15 Shopify Apps to Help Grow Your Ecommerce Business [Includes Free Ones]

15 Shopify Apps to Help Grow Your Ecommerce Business [Includes Free Ones]

Shopify makes it easy to start your own ecommerce business. However, there are certain features and customizations it doesn’t offer right out of the box. For things like marketing, sales, and other activities, you’ll need to find and install relevant Shopify apps. With the right apps, you can really hit the customer experience jackpot in your store. Not to mention, apps drastically reduce your workload and simplify tasks that would otherwise take long to complete. So, what are the best Shopify apps to install?

In this post, we’ll share a list of 15 Shopify apps you can use to grow your online business. We’ve tested dozens of apps and selected a few gems that can help you streamline your store’s operations. Note that many of these Shopify apps are free or, at least, offer a free trial, so you’ll be able to perform certain tasks without breaking your budget. 

How to Install a Shopify App

Shopify offers both free and paid apps to its users. You can get them from the Shopify App Store, one of the most popular ecommerce app marketplaces. After you identify the apps that you want to use in the Shopify App Store, click the “Add app” option on their listing page. Then log into your Shopify account and authorize the installation of those apps. Easy peasy, right? Now let’s check out the best Shopify apps and how they can benefit your online store.

List of 15 Best Shopify Apps

1. Oberlo

Built for: Importing dropshipping products

Price: Free

Best Shopify apps

Oberlo allows you to choose from thousands of dropshipping items across various categories. Gadgets, apparel, toys, cosmetics. You name it, Oberlo presents it. In just a few clicks, the app lets you grab your products, customize their details, then import them into your Shopify store, ready to sell. It’s the perfect tool for those who are just getting started with Shopify dropshipping. Think of it as a personal assistant that manages the business for you, giving you more time to focus on revenue-generating activities.  

2. Yopto Product Reviews

Built for: Collecting product reviews

Price: Free

Online store social proof

This is one of the best free Shopify apps for building social proof on your products. Once you install it, the app sends automatic emails requesting a review to your customers. You can publish the reviews, comment on them to engage with customers, and share them on social networks. On-site widgets also enable you to display customer images and reviews next to star ratings to increase conversions. If you’ve been struggling to compel visitors to pull out their wallets, Yopto might just do the trick.

3. SEO Manager

Built for: Ranking better in search engines

Price: $20/month, 7-day free trial

SEO app Shopify

Having a beautiful online store is nice and all, but you’ll be pulling down your virtual shutters soon if no one visits. SEO Manager helps to improve your search engine rankings so people can find you. This supercharged SEO tool provides over 20 on-page SEO features as apps to help you optimize your store for Google and other search engines. From meta titles to ALT Tags to focus keywords to sitemap management, this Shopify App ensures you don’t miss out on any part of SEO optimization to achieve better visibility in SERPs.

4. Akohub Chatbot

Built for: Answering queries automatically

Price: Free

chatbot for ecommerce

Running a Shopify store requires a great deal of time and work to make it profitable. Fortunately, Ako Chatbot is there to reduce some of your burdens. This Facebook Messenger bot can answer questions 24/7, deliver sales promotions, and collect audience data for your Facebook retargeting campaigns. In terms of the conversation flow, you can configure the Akohub Chatbot to guide people through Messenger and display FAQs related to shipping, payment, order status, returns, and more. If you currently get a lot of queries through Facebook, this is one app you should consider installing.

5. Exit Offers

Built for: Improving conversions

Price: $9.99/month, 14-day free trial

exit offers app

Cart abandonment is a nightmare for any Shopify store owner. It happens when a visitor adds an item to their shopping cart, then leaves the store without completing the purchase. How dreadful. It’s like you ‘almost’ won a customer, yet you ended up with zero sales and no money. Fortunately, Shopify apps like Exit Offers save the day. With this app, your store displays a special offer – that you can customize to match the visitor’s intent – as soon as they move their mouse to leave your store. You can have special offers for free shipping, 24/7 customer service, discounted pricing, and more.

6. Smile: Rewards & Loyalty

Built for: Boosting sales & retention

Price: Free, paid plans available

customer loyalty app

Don’t forget to appreciate your customers for their purchases. Smile: Rewards & Loyalty is one of the best free Shopify apps for rewarding your customers via points. Those who collect enough points can use them to redeem exclusive offers like free shipping, discounts, or store credits. The fact that it cost less to remarket to people familiar with your store than to find new customers makes this Shopify app even more appealing. You can even use it to run refer-a-friend campaigns using personalized referral links that you can display via popups.

7. Bulk Discounts Now

Built for: Increasing average order value

Price: Free, paid plans available

bulk discounts product

One of the best Shopify apps for applying volume discounts, Bulk Discounts Now encourages your shoppers to spend more to get better pricing. It increases consumer confidence by displaying their potential savings on the checkout page. You can create both fixed amount and percentage discounts for the products you choose. You can even stylize the table that displays the available discounts. Using tiered pricing can help you attract new customers and stand out in your niche market.

8. Printful

Built for: Selling print on demand products

Price: Free

Best free Shopify apps

For entrepreneurs looking to sell custom products through their Shopify store, you’ll need a way to get those designs printed. Enter Printful, a company that handles production, inventory, and shipping for print on demand websites. They offer a Shopify app that imports your orders to Printful’s database automatically, where the company fulfills and ships them to customers under your brand. The app also includes a visual editor that lets you create designs that customers can personalize directly on your website. With Printful by your side, you can design and sell various products ranging from swimwear, t-shirts, jewelry, and leggings to beanbags, caps, and posters.

9. Omnisend

Built for: Selling more with email & SMS 

Price: Free, paid plan available

Omnisend for Shopify

Omnisend is one of the most powerful, top-rated Shopify apps for email and SMS marketing. With this app, you can segment your customers based on their purchasing behavior and other traits to create personalized, hyper-targeted emails and texts. For example, you can build segments for VIP customers, visitors who buy specific products, or people who need to be re-engaged. Omnisend also includes omnichannel capabilities – you can add push notifications and SMS alongside your emails to offer a seamless, unified customer experience.

10. Exit Intent Popup

Built for: Growing email lists

Price: Free, paid plans available

ecommerce list building

When used correctly, popups can be extremely effective for building up your subscriber list. With Exit Intent Popup, you can offer exclusive deals in exchange for visitors’ emails. The app lets you choose from over 200 beautiful popup templates and place your offer in front of the right audience. All kinds of targeting options are available. You can target your audience based on their browsing history, the number of pages opened, return frequency, cart abandonment behavior, and more. What’s more, Exit Intent Popup can detect if your audience members are active on Facebook and automatically optimizes the email experience based on that.

11. Bulk Product Edit

Built for: Fast product editing

Price: Free, paid plans available

bulk edit Shopify products

When you’re running a store with hundreds of products, making changes can be a huge pain. For example, if you want to reduce the price of certain products for sale, you’ll need to do it one-by-one – unless you install Bulk Product Edit. This Shopify app allows you to filter products to edit by collection, vendor, product type, title, description, tags, and more. You can also schedule these edits for any future dates, like scheduling an edit to bulk reduce prices at midnight for Cyber Monday. Bulk Product Edit saves all bulk edits in its database for 30 days, and you’re free to revert them during this time.

12. Social Media Stream

Built for: Getting social media followers

Price: $4.95/month, 14-day free trial

ecommerce shop social stream

Sometimes, it’s better to visualize than tell. And what better way to visualize than to display your social media content on your online store? Social Media Stream is one of those Shopify apps that combine Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest into one social widget you can embed on your site. Whether you want to stream text, images, or videos, the app has got you covered with support for various types of media. By displaying a social media stream, you can convert people who land on your store via search engines into social media followers.

13. FREE Traffic & Easy Ads 

Built for: Driving traffic with targeted ads

Price: Free

ecommerce facebook ads automation

Free Traffic & Easy Ads makes it easy to run Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads. Installing it removes the need to upload visuals or write ad headlines for multiple items manually. The app does that for you. With a single click, you can approve personalized ad targeting, creatives, and text. Do you want to run ads on just Instagram and not Facebook and Google? The app allows you to stop or limit advertising on channels that are not relevant or profitable for your brand. Once installed, you can go back to working on other areas of your business while the app creates targeted marketing ads for you.

14. Quick Announcement Bar

Built for: Displaying promotions on notification bar

Price: Free, paid plan available

announcement bar shopify

Whenever you launch an exciting promotion, you want your customers to pay attention to it. The Quick Announcement Bar is designed to turn your customers’ focus on your offer. It informs them about promotions and special events by putting up a display banner on your Shopify store. The app allows you to set up the banner in just 30 seconds! Plus, it offers auto-scheduling to help you create and lineup different announcements bars for upcoming events and holidays. And with a call-to-action on the bar, visitors only need to click once to get more details about the promotion.

15. Sales Countdown Timer Bar

Built for: Creating urgency to increase sales

Price: Free, paid plans available

urgency countdown timer

The last on our list of Shopify apps, Sales Countdown Timer Bar allows you to create a sense of urgency with a limited-time special offer. You do this by creating an online countdown timer that you can display for specific products or on your store's homepage. The app offers two types of timers: scheduled or fixed length. Both of them are equipped with an intuitive editor that lets you change the color/size, etc., along with the timer's buttons and background. If you're looking to present sales notifications in a unique visual style, this might be the perfect app for you.


There’s no shortage of Shopify apps available for almost every use case. However, these 15 are quite popular with current store owners because they offer huge benefits. Think of how difficult it would be to get eyeballs on your promotions, build your email list, etc., if these apps didn’t exist. Once you set up your Shopify store, take out time to put these apps to the test. You might be surprised at how effective they can be at bringing you sales and many happy customers.