12 Ways to Increase Sales Online in 2021

12 Ways to Increase Sales Online in 2021

Boosting the sales on your website doesn’t have to be hard. As long as you have a deep understanding of who your target customer is you’ll be able to find the right approach to increase sales online. If you’re looking to improve ecommerce sales for your online store, using some of these techniques can help you achieve success. So, let’s dive into how to increase online sales for your products.

12 Ways to Increase Sales Online in 2021

1. Remarket to your current customers

Studies show that it’s cheaper to market to your current customers rather than to acquire new customers. To remarket to your customers, you can promote on social media or send product emails to get people to repurchase from your brand. If you’ve already got sales, it’s likely that you’ve collected email, mailing address, and even a telephone number. Those are three types of ways to reach that customer regarding other cool products on your website to help boost ecommerce sales. You can email them, send them a flyer in the mail, or even try your hand at SMS marketing. You can reach them in all three places to ensure that you’re maximizing the most of your customer base. 

2. Sell trending products

Trending products tend to also be impulse products. That means there likely isn’t a popular search term to help customers find the item. It also means that when they see that product on their newsfeed, they just want to buy, buy, buy. You can find trending product lists with the help of a quick Google search. But be sure to check the date of the article to make sure the list is recently updated. You can also browse competitors social media accounts to see which products and ads are getting a ton of engagement. You can also browse dropshipping platforms to see which products are getting a lot of sales to help you determine whether or not something will sell. Certain niches like beauty, pets, and home are well known to have new trending products every few months that rake in all the sales. By focusing on niches that tend to have a huge impulse buy factor, you can increase sales online at a better rate than slower to innovate niches. 

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3. Fill in the gaps of your competitors

If your goal is to build a long-term brand, you’ll want to figure out what your competitors aren’t doing and go in that direction. For instance, say you notice your competitors focus on spending a ton of ad money to generate their sales, you might focus on a long-term build that involves search engine optimization, blogging, and video marketing on YouTube. The subtle shift will help you go in the direction that’ll help you build a long-term business so you outlast them years from now. Or at minimum, you’re able to sell at a higher valuation in a few years because you’ve built an actual asset. So, if you notice your competitors focus on paid, consider focusing on free organic traffic and sales. In the short-term, you’ll earn less but in the long-term you’ll be worth more. 

4. Bundle your products

To successfully boost the sales, you’ll want to put some effort into increasing your average order value. Bundling your products at checkout when someone is ready to pay is a great way to get some additional sales. If you’re selling consumable products, you’re extra lucky because choosing the right product to bundle is easy. You can sell more of the same product, which is one of the most commonly successful upsells. For instance, say you sell skincare lotion, you can bundle another one or two of the same product to that customer. Not surprisingly, it’s likely that they’ll buy more since they already showed interest in the product by checking out with it in the first place. You can also explore complementary products. For instance, say someone purchased a dress from your store, your product page can include a link to matching shoes or jewelry to help people buy the entire look. By making it super easy to add all the products from a single page, you help increase sales online in an effective manner. 

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5. Build a community

When learning how to increase sales online you need to start with the idea of building an audience. A great way to do this is to create a community centered around your industry where you provide expertise, answer burning questions, and share cool content you find online. By creating this tight-knit community, you’ll earn trust, which will help you increase sales long-term. You can build a community on Facebook via groups or on your own website with a forum. You can also create a subreddit that’s owned by your brand. By doing this, you can curate content that’ll interest your community. Once your community has reached a substantial size of 10,000 users, you can start introducing your business to them in an engaging and fun way. If you aim to do sales pitches to the group, you’ll likely destroy everything you’ve built. Instead, use your experience of engaging your community to serve them products they’ll love and offer business features that’ll pique their interest. This community can also be a great tool for market research so that you can create a lasting brand with a strong loyal following. 

6. Collaborate with another business

To increase sales in 2021, you might want to consider collaborating with another business. Most people will tell you to partner with businesses that sell complementary products. For example, if you sell swimwear, you might partner with a sunglasses company. This strategy can work well. Yet, there is a better way to collaborate. If you choose to collaborate with a direct competitor, you can have an exact audience match and sell more products. Take for instance, two keto food businesses: Nutty Bun Bakery and Ketolibriyum. They both sell their products in-store and on their online stores. Even though they’re both competing for the same audience, they each sell a few of their best products on one another’s stores. You’ll find Nutty Bun Bakery goods sold at Ketolibriyum and vice versa. They both benefit from this practice, while also boosting their sales. So, if you’ve avoided partnering with a competitor, this might be a good way to help you both reach the same audience together. 

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7. Build a search based audience

Most people build social media followers on clickbait social networks like Instagram and Facebook. However, the best type of audience to build is a search based one. On average, search based platforms have content that continues to stay viral for months and sometimes even years. A post on Facebook will usually die down shortly after it’s posted. However, a viral post on Pinterest is usually viral for years. Same with search engine optimized blog posts. And even YouTube videos. On average, platforms that focus on search tend to perform better and for longer bringing you recurring traffic and sales to your website. So, if you’re looking to figure out how to maximize your social platforms, consider search based ones instead of those that revolve around clickbait or editorialized content. This strategy will help you increase sales online for the long-term while doing it more cost-effectively. 

8. Wholesale your products

While most ecommerce businesses focus on B2C sales (that’s business to consumer) an effective way to boost the sales of your business is to also add B2B (business to business) as part of your sales strategy. If you’ve created your own product, you can wholesale goods to other businesses so you can sell higher volumes of products at a faster rate. By doing this, not only will you increase sales but you’ll do so drastically. A customer might buy a few products from your website if they’re loyal. However, a business who is looking to sell your products will bulk buy many more products than your best customer. You’ll increase the overall quantities and sell through your excess inventory at a faster rate. While profits might be slightly lower, the big volume push will help ensure you still make a killing while you increase sales online. 

increase sales online with wholesale

9. Give away free content

Most people give their product away for free to test. Yet, this often results in a bunch of short-term subscribers who eventually churn or customers who only signed up for a free product. Instead of giving your product or service away for free, consider giving away your knowledge through content. To increase sales online in 2021, you’ll need to ramp up the value of your business. Adding a blog to your website will help you become a master of your niche. You can create blog content around your niche topic to build your industry expertise and reputation. As your blog grows, so will the value of your website. Your website’s value isn’t the only way to increase your earnings though. You can add email opt-in forms on your site or even a direct call to action to buy on your blog posts, which can also boost sales online. The best part of this strategy is that it’s a lot of work. Why is that the best part? It basically means that most people won’t do it, giving you a clear, one up advantage over your competitors. 

10. Use persuasive copywriting

Have you ever read the copy on a Beachbody landing page to buy a fitness subscription? The copywriting is enticing, captivating, with clear value propositions that compel you to pull out that credit card and buy. And yet, if you head over to the average dropshipper’s product page, you’ll find boring bullet points that are just plain strange, such as Gender: female, Age range: All, Type: Chair. It’s obvious that someone just imported a bad list onto their website without making any changes at all. Some of the bullet points don’t add any value to a website visitor and might even put someone off. Mostly because the lack of effort looks scammy. Instead of taking short-cuts for your business, take the time to write more than a single line and copied and pasted bullet points. If you want to sell products, let your copywriting help with that. Write persuasive copy that helps tell a story to help people understand why they need this product in their life. Help them imagine the value they’ll get from using your product. And that’s how you’ll increase sales online with effective copywriting. 

boost the sales with copywriting

11. Create product videos

Creating product videos will help you increase sales online – particularly, if they’re good. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on equipment though. Many people have created viral and high quality videos on their phones. You can create product videos that highlight the best features of your product. Or showcase the story behind the benefits of your goods. Most people are afraid of video. This helps weed out a few competitors. But also, it’s a skill you can learn and grow in. Video marketing isn’t going away anytime soon, so why not learn how to create effective videos in the meantime? With more practice, you’ll create higher quality videos over time. 

12. Compel urgency and scarcity

Your site needs to be optimized to create a sense of urgency and scarcity in order to increase sales for your business. You can boost the sales of your online store by having countdown timers for promotions and having limited quantities of products. For instance, Le Chateau drove urgency and scarcity by having a 70% off today only. You might be wondering why scarcity is involved too. Well, this business has been affected by the pandemic and is having a closing sale right now. They’re running big one day sales to sell through their inventory before closing their business for good. While we hope that your business lasts for many, many more years to come, these tactics can be used whether your business is performing well or poorly to help increase sales. 

increase sales with urgency


Whether you’re just starting out in business or a long-time business owner looking to scale your business, there are countless ways to increase sales. In this article, we highlighted 12 ways to increase sales in 2021 to keep things modern but there are many more ways. So, if you’ve been struggling to boost the sales of your business, this list of remarketing to current customers, collaborating with competitors, focusing on a search based strategy can be a good starting point to help guide your direction. And as you become comfortable with these strategies, you’ll likely stumble upon your own ways to make sales profitably too. There’s no one path to success, there are many, as long as you keep experimenting and testing you’ll inch closer to having that successful business.