Instagram Marketing: How to Grow Your eCommerce Account in 5 Simple Steps

Instagram Marketing: How to Grow Your eCommerce Account in 5 Simple Steps

It’s no secret that Instagram is the place to be for service and product sales today. As the fastest growing social media platform, with almost 1 billion daily active users logging into the photo-sharing app, Instagram has become a marketing playground, ripe for the taking. Since 80% of Instagram followers use the app to follow at least one business, it’s safe to say, there is an entire community of people waiting to follow you and your brand updates.

Naturally, having more followers and likes per photo on your brand account can win you more sales overnight. If a follower is tasked with buying from an account with 400 followers versus one with 40k followers, they are going to assume the higher following equates a more legitimate product.

So, if you’re wondering how to get more Instagram followers, we’re going to provide a quick 5-step blueprint that will let you in on the best Instagram growth hacks in the game today.

It’s time to look at Instagram eCommerce: how to get Instagram followers.

Step 1: Show Love to Other Accounts in Your Niche

The first step to getting new organic followers for your Instagram account is to give back to your community. Let’s say your Shopify account sells beach toys and baskets. Searching the hashtags #beachlife #islandlife #beachbabe and so forth every night will help you arrive at other people and brands in your niche. Go to their profile and like 5 to 10 of their photos, leaving one genuine comment on a picture. By showing them real love, they are way more likely to follow you or follow you back.

Once you follow them, don’t forget about them (at least not for awhile). Show them you are an authentic account that truly supports them. They will feel community from you, and show the love in return. They might even recommend you and your Shopify store to their friends and family.

Step 2: Niche Your Content

Studies have shown that individuals are able to understand a niched service and brand much more than an all-encompassing one. It removes the “guess-work.” If you sell jewelry, don’t post a photo of your dog or a picture of your family dinner one night. Although you might want to, simply save it for your personal Facebook account. It’s important to create a theme for your Instagram that is predictable to followers – they want to know by following you, that they are guaranteed jewelry photography, discounts, and giveaways.

Sit down with your team (unless it’s just you) and identify the brand characteristics that you feel most closely associated with your Shopify store. From those characteristics, decide on types of content you want to predictably release with the account each week. Do your best to stick to this theme!

Step 3: Invite Interaction

As we all know by now, Instagram and parent-company, Facebook, deploy an engagement algorithm that configures what we see in our timelines. How does it decide on content? Via engagement, whether that be sharing, commenting, or liking the picture or video. If an Instagram photo has a higher-than-normal commenting rate, Instagram is going to share that content with more people. It’s how they decide on what content is most popular at the time.

Therefore, if you want new eyes on your store, invite interaction below your posts. It’s one of the simplest things you could be doing. The next time you post a photo of a new bracelet, ask your audience a question in the caption: “Check out our brand new turquoise line! Which bracelet is your favorite? Tag a babe below who would love it J.” Notice you have not only asked a question, but also encouraged followers to tag new followers.

People are on social media for a reason – they are bored and wanting to unwind. Everyone wants to be heard. Ask them to voice their opinion on your photos.

Step 4: Don’t Shy Away from Hashtags

Hashtags have become a critical component of Instagram success today. Instagram permits up to 30 tags per post, and you do NOT want to waste them. When you use a tag, every person on Instagram searching that tag will see your content that day. Not to mention, you can trend on hashtags in the top 9 posts for that category when people search for what you are selling.

There is no definite science behind hashtags, but one thing is for certain: constantly research them. When you search one tag, suggested tags propagate. Search them all. Do a little A&B testing by trying out very niche tags, like #turquoisejewelry, versus generic ones like #bracelets. Overtime, you can see which tags do better, and even work in new tags that start to pop up in the search feeds. We recommend reviewing your hashtags at least once per week. Many accounts and influencers attribute their success to the hashtag marketing they have pioneered on Instagram.

Step 5: Authenticate Your Brand

Studies have shown that longer, insightful captions to Instagram photos do better than the generic one-liners with a few emojis thrown into it. Gone are the days when followers just wanted a simple description or a catchy title. Now, they want to get to know your brand, your company, and your product. They want a reason for following your brand’s journey. They are looking for your business to curate a story, one that will entice them to shop at your store.

This simply means: authenticate your brand. If you feel like your brand is upbeat and humorous, share some jokes! If you want to explain all of the work that went into a single bracelet, share it! If you want to talk about the work you put into testing out manufacturers, and how you arrived at your selection, detail all of it. Followers prefer to follow a transparent account as opposed to a closed off one. It lets them become part of the experience, which is what they ultimately seek when logging into the app.

Best of All: It’s Free to Use

Most importantly, what makes social media marketing, specifically on Instagram, so amazing is that you can do all of the above for free. It’s at no risk to you to try and grow your social following the organic way. However, we would be lying if we didn’t say: it takes time and patience. That’s where we come into the picture.

With 1 billion users and counting, there is a niche community on Instagram waiting to follow your brand’s journey. With the right hashtags, interaction, authentic content, and niche marketing, you can curate an audience that is loyal to your Shopify products. Plus, with our help along the way, what are you waiting for?