The Exchange platform is an obvious next step for ecommerce. Shopify’s user base has always had a strong entrepreneurial streak, and Exchange offers both the beginning and end of a journey. Those who have worked hard to build up a viable business have a way of cashing in and walking away. Those looking to get into a market can do so instantly by buying proven sites." - Website Builder Expert
" Instead of starting from scratch, many budding business moguls opt to add their flavor to an existing small business. Now, thanks to Exchange Marketplace, that process is becoming easier than ever. The growing marketplace, which launched in June 2017, is empowering entrepreneurs to buy and sell eCommerce businesses securely." -
"Launched in summer 2017, it is a fairly new service but there is already a decent amount of choice on it. I really like that Shopify is taking care of vetting all the data – it means I would buy with confidence. As a seller, I also appreciate that the communication is anonymized." - WebsiteToolTester
"Although starting a Shopify store from the ground up with your own products or services can be a great way to begin a side hustle or even a full time job, there’s another way to get your piece of the ecommerce pie — by purchasing an existing ecommerce store. While there are a number of ways to do this, Shopify owns and operates what it calls the Exchange Marketplace, which is designed to make it easier for stores to be bought and sold with transparency and security." - Out of the Sandbox
"Buying an online business however is arguably a less straightforward affair: the internet is in many ways a ‘wild west’ and the businesses it contains can be very young. It can be hard to know who to trust or indeed even where to find a business to buy; the whole process can feel very scary. To help investors navigate this minefield, Shopify — one of the world’s leading e-commerce solution providers — has developed a platform called Shopify Exchange: a marketplace which aims to makes it safer and simpler to both buy and sell a Shopify store." - Style Factory
"It differs from everything Shopify has done so far, where it focused on enabling people to create their own online stores. Now the eCommerce giant has gone one step further." - Khaos Cloud
"Exchange allows you to purchase an existing Shopify store from a growing catalogue of existing online stores. Prospective online entrepreneurs can skip setup and start selling when they purchase the entire online business from design assets to suppliers to social accounts." - Techvibes
"Shopify has launched Exchange, a new marketplace for buying ecommerce websites. Sellers only need to download the Exchange app on their store, and Shopify will automatically create screenshots and suggest a selling price based on traffic and revenue." Betakit