17 Best Furniture Websites for Home, Outdoors, and More

17 Best Furniture Websites for Home, Outdoors, and More

Buying furniture these days is as easy as browsing a furniture website and clicking “add to cart” on your favorite items. However, finding the best furniture websites with the right type of products or a properly curated collection of pieces in the style you are looking for is easier said than done. The best websites for furniture could have a wide selection of quality items at affordable prices, or specialize in one unique product. The best furniture website for you all depends on what type of space you want to furnish, and your budget.

17 Best Furniture Websites

The furniture websites on this list range from bathroom-specific websites that sell showers, tubs, saunas, and vanities to lighting websites with everything from LED wall lights to crystal chandeliers. You’ll find home decor products that can either give your home a feminine style or deck out your home bar or theater with a masculine vibe. If one of these furniture websites especially speaks to you, you can purchase any one of them from the Exchange Marketplace.  Now, check out these best furniture websites for inspiration for your next renovation. 

1. Decorly Online Furniture ($4,299)

No matter the size of your house or apartment, you could furnish it completely using only items from the Decorly Online Furniture shop. Categories include living room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, office, kids, outdoor, and more. It’s easy to navigate to just the section you are looking for. Find the perfect accent chair for your living room, wine rack for your kitchen, or bathroom storage solution. There are lots of styles to choose them, and as you browse, keep a lookout for sale prices. You might just be able to find a great deal on your new favorite sofa. 


2. MyShopVillage ($6,000)

You can add a bit of funky 70s chic to your living room, bedroom, or really any space in your house with a furry shag carpet from MyShopVillage. Color options include solid white, blue, pink, grey, beige, wine red, and black, in addition to unique tie-dye patterned colors in muted tones or popping hot pink. When ordering your rug, you can also choose the dimensions based on your personal preference, making the products suitable for living spaces of any size. Your feet will feel extra cozy with one of these thick fur rugs, and your house guests will be impressed at your stylish new addition. 


3. American Teak ($20,540)

Add a bit of style and class to the outdoor space at your home with a piece or set of furniture from the American Teak furniture website. The teak wood products sold in this online shop are high-quality and can last you a lifetime, and then some. If you’re looking for outdoor sofas or benches, and even dining sets, you have plenty of options to choose from. American Teak also sells poolside furniture including reclining beach chairs, storage, and shelving. The prices are on the expensive side, but you do get a quality solid wood item for the money. Plus, you can pick up some conditioning oil and cleaner from the shop when you order your furniture to ensure long-lasting quality.

american teak

4. Chair Culture ($1,500)

Serious gamers and people who just want a comfortable office chair to work from home in, should check this furniture website out. Chair Culture can help you find a chair that you won’t mind sitting in for hours every day. On this furniture website, you will also find recliner chairs and outdoor furniture like folding chairs, papasan chairs, porch swings, and hammocks. If you like your seating to come with something extra, you can also purchase an electric massage chair from the Chair Culture shop.

chair culture

5. Hoxton Lights ($75,000)

Shed a light on your indoor space with a lamp or lighting fixture from Hoxton Lights. Most of the lights in this shop are manufactured in Britain and are of high quality. The lamps, shades, chandeliers, wall lights, and more are well-curated to fit a trendy, modern, or minimalist style. A simple floor lamp could be all you need to add a classy touch to your living room or office, or a funky looking chandelier might complete your stylish dining room. In addition to the lighting fixtures, you can also stock up on special light bulbs of various brightnesses and sizes, including dimmable options, on this website. 

hoxton lights

6. TheManCave.com ($17,995)

You can now turn your dream mancave into a reality at TheManCave.com. This furniture website has everything you can imagine to deck out your custom man cave, no matter if you want to turn your garage into a tiki bar or your basement into a casino lounge or home theater. Purchase a bar to stock with your favorite liquor, a poker chip set or dartboard, barstool seating with tables to match, neon wall lighting, and much more. You can even purchase glassware to serve drinks to your friends. And, if you want to convert your outdoor area into your man cave, you will also find outdoor decor and furniture in this shop.


7. Timberley ($220,000)

All of the furniture and decor in this modern furniture website is curated to fit a nordic or zen style. Standalone chairs or dining room sets, tables for your bedside or living room, a cool new faucet for your bathroom, kitchen accessories, duvet covers, and other sleek-looking pieces can be purchased here. Some of the most unique items in the shop are the levitating plant pots. They use magnetic technology to make your plant float or spin around in the planter. One of these pots would make a perfect finishing touch on your zenned-out home or office. 


8. ParadiseWaterSpas ($75,999)

Imagine being able to step outside your house and into a warm, steamy hot tub. With the variety of hot tub spa options available at discounted prices on the ParadiseWaterSpas, you’re one purchase away from pure bliss in your own backyard. While you’re at it, you can also pick up accessories, furniture, and even pool sheds and enclosures from this website, including swinging chairs and sun, wind, and rain-resistant cushions. While these spas might be a little bit out of your price range, the website also offers financing options that might make them more affordable for you.

paradise water spa

9. My Vanities ($2,000)

When it comes time to upgrade your master bathroom, look no further than My Vanities for a stylish, affordable, and appropriately-sized vanity. The website is easy to navigate, organized into categories by style — modern or traditional — and size. Browse single or double vanities, standalone or wall-mounted vanities, or customizable options with vanity counters and sinks sold separately. Take a look and you might be inspired to buy a new vanity to match your existing bathroom appliances or take the opportunity to renovate.

my vanities

10. BarstoolDirect ($22,000) 

Finding the right barstools to both match your space and the height of your bar or counter can be a challenge when buying from a typical furniture website. Luckily, BarstoolDirect is here to help. You can ensure that you are choosing from a wide variety of barstools with materials, colors, and heights to perfectly suit your needs. There is even a handy guide on the homepage that can help you measure what type of barstool you need considering the height of your counter. Then, all you have to do is use the top bar menu to navigate to the section of the website with appropriately sized stools.

barstool direct

11. Ebony Home ($35,000)

Ebony Home is a furniture website all about elegance. Gold, brass, and copper-colored metals mix with greys, blues, rust colors, and off-whites to make up the color scheme of many of the products in this shop. You will find more than just modern furniture in this shop, there are also lighting fixtures and candle holders, specialty light bulbs and scented candles, even rugs, throw blankets, and baskets to help you keep everything organized. Browse the website and get inspired to decorate with a sense of sophisticated, feminine style.

ebony home

12. Wardrobe World ($12,000)

Do you happen to live in an older house or apartment that lacks the closet space you need to store your fabulous wardrobe? Wardrobe World is here to help. No matter what size of wardrobe or dresser you are looking for, chances are you can find it on this furniture website. Browse by size — small, medium, and large, and you will see everything from petite bedside chalets to wardrobes that are big enough to cover an entire wall of your home. You can also browse by color, type of wardrobe, and price. If you are looking to furnish a whole room, you will also find matching sets of wardrobes and chests of drawers in the Wardrobe World shop.

wardrobe world

13. Lux-Lumens ($27,000)

Lux-Lumens is your go-to online furniture store for luxury lighting fixtures. Each piece you will find here is both unique and surprisingly affordable. From glass crystal chandeliers and rustic nature-inspired lights to track lights and edgy modern hanging lights, Lux-Lumens has it all. You can choose to go with a traditional light bulb-powered lamp or lighting fixture or try out LED-powered lighting for a longer-lasting and more unique product. Plus, the LED wall lamps take up less space and act as wall art when they’re not turned on, making them a long-lasting lighting and multi-purpose investment.


14. Swing Lab ($79,000)

This furniture website only sells one product, its “one-of-a-kind modular swings” that are made with quality materials and meant to last a lifetime. Made in the USA out of cedarwood, galvanized steel, and aluminum, these swings can be hung indoors or outdoors, and adjusted to suit your liking. The swings come in two official options — powder-coat black and brushed aluminum, however, you also have the option of customizing the wood finish if you prefer something other than the natural wood finish.  

swing lab

15. Bath Parlor ($18,500)

You can purchase your very own sauna, whirlpool tub, or steam shower from Bath Parlor and build a spa escape in the comfort of your home. You’ll be able to find an infrared or steam sauna to fit your preferred amount of people inside and to fit into your indoor or outdoor space. Complete the home spa experience with the purchase of a full steam shower, a whirlpool tub with jets inside, or a product that combines both. Keep a lookout for special offers on the Bath Parlor website that make building your dream spa extra affordable, and check out the financing options offered to help you pay.

bath parlor

16. JescoStore ($5,500)

Looking to illuminate a commercial space? Look no further than JescoStore. You’ll find track lighting can light up your gallery or showroom, display lighting for glass cases, recessed lighting for a subtle effect, and outdoor lighting to make your space look enticing both inside and out. However, the lighting here is not just for commercial spaces. Many of the items in the shop, like the wall fixtures and ceiling pendants, would work well in a residential space as well.

jesco store

17. Modern Rustic Home ($175,000)

Farmhouse style is a trendy type of interior decor, and there is no shortage of farmhouse-inspired products in this furniture store. Some of the items, like end tables and candlesticks, even come pre-distressed, giving them a worn yet cozy look. Their baskets and wine-barrel-inspired storage racks, galvanized steel products, and even rustic chandeliers. Add a personalized touch with an engraved wood paddle-shaped cutting board or a burlap throw pillow with your initials on it. Once your apartment is decked out with products from Modern Rustic Home, you’ll feel like you’re home on the range, even if you live in the middle of the city. 

modern rustic home


Furniture shopping should be fun, not stressful. With the many furniture websites on this list, chances are you’ll be able to get all of your shopping done, whether you’re buying decor for your bedroom, a hot tub for your backyard, a new chandelier for your stairwell or dining room, or bar stools for your personal man cave. Take a look and fall in love with your new favorite piece of furniture or home decor — chances are you’ll also get a great price on it.