20+ Home Decor Websites You Need to Check Out in 2021

20+ Home Decor Websites You Need to Check Out in 2021

Your home is an expression of your personality—a space for you and your partner, family, or roommates to create. Home decor websites provide the inspiration and the goods you need to make your dream home a reality. Check out these home decor websites, and you’re sure to find something you love. If any of the shops below really match your vibe, you can also purchase them on Exchange Marketplace and start selling your favorite items worldwide. 

Are you on the hunt for cute patio furniture? Maybe a customized pillow or blanket? Trying to deck out your kitchen? There are tons of products for you to browse in these shops—whether you’re looking to add a small accent item to your space or make a big home improvement move, you’re sure to find the inspiration here.

20+ Home Decor Websites You Need to Check Out

1. Premier Pot Racks

As the name would suggest, this home decor website sells pot racks. With so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find a rack that will fit your kitchen perfectly and safely hold all of your pots and pans. Premier Pot Racks also offers a large selection of wine racks to match any kitchen style or budget.  

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2. The Light Lab

If you’re looking for the perfect lamp for your living space—one that’s sure to get you plenty of compliments from visiting friends—look no further than The Light Lab. The striking lamp designs available in this online home decor shop are constructed out of a carved piece of acrylic material situated on top of a base that diffuses LED light in seven colors. Designs range from abstract shapes to representational depictions of animals, architectural landmarks, and more. 

the light lab

3. Wantalo

Wantalo is an all-around shop dedicated to helping you find the perfect gift, no matter who it’s for. Really—the site features a built-in tool that allows you to select who the gift is for, the occasion, and the person’s interests. You can then filter by field, price, and department and order your item—whether it’s a classy doormat or a cleverly-shaped tea diffuser for your home.

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4. Gazebos Austrailia

A pop-up gazebo comes in handy when you’re spending time outside and need some shade. Whether you’re off to the beach, a family picnic, or just chilling in your backyard, Gazebos Australia has the shade you need. The gazebos and accessories available on this site can be used to decorate the outdoor area of your home or taken with you anywhere.

Gazebos Australia

5. Diffuse Solutions

The way your home smells is just as important as the way it looks. The essential oil diffusers available on Diffuse Solutions are the perfect way to add a little aromatherapy to your home environment. The site offers diffusion devices of various models to match your living space, as well as special diffusers for your car.

Diffuse Solutions

6. BarstoolDirect

Barstool Direct is the best home decor online shopping site for finding the perfect stool. You can browse barstools of all shapes, sizes, and materials, and look at photos of barstools in different settings if you need some inspiration. You can also make sure you order the correct height for your stools with the size guide on the site’s homepage.

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7. WallpaperUniversity

Get schooled on the WallpaperUniversity website—then make a statement with the unique wallpaper, flooring, and door murals you find there. Vivid designs that transform your floor into a lily pond, simple geometric patterns to paste across your walls, and wallpaper borders to add a finishing touch to any room are all available on the website. Check out the easy installation guide to make sure you apply the products correctly too.

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8. Fountainist

Fountainist is a home decor store offering fountains, birdbaths, garden furniture, and accessories to enhance the exterior of your house. In addition to the elegant fountains available for outdoor areas, Fountainist also has indoor fountains, from affordable, small, table-top fountains perfect for an office or bedroom to beautiful wall fountains that would make a great dining room piece. 

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9. KitchenTribe

Browse knives, kitchen gadgets, and accessories on KitchenTribe’s home decor website—the KitchenTribe motto is to enjoy the process. Items from the site can help make spending time in the kitchen a little bit more fun. If you need inspiration for recipes, you can find that on the site as well.

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10. SlickDecor.com

SlickDecor.com isn’t just one of the best home decor websites—it offers all kinds of items, from clothing and beauty products to pet toys. Browse kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor decor, tools, and gadgets SlickDecor.com and you’re sure to find something for everybody.

Slick Decor

11. Illus Art

If sleek, sexy artwork is your thing, you have to check out Illus Art. The site offers “minimalist wall art for thoughtful spaces,” which could be any room in your home. Picture one of these simple contour prints in your bedroom, bathroom, dining room, or office, choose a size, then place your order.

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12. Lux-Lumens

The modern chandelier of your dreams could be just a few clicks away. Lux-Lumens is “Singapore’s fully online lighting gallery.” Trendy pieces that illuminate Edison light bulbs, as well as long-lasting LED options, are available for purchase as sets or individually.

lux lumens

13. Handy Hardwares

If you’re the type of person who loves to decorate your home, you probably are always on the hunt for the perfect tools for hanging your favorite artwork and lighting fixtures and measuring space for new furniture. Handy Hardwares offers unique solutions in the various multi-tools and gadgets listed on the site, including a professional-grade knife-sharpening tool that would prove useful in any kitchen. 

handy hardwares

14. Petit Balthazar

Petit Balthazar is a baby furniture and accessories website that offers minimalist, sophisticated baby items. The bed canopies, mirrors, and wall decorations come in gold and other muted colors perfect for new parents with a particular aesthetic taste. 

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15. Lakenland

While it might seem a little on the expensive side, the bedding sold on this home decor website is made of 100% organic cotton, so you know it’s well worth the price. The complete set comes with a duvet cover, fitted sheet, and pillow covers, but you can also purchase the items individually.

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JescoStore offers industrial lighting fixtures that could brighten up an office or gallery just as well as your home kitchen. The site offers indoor and outdoor lighting, individual fixtures and track lighting, and kits that include everything you need to light a room.

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17. UBU Republic

Home decor with a bohemian flair isn’t commonly found in shops; however, UBU Republic is here to help. The bed & bath, living room, table-top, and patio collections on the home decor website feature items that come in a wide array of colors and eastern-inspired patterns. When browsing, be sure not to miss the extensive collection of woven bath rugs.

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18. Swing Lab

Have you always wanted a porch swing but could not decide between a bench or lounger shape? With a Swing Lab swing, you don’t have to. This site offers a unique, modular swing design that allows you to customize depending on how you’d like to use it.

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19. The Perfect Broom

So, you’ve decked out your entire house or apartment with brand new furniture and accessories. You don’t want it to look dirty when guests arrive, do you? Enter: The Perfect Broom, “the world’s more versatile broom” that cleans messes, wet or dry, and even windows. Browse an entire line of cleaning tools on the website.

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20. Les mini tornades

“Les mini tornades” means “miniature tornadoes” in French—not an inaccurate way to describe some children and indicative of this home decor site’s sense of humor. This home decor website sells items meant for children aged 0-10, including wall decor, lighting fixtures, and linens. It’s also a great website for toys, bags, and children’s clothes.

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21. Premium Pillow Store

This home decor website offers pillows for the whole family. You can order a throw pillow insert and a cover to go with it, just make sure to select the right size for each, so they match up. Choose from goofy or sophisticated designs—there are some cute plush animals available as well.

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22. MeydaStore

For those with expensive taste in lighting, look no further than MeydaStore. Tiffany stained glass floor lamps, table lamps, chandeliers, stained glass are available from this online shop. Any one of these items would add a colorful and classy energy to your living space.

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23. Maramara Imports

Maramara imports specialize in textiles—tablecloths, blankets, towels, pillow covers, and more products ready to furnish any area of your home. Each item is eco-friendly, handmade, and fairly-traded from global artisans. 

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With so many different kinds of items available, this list of home decor websites has something for everyone. From bohemian-style furnishings to the ubiquitous mid-century modern chair, classy nursery decor to more whimsical baby items, and practical outdoor pieces to elaborate fountains, you can find every type of item you could want in and around your home in one of these online shops.