25 Jewelry Websites You Need to Check Out in 2021

25 Jewelry Websites You Need to Check Out in 2021

People have always felt the need to make themselves look beautiful, and it's not a secret that an outfit is never really complete without the perfect jewelry. Fortunately, jewelry websites offer everyone the products that’ll help people look their best.

Besides completing the look, jewelry is also a great way to express ourselves by showing our affection to a certain someone or by using a customized ring with your loved one’s name carved on it. They're also a great way to share who we are, where we came from, and what we love.

Are you searching for unique handmade jewelry? Or perhaps a trendy earring to complete your look? Check out these handpicked top jewelry websites that’ll inspire you in 2021. There are tons of amazing products to choose from, whether it’s costume jewelry that matches your style or a simple yet flawless bracelet that you can wear with everything.

I'm sure you'll discover something you like, and If you find yourself loving everything, these shops are also for sale on the Exchange Marketplace, so you can start to sell your favorite jewelry worldwide. 

25 Jewelry Websites You Need to Check Out in 2021


From simple plated bracelets, to over the top heavy metal hooked chokers, JAKIMAC has the edgiest pieces. Since 2010, Jakimac has specialized in genuine leather handmade accessories. So, their jewelry is one-of-a-kind. 

With feminine and strong designs, jewelry isn’t the only thing you can find on this jewelry website. JAKIMAC also showcases a variety of leather harness belts, headbands, corsets, and belts. 

2. Le Petit Bois

This French jewelry website holds a unique bohemian-chic style, and you can find a mix of bright colors with a touch of retro. It’s a stunning blend of old trends and new fashion that’ll inspire your overall look.

In their catalog, you can encounter an array of fashionable wooden jewelry and other accessories. The brand is all about making you feel connected with nature by promoting ecological and natural tendencies while being stylish.

3. Vilenta Jewelry

If your style is minimalist yet tasteful, Vilenta will be your new favorite jewelry website. With 14k gold filled & 925 sterling silver pieces, you can find an array of accessories with the outstanding hammered finishing. 

While it might seem a little on the expensive side, Vilenta has the kind of jewelry with the right combination of subtle and elegant that never goes out of style, and that every woman needs in their jewelry box.

4. Helux Shop

Helux Shop is a jewelry website that offers everything you need for a cute look at the right price. From custom name necklaces to initial birthstone rings, you can find everything you need to enhance your look and show your personality at the same time. 

5. Cloutgods

If you're looking for luxurious and over-the-top jewelry, Cloutgods has just what you need. With shimmering and detailed designs, these accessories are sure to make a statement. 

The idea behind the brand is to provide affordable jewelry to young people that want clout. 

6. Soul Malas

The key to mindfulness is to be fully present and live your best life. This handmade jewelry website offers a variety of “Buddhist rosaries,” traditional tools used to count when people recite a mantra.  

Every gemstone and wood is said to have different properties, energies, and meaning. Soul Malas’ necklaces are crafted with 100% all-natural stones that can provide a sense of inner peace and balance. 

Most malas can be worn as a necklace, or you can wrap it around your wrist multiple times to wear it as a bracelet. These stones also encourage truth, courage, and self-discovery. 

7. Belly Bling

Belly Bling is the best jewelry website for finding the hottest body jewelry at the lowest price. You can browse through a vast collection of piercings of all shapes and colors, not just for your belly ring, but for ear, tongue, nose, and eyebrows. 

Are you shopping for a special occasion? The Holiday Bling collection will offer themed belly rings for all significant holidays to add a little spunk to your outfit.

8. Liliska

If you're looking for the right mix of vogue and style, Liliska has just what you need. While browsing through the website, you’ll find an alluring collection of vibrant 925 Sterling Silver rings and pearl earrings to match every rainbow color.

Additionally, the jewelry website also displays a variety of European high-quality, stylish woman outfits and trendy sunglasses that can turn any basic look into super modern productions.

9. Fahrenheit Jewelry

Hair accessories are one of the big trends for the Summer of 2021. As a matter of fact, Fashion Week was here to prove that you can combine hair jewelry with colorful pantsuits with no regrets. 

This trendy jewelry website also showcases handpicked necklaces, earrings, and rings with a special aesthetic harmony that goes well with every look.

10. Jewelry 4 Free

Jewelry 4 Free will offer an extensive catalog of high-quality accessories and watches at the perfect price point. Specialized in gifts for special occasions, most pieces are accompanied by a colorful card with beautiful personalized messages.

If you purchase something from their catalog, your loved one won’t be the only one to receive a gift. Charities receive a sweet gift too. Part of each sale will be given to those in need and benefit charities such as City Light (Homeless Shelter) located in Pennsylvania.

11. Road to Man

In this jewelry catalog, it's possible to find leather bracelets to suit all styles. With metal pendants, iconic buckles, or the simple braided leather with magnetic clasps, it's fair to say that Road to Man has every trendy style of men's bracelets.

Even though this online shop is called "Road to Man," it's possible to find jewelry for both men and women, and an assortment of adorable rings and necklaces at a fair price.

12. The Ultimate Cuff

The Ultimate Cuff manufactures and sells jewelry bands for Apple Watches. They fit all series and sizes and give the perfect look to every occasion to Apple aficionados. From Everyday Essentials to Girl’s Night Out collections, you can find the right cuff for every taste and style. 

The cuffs are made from hypoallergenic materials and covered with state-of-the-art e-coating that protects the finish of the cuffs for years to come, so they're worth every penny.

13. Quinny

Quinny is a Spanish women’s watches and jewelry website. Their specialty is necklaces with adorable pendants, although we can also find collections of stylish sets of watches and bracelets perfect to gift to someone you love. 

One of the featured jewelry pieces has a special meaning behind it. The adorable paw heartbeat necklace will help you demonstrate your love for animals as twenty percent of its sales are converted to charitable efforts of organizations that take care of stray animals across the world. 

14. Jewelry Houzz

Jewelry Houzz is a store with an array of accessories for women. Apart from trendy jewelry pieces, their product list is full of pretty watches from multiple brands and styles, there are no limits for variety, and this jewelry website has great prices. 

15. Jewelry & Jewelry

Who said jewelry has to be expensive? This jewelry website makes it possible to give your favorite outfit a touch of glamour with golden bracelet sets for as low as six dollars. 

The site has no shortage of fashionable yet affordable jewelry pieces to choose from. Among the best-sellers, you can find over-sized multicolored earrings and adorable gold necklaces with themed pendants to show your appreciation for different aspects of life.  

16. Mercury Girl

This jewelry website is the most on-trend for Harajuku fashion and jewelry with affordable prices, and free worldwide shipping in the UK. Browse through the collection to discover the jewelry styles Mercury Girl has to offer. 

A bonus feature of this jewelry website is that if you're looking for a particular product and cannot see it on their website, all you need to do is get in touch with one of their representatives, and they will do their best to source it within your budget.

17. Art Garb

Art Garb is a jewelry website that offers art grunge aesthetic clothing, accessories, and trendy jewelry. Their pieces are an authentic combination of vintage, sexy, vivid, and eye-catching. 

The brand is all about showing your true colors, and using whatever you feel comfortable with. The earrings and pins are something else and will add a trendy touch to any look. You can check out their Instagram page for inspiring outfits.

18. Yeshark

Browse the most adorable shark and ocean-themed related clothing, accessories, jewelry, and home decorations. The Yeshark motto is to show your love for these amazing creatures. 

In addition, 10 percent of the profit from each item sold goes directly to Marine Life Charities to help protect sharks and maintain the healthy balance of marine life. If you’re looking for some aqua-themed jewelry, you’ll want to dive right into these collections.

19. Liam & Avery

Liam & Avery is a jewelry store that specializes in rings. This jewelry website is a great place to enjoy the vibrant colors of precious metals, the uniqueness of rare styles, and the strength of tungsten carbide - all in one.

Even though the designs are minimalist, subtle differences between every ring shines through. The wood inlay and the hammered collections will undoubtedly give you that extra oomph.

20. Dragonstar Jewelry

If colorful and trendy jewelry is your thing, you have to check out this jewelry website. From scrunchies straps for apple watches to luminous anklets, this site offers one-of-a-kind pieces that will make you stand out from the crowd. 

You can acquire one of its items for as low as six dollars, and enjoy free shipping worldwide for a minimum purchase of 49 dollars. Choose which style best represents you, then place your order.

21. Cotton Junkies

This jewelry brand is for anyone that’s constantly discovering themselves and it's not afraid to express it. Although their main focus is cotton clothing, Cotton Junkies has a fresh jewelry collection that will go perfectly with every look. 

Prioritizing comfort, versatility, and movement, Cotton Junkies' pieces are all about effortless style without skimping on quality and originality. 

22. La Bohémienne

The bohemian lifestyle is mainly about the free spirit, peaceful mind, and individualism in terms of fashion trends. In case words like hippie chic, fun, and creative are words you use when describing your style, this is a store you need to check it out. 

This clothing and jewelry website is the face of Bohemian style in France. It offers a handful of 70’s inspired items.

23. Ragnar Lothbrok Shop

Looking for realistic medieval accessories? This jewelry website will blow your mind! Nothing fancy or cute here though, Ragnar Lothbrok is all about Viking style inspired jewelry to complement your clothing with tough and intimidating accessories. 

The hammer pendants and silver dragon sculpted bracelets would be the two statement pieces for any Viking that create a dramatic appeal. As a bonus, your first order is free; all you need to do is pay for shipping. Be sure you get yours today before they are all gone!

24. Pink Velvet Jewelry Co

Fun, stylish, and glamorous, those are the three words that pop into your mind the minute we start to browse through these jewelry products. Pink Velvet will surprise you by combining all of these into one fine earring with multi-colored beads, pompoms, crystals, and tassels. 

Lift your look with warm colors and flashy details, at amazing prices.

25. Lavender Creek Jewelry Co.

Lavender Creek is a minimalist Boho-inspired jewelry website that offers a carefully curated collection with just two sets of accessories. Although there are not many options to choose from, you can easily enjoy these sets to brighten up any look. 


The most important thing to remember while buying jewelry is that there are no rules besides staying true to yourself, and choosing whatever makes you feel comfortable, authentic, and beautiful. 

After checking out this list of jewelry websites which boasts a broad array of different styles, there's no doubt you can find that perfect accessory that was missing from your wardrobe all along or even that gift for a special someone you were having trouble finding.