6 Best Product Page Designs for E-Commerce

6 Best Product Page Designs for E-Commerce

Product pages are one of the most important elements in an e-commerce store’s website design. You can think of a product page in a web store as the equivalent of a brick-and-mortar store’s window display. It has to capture and hold a customer’s attention visually, and beckon them inside to learn more about the product, and ultimately convince them to make a purchase. The difference is that there is no salesperson there to sell customers on the product, so an e-commerce product page has to do that as well. The best product page designs anticipate what customers want to know about the product’s appearance, function, price, and more, depending on the type of product.

Product Page Design Examples

A product page is a web page that displays a product or service. An effective product page includes appropriate details and images of the product that give customers a good idea of exactly what the product or service is, and what comes with it. Any details on notable features and accessories, or other information about a product like where it is manufactured, materials it is made out of, or how to use it should be included in the product page. Typically, product pages also include buttons that allow the user to purchase the product or add it to their cart. When a customer comes to your website and views one or more of your product pages, your goal should be to get them to make a purchase. Below are examples of a variety of product pages that all work towards the ultimate goal of making a sale.

1. Tushy

Tushy has taken on the task of marketing bidets to a North American audience, where customers might not be very familiar with how bidets work, and might even be averse to the idea of them. The product pages on the Tushy website do a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to making the product appealing to their customers, and showing off how to use it. Not only does the TUSHY Classic product page make the product look visually appealing, it also does a good job of explaining how it works.

tushy product page

In the interactive product page, you can select different color schemes to see the product in different colors, and the product description updates as well. The copy is cute and coy, using humor to offset customers’ misgivings about the product’s use. To the left of the colors and product description is a carousel of images and gifs. Each one serves a purpose, like viewing the product from a different angle or showing how to install or use it.

Users can expand the “Product Details and Features” for more information if they choose to or just click on the “Add to Cart” button to make a purchase. More curious customers can scroll down and find details on how to install the Tushy bidet, how to use it, user reviews, and more.

tushy instructions

2. Ableton

When it comes to music production, knowing which features your software comes with is crucial. Ableton Live is recognized as one of the most popular music production softwares around, but users who are new to it might be confused when it comes to choosing a version to purchase. Ableton isn’t cheap, so it's important that the product page includes all of the details necessary to convey exactly what you get when you purchase a particular version, enabling customers to carefully select the version with the right price and the right features for them.

The side-by-side comparison is useful for comparing features. A customer can clearly see the upgrades that come with the higher price of the Standard and Suite versions of Ableton. As a bonus, you can also see the extra features that will come with any of the versions of Ableton Live once it is upgraded from the Live 10 version to Live 11.

ableton live product page

Further down on the product page, there are more detailed comparisons of features in addition to FAQ and computer system requirements, so customers can make sure that the software will be able to run on their computer, and how much disk space it will require.

3. Nudie Jeans

When it comes to apparel, product pages have to give customers a good idea of how the product will look and fit when they try them on. Because clothes and the people who wear them come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, this task is easier said than done. However, in this example, Nudie Jeans does a good job.

nudie jeans product page

To match the brand’s simple aesthetic, there’s no unnecessary copy or details on this product page — only the most important information. The product description simply describes the fit, material, and color. The photos capture what the jeans look like when you’re wearing them, as well as close ups of details like front and back pockets and waistline.  

Expand the size guide and a pop-up window opens, providing customers with an easy way to find the best size to order. Instead of asking for body measurements, which can vary and be difficult to do at home, the size guide allows customers to compare the fit to a pair of jeans they already own. You could use your favorite jeans, and figure out how similarly the jeans you are purchasing will fit.

nudie size guide

Once customers have explored different colors, sizes and fits on the Nudie Jeans website, they can click on the “Add to bag” button and select the waist size and length they want, and make a purchase. They can then rest assured that once they receive the jeans, they will fit perfectly.

4. Ikea

Ikea is a massive furniture store with thousands of products, and while the company has many store locations around the world, many of their customers prefer to shop online. So, Ikea needs to make sure that the online shopping experience is as easy as it is to shop in one of their stores. The Ikea product page is the same, no matter if you are looking at furniture, kitchen accessories, textiles, or children’s products, and it works.

ikea product page

Each product page on the Ikea website has a few images of the product, the name, a simple description, and the price. Depending on the product, there are usually staged photos showing what it would look like in your home. Scroll down, and you will see more information about the product including dimensions, assembly instructions, and materials. 

ikea product recommendations

Beneath product details is a selection of products similar to the one on the page the customer is viewing. Because Ikea features such a large number of products on its website, including similar products on each product page encourages the customer to explore and find the best product to suit their needs.  

5. Soko Glam

Soko Glam is a Korean skincare brand that ventures to help their customers find the perfect combination of products that can help them achieve perfect skin. With so many different types of treatments out there, customers rely heavily on product descriptions and user reviews when choosing what to use on their skin. Luckily, it’s easy to see both of these on the Soko Glam website’s product pages.

There are actually two different types of product pages on Soko Glam: the standard product page and the quickshop pop-up. If customers are casually browsing the website and want to avoid opening multiple product pages in tabs, they can click on the “Quickshop” button on a product to see some basic product details.

soko glam quickshop

The brand, name of the product, price, and description pop up next to a carousel of images when you click on quickshop. From this page, you can easily click “Add to bag” to put the product into your virtual bag, then easily continue browsing other products by clicking out of the quickshop page.

soko glam full product page details

Customers who are looking for more details on the product can click on “View full details” from the quickshop product page and be taken to the full product page. Here they can find a comprehensive list of ingredients as well as instructions on how to use the product. This way, customers can get a better idea of how the product will work with their skin. Scroll down and you will see any customer reviews for the product and other recommended products based on Soko Glam’s recommendations and products that other customers purchased along with the one you are viewing.

6. Scuf

Serious gamers need the perfect controller to help them maximize their performance. Scuf offers them highly engineered controllers with tip-top specifications to ensure that they get the most out of their games. Scuf allows customers to customize just about every aspect of the controller they purchase, so the product pages on their website do more than just show off the product and its features — they also function as customization tools.

scuf custom product page

On the product page for the Scuf Infinity 4PS Pro controller, you can navigate through all of the customization options, selecting your preferences as you go along. The image on the left side of the screen updates as you make your adjustments, and so does the price in the upper right hand corner. This way, customers can easily visuallize what their yet-to-be manufactured controller will look like. They are also able to see how much it will cost, and add or remove features to fit within their price range.

scuf custom grip

Once a user has selected all of the colors and custom features they would like, all they need to do is click the “Buy now” button and check out, and the controller of their dreams will be custom manufactured and sent to their doorstep, ready for them to use.

E-Commerce Product Page Templates

While some of these e-commerce product page examples go above and beyond when it comes to showing off product features, details, uses, and customization options, it’s actually really easy to create a fantastic product page using a product page template from Shopify themes. There are several free and paid options to browse. Check out a few of the e-commerce product page template options below and see if one of them would work well with your products.

1. Startup

Startup is a Shopify theme that is geared towards businesses that offer just one product, so this product page template is rather simple. However, it has plenty of space for you to add details, photos, and customization options for the product. In the demo example below, you can also watch a video that illustrates how to assemble the product.

startup shopify theme

2. Emerge

Using the Emerge Shopify theme, your product page template will feature the ability to zoom in on the product photo by hovering over it. This is an especially helpful feature for products like clothing items with a lot of detail, or food, as is shown in the example below. When a customer zooms in on the image of the shrimp taco, their mouth just might start watering and they will be inclined to hit the “Buy it now” button.  

emerge shopify theme

3. Minimal

Minimal is a free Shopify theme with a free product page template that you can customize to suit any type of product. Much like some of the product page examples above, this Shopify theme enables you to include other recommended products on a given product page. This is a great way to promote products or influence customers to purchase more items at once.

minimal shopify theme


No matter the type of product or audience, a good product page is the key to positively influencing sales for your e-commerce store. You can add as many bells and whistles as you like. Photo and video carousels, recommended products, size charts, instructions for use, and other product page features could work well for your shop, but don’t lose sight of the basics when it comes to creating your product page. Sometimes if you want to keep it simple all you need to make a sale is a photo or two, a short description, the name of the product, the price, and a call to action that says something along the lines of “Add to cart” or “Buy now.”