25 Legitimate Ways to Make Money from Home

25 Legitimate Ways to Make Money from Home

Do you want to make money from home but feel unsure about the ideas that pop up? Often, you’re asked to pay a small fee to get things going, but few of these offers ever lead to an actual income. While stuffing envelopes, filling out surveys, or posting online ads may add a few dollars to your bank account, there are other legitimate ways to boost your earnings without spending anything upfront. Whether you’re struggling to pay debts, want to save up for retirement, or need some extra fun money for the month, here are some real ways to make money and improve your financial situation.

How to Make Money from Home: 25 Real Ways

1. Start a Website Flipping Business 

Contrary to popular belief, buying and selling houses is not the only way to get into the flipping game. If you’re looking to make money from home, you can buy websites and flip them for a profit. Whether someone is selling a website because they’re no longer interested in the niche or want to exit their business, platforms like Exchange have some rare gems that you can acquire and resell for a good return. The key is to look for high-potential websites that you can quickly spruce up and flip on Exchange. 

Make money from home flipping websites

2. Open a Dropshipping Store

If you’re interested in ecommerce and thinking of ways to sell products from home, consider dropshipping. Dropshipping is an online business model that takes inventory out of the equation. Rather than keeping goods in your home and arranging deliveries, you build an online store and partner with suppliers who ship products from their storage. Solutions like Shopify make it easy to set up a store and start selling. Shopify also takes the guesswork out of vendor research as you can use apps like Oberlo to find dropshipping suppliers for your business. 

3. Flip Domains for a Profit

Similar to website flipping, you can acquire and flip domains for a profit. Although finding profitable domains isn’t as easy as it once was, it’s still possible to make a lucrative income by acquiring undervalued domain names. Perform keyword research to see what people are interested in, and then see which products or trends can be converted into a domain. You can also combine your research with a domain name checker to speed things up. Shopify’s domain name generator will show you which domains are currently available and some good alternatives for already registered domain names. 

4. Sell Your Photos

If you are good with a camera and enjoy photography, you could be sitting on a huge reserve of cash. There are tons of people who need to use original images and photos every day in brochures and magazines, on websites and elsewhere – and they’re willing to pay for the right to use them. You can make money from home by selling the rights to your collection of pictures.  Alternatively, you can list your photos on a stock image website and get seen by businesses everywhere. Brands like Shopify’s Burst offer a platform where you can showcase your work to an international audience and potentially get hired to do photography for Shopify websites. 

make extra money from home via photography

5. Become a Virtual Assistant 

Are you good at writing emails? Do you have experience in customer service? Use your skills to your advantage by getting paid as a virtual assistant. Reach out to businesses on social media to connect with entrepreneurs or companies looking for extra help, or create an independent website for marketing your services. The best thing about being a virtual assistant is that the work is flexible, and the options are endless. You can start offering your services as a side hustle for extra cash, or secure monthly retainers to make it a full-time income you can rely on to fund your lifestyle.

6. Cash in On Your Notes

If you’re a recent graduate who spent hours on note-taking and building detailed charts and diagrams, you have an excellent opportunity to make extra money from home. Platforms like Stuvia allow you to take your study notes and publish them online for students who may require some extra help. The way you get paid is that you put up your notes, set a price, and pick a channel through which you want to receive money. Quality notes are in demand nowadays, so don’t let this opportunity slip away if you were an exceptional note taker during your college years.  

7. Teach English Online

You’ve probably heard about people going abroad to teach English, but you can do this online from the comfort of your home. Many websites recruit native English speakers to teach young children in China. In most cases, you need a TEFL certification and at least one year of teaching experience to get hired for the job. But some tutoring companies hire individuals who aren’t certified and offer TEFL training as part of the onboarding process. If you’re wondering how to make money from home part-time, teaching English in the evenings or a couple of times per week might be the answer.

8. Sell an eBook

Can you bake cookies in 10 different flavors? Do you have 50+ Father’s Day Instagram caption ideas? Compile your how-to’s into an ebook and make some cash! If you’re a digital entrepreneur, this could be as easy as pulling a collection of your most popular articles. When it comes to earning money, the most popular way is to list your ebook on Amazon. With KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing), you earn a 70% royalty for every book you sell. Although not everyone is going to buy your ebook, some promotion and luck can help you turn your work into a nice monthly passive income.

sell ebooks to earn passive income

9. Test a Website

If you’ve ever created a website, you already know how difficult it can be to know if you set up everything correctly. Because if you’re losing visitors due to poor design, lousy navigation, lack of clarity, or a crappy UX – you’re losing money. That’s why companies and brands pay good money for unbiased third-party reviews of their websites. To make money from home testing websites, you need to understand the basics of user experience design and speak English fluently. If you already meet these requirements, you can sign up with a website testing service and submit proposals to get projects.

10. Become a Copywriter

If you think you can influence people to take action or present a company in a positive light by the power of your written words alone, consider working as a copywriter. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, copywriters are the professionals who create the text you see on sales pages, brochures, websites, how-to-guides, press releases, and emails, among other marketing materials. The key to success in the copywriting field is to find one niche that you’re interested in and work on honing your writing skills in that niche. Once you’re confident in your persuasive flair, you can start promoting your copywriting services on freelance websites to get clients. 

11. Refer Products as An Affiliate

One of the most popular ideas to make money from home is to start an affiliate marketing business. Affiliate marketing is where you set up a website and refer products and services from another company. Your referrals are tracked through the links you place in blog posts, landing pages, emails, or downloadable content. When people click these links and buy the referred items, you get a portion of the sale as a commission. You can find things to refer to through affiliate networks, which provide you with a trackable link to include on your website. From software to clothing to second-hand goods, these networks have a vast range of items that you could promote as an affiliate. 

12. Join an Online Focus Group

Do you have your own take on tech products or politics? Join a paid online focus group, give your opinions, and make $100 per hour. Businesses of all sizes hire research firms to conduct market research and identify the latest trends. Research firms, in turn, solicit a group of people to get together and share their honest opinions about products, services, and current affairs. Signing up for an opportunity can be as easy as using your Facebook or Twitter accounts. You’ll need to create a profile enlisting your age, qualification, and experience and submit it for consideration. If you’re accepted, you’ll get a link to join the focus group online via chat, on your laptop, or smartphone.

make money with online focus groups

13. Start Working Remotely

If you’re hoping to make extra money from home and join the #remotework trend, there’s a remote job out there that’s right for you. Plenty of remote-friendly companies allow their employees to work at home part-time or on a flexible schedule. Plus, with the incredible advancements in communication and productivity apps, it’s easy for you to work without feeling disconnected from your employer. You can find a suitable company to work with by sifting remote employment websites. As you go through the job listings, make sure to pay extra attention to the working hours and salary range.

14. Sell Unwanted Things for Cash

Selling things that you no longer use is a great way to declutter and a legit way to make money from home. Start with your closet and then move to the living room to find potential sources of liquid income. From clothing to shoes to appliances to furniture, almost anything can be sold online as long as it’s legal. Before listing an item for sale, check what similar products sell for, take decent photos (blurry pictures are a big NO), and come up with a compelling yet accurate description for the listing. As time goes by and your experience grows, you’ll know which items are beneficial to stock in your unwanted products’ inventory.

15. Capitalize on Your Vocal Talent

If you think you have a great voice and often receive compliments on your accent, you might be able to succeed as a voice-over artist. There are plenty of people around the world looking for voices like yours to help them promote their products, create radio advertisements, and more. All you need to do is think of a smart way to market yourself to these individuals. One idea is to join Facebook groups and offer free samples of your voice recordings. You can also sign up with voice over platforms where you can offer your services at a specific price. 

16. Launch a Blog

You’ve probably heard stories about stay-at-home moms striking it rich with blogs. The truth is that there are several ways to earn money through blogging, including sponsorship, referral programs, advertising, and selling digital products such as whitepapers and case studies. However, don’t expect to get rich overnight. The income reports you read are the product of years worth of patience, effort, and consistency. Still, there are ways to speed up the traffic building process and make money from home through your blog. For instance, you can curate your posts on social media platforms, contribute to other non-competing blogs in your niche, and appear on podcasts to build a solid base of dedicated readers. 

make money from home through blogging

17.  Make Money as a Translator

Many companies are willing to pay multilingual people to get their documents, emails, and web pages translated. If you’re proficient in two or more languages, translating for businesses can be an easy way to make money from home. Start with a search for translation agencies and share your resume to be considered for work. You can also search for businesses that are looking for translators via Facebook, LinkedIn, and remote job boards. Most translation gigs involve text-based translation, but you’ll occasionally come across projects wherein you have to join a conference call with a client and translate in real-time. 

18. Design for Businesses

If you’re a graphic designer or know your way around Photoshop, why not make money from home designing graphics for businesses? Nowadays, many companies are looking for graphic and web design experts to create digital images. You can make a decent income out of them, depending on how many projects you accept. To position yourself as an expert and attract referrals, consider developing a web-based portfolio where you host your clips, knowledge, and insights. Engaging in graphic design groups on LinkedIn and Facebook is also a way to catch the attention of potential clients who use these channels for hiring.

19. Become a Vlogger

If there’s a talented performer hidden inside you who craves admiration and applause, consider becoming a vlogger. The demand for video is increasing, so it won’t become too crowded if you jump in. Use your smartphone or camcorder to record and upload interesting videos on sites like YouTube and Break. Your earnings will come from ads displayed on your video content, sponsorships, and selling fan donations once you have a big enough audience. One thing to bear in mind when vlogging is that you’ll need to think of new ideas to keep people interested consistently. Giving humorous demos, collaborating with other vloggers, and hosting live contests are a few concepts you can try to get started.

20. Sell Your Crafts

Do you spend your free time making crafts or other handmade items and gifts? Cash in on your talent by selling your craft products via Shopify or in an artisan goods marketplace. You can do DIY projects at home over the weekend, at night, or as often as your schedule permits. More and more people are buying personal, one-of-a-kind gives for their loved ones and home, so whether you make scented mason jar candles, knit jumpers for Guinea pigs or sculpt mosaic picture frames, there’s a good chance you can start your own crafts store and keep 100% of the profits from the sales. 

sell crafts to make money

21. Work as A Freelance Bookkeeper

If you have a way with numbers and enjoy using spreadsheets, freelance bookkeeping may be perfect for you. Bookkeepers are always in demand since many small business owners don’t have the inclination or time to manage the financial side of their business. By having someone take over a task as detailed and time-intensive as bookkeeping, they can focus on company success. To start working as a freelance bookkeeper, you’ll need a good computer, a reliable internet connection, and bookkeeping software. The best way to find gigs is to check remote job listings, many of which include a dedicated category for freelance bookkeeping jobs.

22. Become a Virtual Stylist

Where could a person call for style assistance in the age of internet shopping? It turns out, people across the globe are turning to virtual stylists for much-needed fashion advice. If you can see yourself helping others with the way they carry themselves, you can make money from home by consulting clients via video conferencing. There are several websites where you can work as a virtual stylist. But some companies hire through LinkedIn. Although you don’t need a college degree or extensive experience to apply, you may need to prove that you’re an excellent stylist. The easiest way to do that is to create a scrapbook that contains the different looks you’ve put together for others while keeping their tastes and budget in mind.

make money as a virtual stylist

23. Create and Sell Courses Online

Are you passionate about a particular subject? Do you have specialized knowledge of something you know that people want to learn about? You could sell your expertise in the form of an online course. Online course platforms make it easy to launch a course quickly, but you still need to have a screen recording or a talking-head video to deliver your learnings. You can record these with a basic video camera or with your smartphone. To make money from home, you can sell your courses through a Shopify website or on a third-party online learning platform. 

24. Offer Facebook Marketing Services 

Nearly every company needs Facebook marketing to reach their target audience. While many of them can set up a Facebook Business page and post content, they get stuck trying to figure out the best ways to build engagement. If you’re savvy at strategy, research, ad creation, and other critical aspects of Facebook marketing, you have a service to sell to these businesses. As a Facebook marketing expert, you can find clients in all corners of the world. But if you’re looking to get started, reach out to local companies that you already know or follow on social networks. Ask them if they need help with Facebook marketing. When you’re launching a small business, this can be a nice way to build up a portfolio. 

25. Work as A Remote Customer Service Agent

If you’ve got a knack for communication and problem-solving, you might be in for a lucrative remote job in customer service. Companies like Amazon, Disney, and Uber consistently hire work-from-home customer service wizards to assist their customers. You can choose from a plethora of roles and decide where you want to work – as long as you have a good internet connection. Typically, you’ll spend the day on the phone answering queries and requests from people. But if talking on the phone is impractical for you (like if you have a newborn), you can work as a chat or email support agent to make money from home. 

remote customer service agent


As you can see, there are plenty of legitimate ways to make money from home. Take another read through this list and find something that fits your fancy. Then the only thing left is taking action. While many people explore home-based work opportunities to make extra money, some ideas can become a stream of income if you take them seriously enough. You might even create a whole new business! From website flipping to referring products to answering inquiries on behalf of companies, these are some of the real and best ways to make money without stepping outside of your comfortable living space.