Seller Interviews: Ashna from Lashstash

Seller Interviews: Ashna from Lashstash

Lashstash has taught me how you build a brand out of nothing

Meet Ashna. She's a young entrepreneur and self-described side-hustle aficionado. One of her most successful side-hustles is the luxury false eyelash brand Lashtash, which has found its way to the Exchange marketplace.

Ashna created Lashstash in fall of 2017. Versed in creating unique products, she started the brand with a simple idea: to create a beauty product that women like herself could identify with.

When I started a beauty brand it was really important for me to represent women who look like me.

Ashna explains that she noticed a lack of representation in the beauty space for South Asian women like herself. As a side hustle aficionado, Ashna was empowered to fix this.

In just over a year, Lashstash has garnered a small but loyal group of customers, many of whom continue returning to the store to make repeat purchases. This is what Ashna describes as "the telltale sign of someone really liking your product."

The work that Ashna put into building Lashstash goes beyond creating a distinct, polished brand that resonates with her customers. She has also built a strong relationship with her supplier, which, in Ashna's words, makes running the store seamless.

There's a really seamless relationship with the supplier, shipping it off is really simple.

When it comes to buying a business on Exchange, this is something that can add a lot of value. Lashstash is the rare opportunity to be handed a great product and brand, with all the pieces needed to grow to the next level already in place.

The marketing strategy for Lashstash relies solely on shipping the product to influencers to try it for themselves. Ashna explained that the response from influencers has been entirely positive. They are always willing to promote the product without asking for anything in return other than a sample. This shows how a great product built on the foundation of a strong brand is a fantastic recipe for success.

Because of Ashna's personal connection to the brand, and her confidence in its potential to create a dent in the beauty space, we wanted to ask why she's considering selling Lashstash. Her answer was simple:

I never wanted it to take over the world. I just had a simple idea and wanted to run with it.

Creating Lashstash taught Ashna that she's able to start a brand out of nothing and watch how people react to it. She explains that some people are afraid to start a business because they don't want their entire identity to be tied to it.

While for brands like Lashstash, which has Ashna's personal touch all over it, that can be true, selling on Exchange is giving Ashna the ability to get a jump start on her next side-hustle.