to be an interesting change to the standard clothing stores you see everywhere online these days. Inspired by an original clothing store in Camden Town, London, the Wrecking Pit is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in the punk, emo, and goth scene. You’ll find tons of alternative styles to choose from here, with products that run all the way from face masks and hoodies to t-shirts and prints. Why not add some more spice to your wardrobe with the kind of clothes you won’t find anywhere else?

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11. LiteVacuum ($9,999)

Are you fed up with vacuuming your home every day? What you need is a robot cleaner that does the job while you sit back and relax. LiteVacuum offers a slim design robot vacuum cleaner that can clean your rooms without you having to stress over it. It comes with high tech sensors to avoid collision and detect objects, and also anti-fell technology to prevent falling down the stairs. Whether you need to lighten your chore load, remove pet hair from your room, or just want to free up a little more time for your business, this robot cleaner has the ability to ease your work.


12. Relax and Brew Coffee ($3,000)

It’s not easy to make a perfect cup of joe at home, so Relax and Brew Coffee popped up to help make home-brewed coffee more flavorful. It imports the best coffee varieties from around the world, roasts them in the United States, and then ships them to customers – on the same day it roasts the coffee! The brand’s key focus is specialty coffee – mainly single-original – because it feels it provides the best coffee for the dollar. It aims to make café-quality coffee more accessible.

unique coffee beans

13. Fidget Cable ($3,990)

Another cool website to visit, Fidget Cable is all about incorporating tidiness into messy, fragile cables. Its cables come with super-strength magnets on the cord that keep them how the user wants their cables to be – in a flat loop, zigzag, spiral, etc. Plus, the unused cable length remains coiled up with the secure grip of the magnetic technology. The people behind Fidget Cable came up with the idea after being fed up with tangled wires that always looked like a mess. They decided to make a better cable, one that’s fun, tidy, and durable (and would look neat in our bags, desks, or drawers).

tangled USB cable

14. KastKing Australia ($4,900)

If you love fishing gear, the products on KastKing Australia will leave a smile on your face. That’s because they’re much different from the rods and reels you’ll find on other websites. The brand even came up with cool names for the colors of some of its items. For example, its dual brake baitcasting reel is available in Dark Star (black), Sea Spray (light blue), and Glacier White (plain white) color. All the products on this website are fun, affordable, and designed with precision. 

KastKing Australia

15. Jet Showers ($4,999)

Are you frustrated by the low water pressure in the shower? This website has the perfect solution: Jet shower head. This shower head is designed with microjets that boost the water flow, offering a luxurious shower experience to the user. The brand says that using a Jet shower feels like you’re underneath a tropical waterfall. The microjets do a great job at massaging your muscles and rinsing the stress from your skin. It’s a cool and trendy item built to deliver a 5-star shower experience.

Jet Showers

16. POD Heated Clothing ($350)

Multi-functional jackets have always been awesome. POD Heated Clothing offers a few of these with built-in heated technology. The jackets come with heated panels to provide the wearer with on-demand warmth in varying weather conditions. You can adjust them to the desired heat level by clicking on a button located at the jacket’s front. Heat is generated by a 5v 10,000 mAh power bank that you can also use to charge your laptop, smartphone, and other gadgets.

POD heated clothing

17. Oilia ($15,000)

Do you love the scent of essential oils? Now you can enjoy them in the chicest way possible courtesy of Oilia’s essential oil bracelets. These bracelets are the perfect fusion of wellness and style. Plus, they feature a magnetic diffuser locket that keeps a felt pad inside. To diffuse, place 2-3 drops of your favorite oil on the felt pad. The lockets have a unique design with openings that help emit the scent. And there are also various styles to choose from. Whether you’re into essential oil or looking for a way to incorporate more wellness into your life, you can’t go wrong with Oilia’s bracelets. 

oilia bracelet

18. Smitten Pets ($12,450)

This website offers cool designer accessories for pets. Its owners’ hand-pick and scrutinize each of their products to ensure your furry friends are getting quality upmarket products generally not available in retail stores. This, combined with their aim to pack and ship orders within 24 business hours, means you spend less time searching and more time bonding with your furry friend. Designer accessories are the perfect way to thank your pet for all the joy and laughter they bring into your life.

Smitten Pets

19. Cause Cups

Non-profit cause cups


Scrolling your social media feed can get boring or repetitive. Fortunately, these cool websites to visit should help freshen up your brain. Plus, they should provide you with some of the coolest stuff to buy for when the time comes to earn bragging rights among your acquaintances and friends. So, whether you’re looking for a cool website to browse or one to buy, you’ll find plenty on Exchange Marketplace to help you fill your time.