Best Shopify Themes to Boost your Business in 2021

Best Shopify Themes to Boost your Business in 2021

Shopify themes provide you with an easy way to give your business’ online store a professional look, and you don’t need to be an expert in website designs to be able to use them. All you have to do to utilize one of the many Shopify themes available online is pick one out and apply it to your website. There are themes for virtually any sort of business, whether you have just one product in your e-commerce store or hundreds of items to sell And even those who own a brick-and-mortar store and are just starting to represent their business online will find suitable themes for their business. No matter what kind of online presence you have in mind for your business, there’s most likely a Shopify theme waiting to help you turn your web design dreams into a reality — without ever having to hire a designer. 

However, before you jump in and choose a theme for your website, there are a few things you should keep in mind while making your selection. Do you have a budget? You might want to consider a free theme if you don’t want to spend more money on your website. What kind of store are you running, and how would you like it to look? Keep reading for inspiration to choose your theme and learn about different types of Shopify templates that could work for your business.

What Is a Shopify Theme?

A Shopify theme is essentially the website template you use to design your online store. The template allows you to organize the pages of your website. The template also enables you to change the look of your online store so you can include pictures, categories, and product pages in a well-designed and professional manner. 

Best Shopify themes

Your choice of Shopify theme could make or break your website, so before investing in one, make sure it’s the best theme for you. While this will depend on your online shop’s needs, the following are some of the most popular, best Shopify themes you should check out first.

Best free Shopify themes

Some of the best Shopify themes are free, meaning you don’t even have to have a budget for web design to run a successful online shop. There are plenty of free resources available to help you optimize your website, no matter what kind of business you own. Below are some of the most popular free Shopify themes.

1. Minimal

Minimal is the most popular Shopify template because of its simplicity. Because it is indeed a minimal design, users can do pretty much anything they want with it, adapting it to their needs. Even though the design is simple, it isn’t lacking in useful features, including an image slideshow on your homepage, product filtering so your customers can easily find items, and product image zoom, which allows customers to hover over the photos of your products to easily and intuitively get a closer look. The Minimal theme comes in three styles you can choose from, Vintage, Fashion, and Modern.


2. Brooklyn

If you’re looking for a Shopify theme “tailor-made for modern apparel stores,” look no further than Brooklyn. Brooklyn is another popular Shopify theme, especially for online retail clothing stores. This theme doesn’t just look nice; it can also help you optimize your website with its SEO features, and improve your customers’ user experience with a pop-out cart feature, which allows them to edit a shopping cart without leaving their current screen. 


3. Simple

Simple is another basic, free Shopify theme that could work for many different types of online businesses. If you choose this Shopify theme for your website, your online store will feature a sidebar menu for easy navigation. A product recommendation feature built in to encourage customers to check out products you choose to promote. As an easy-to-use theme, Simple is ideal for an online business just starting out.


4. Express

As its name would suggest, Express is a Shopify theme designed to streamline the product-purchasing process for your customers. It is intended for one-page transactions so that anyone who visits your online shop can get what they need without having to click around too much. While all of the Shopify themes on this list are mobile-friendly, Express is a mobile-first theme, which is great if your customers mainly use your website to make purchases on their phones.


Best Shopify themes for large inventories

While some Shopify themes are customizable to fit any size inventory, some are specifically designed to accommodate businesses that need to list large amounts of items online. These Shopify templates for large product inventories have built-in features to help you manage, market, and sell your many products. 

5. Supply

Supply is a free Shopify theme ideal for businesses with large inventories. One of the most helpful tools provided with this template is the collections feature. You can sort your items into various collections by category or style. Instead of displaying individual items on your website’s homepage, you can display links to your collections, making finding products easier on your customers and giving them a more organized shopping experience.


6. Venture

If you’re looking to stay organized and run a great-looking online shop, check out Venture, another free Shopify theme ideal for large inventories. Customize it to your heart’s content and feature items and promotions using the homepage slideshow. The Venture theme will also help your website stay organized with the multi-column menu feature. Your customers can easily navigate all of your product categories, and the menu also gives you a chance to feature specific products you’d like to promote alongside the categories. 


7. Prestige

Do you want your Shopify store to have a luxurious, high-end feel? Consider using Prestige as your Shopify theme. It has plenty of standard features and color palates to help get you started listing your items and some bonus features like a built-in timeline tool that lets you visually tell the story of how you started your business and brought it to where you are today. The Prestige theme gives your customers a chance to learn more about the company behind the product while keeping your products organized and your site easy to navigate.


Best Shopify themes for small inventories

You should design your online store to best promote your products, even if your business only sells one or two products. When companies with small inventories use a Shopify theme meant to showcase a large number of products, the result is an awkward and unprofessional-looking online shop that could cause customers to shop elsewhere. Instead, try out one of these Shopify themes specifically designed for small inventories.  

8. Debut

Debut is the perfect Shopify theme to help you get started in e-commerce. Even if you only have one product to sell, the Debut theme can help your customers get an in-depth look at your flagship item’s best features. Using the customer testimonial function, this theme can also facilitate reviews, utilizing user-generated content to help you sell more of your product.


9. Narrative

If you plan on marketing your product online with brand storytelling in mind, Narrative is a great choice of Shopify theme for your online shop. Image and caption blocks allow you to walk potential customers through product features and the story behind your company. Other storytelling tools available with Narrative include video and slideshows in addition to practical navigation features.


10. Kingdom

Kingdom is an attractive, image-forward Shopify theme ideal for showcasing a small inventory of products. You can upload multiple large-scale images and additional details about the products depicted within. Your customers can then scroll through the pictures while the side menu bar stays in place, making it easy for them to learn more about your products through storytelling. Then, when they are ready to make a purchase, they can easily access product categories and a pop-out cart from the menu. 


Shopify stores for sale on Exchange Marketplace

To put a Shopify theme to use, you have to have a business in need of a website. If you don’t own a business yet, don’t worry, you can buy one from Exchange Marketplace with a Shopify theme already included. Starter stores start at only $50, a super low investment that could pay off once you start optimizing and selling products once you get your own Shopify website running. Are you ready to take the reins of your online store? Purchase one of the following sites for $50.

1. Goldjacket

This online clothing retail shop is for sale in the Exchange Marketplace. The shop is already actively using a Shopify theme, so all you’d need to do is update the inventory and details as required. Even though Goldjacket specializes in men’s outerwear, if you’d like, you can expand into other types of products or also transfer the content to a different Shopify theme.


2. Tents For Camping

Tents For Camping is a simple website designed for selling tents of all shapes and sizes. It would be the perfect starter store for an avid camper who knows their tents. After you purchase the store for $50, you could organize the products any way you like using the provided Shopify theme — the supplier and customer base are already set up for you.tents for camping

3. Wristband Store

Aspirational shop owners with a passion for bracelets should check out Wristband Store, another online shop for sale in Exchange Marketplace. Add or remove products according to your personal preference and marketing strategy, or keep the collections of beaded wristbands with various types of charms intact.

wristband store

4. Jazzy Rims

Jazzy Rims would be the perfect Shopify starter store for a car-modification enthusiast to buy. If writing product descriptions for stylish rims sounds like a fun job, you should consider purchasing this store from Exchange Marketplace. Use the built-in Shopify theme or try a new one to get started selling some cool car accessories.

jazzy rims

ThemeForest Shopify themes

ThemeForest is a website dedicated to providing website templates to online business owners. Many of the ThemeForest Shopify themes available cater to a specific niche and have features that you can specifically design to benefit a business in that niche. While they aren’t as universal as some of the other themes listed in this article, they could still work for your business.

1. Groca

This ThemeForest Shopify theme is meant for food vendors. Restaurant owners, grocers, bars that sell to-go cocktails, and strictly-online food vendors might be interested in Groca. With features like a newsletter popup and deal counters, you can do a lot to promote your business using this theme.


2. Beaux

Using the Beaux theme, you can be sure your online cosmetics website looks great and provides your customers with a pleasant shopping experience. Whether your specialty is all-natural skincare or glamorous, glittery eyeshadows and lipsticks, Beaux can help you organize and promote your products to customers around the world with features like the product carousel and currency switcher.


3. Tammy

Tammy is a ThemeForest Shopify theme designed for the petcare niche. It is exceptionally easy to use because there are pre-designed homepages to choose from — all you have to do is add your products. The theme is also primed for affiliate marketing and dropshipping, in addition to all of the built-in menu, organization, and navigation features that make it user-friendly.



Choosing the right Shopify theme can be a tough decision due to the endless number of options out there. If you haven’t mapped out exactly what you would like your website to look like, browsing Shopify themes could provide you with some inspiration as to which features are most important to you. Perhaps you’re anticipating email marketing being a big part of your product promotion strategy. In that case, you’ll want to choose a theme with a newsletter pop-up function. If you’re going to be listing and selling a vast catalog of products, make sure you choose a Shopify theme that could accommodate a large inventory. On the other hand, if you have just one product, make sure to pick a template that will help you showcase it properly. No matter the goal of your online business or budget, there’s a Shopify theme that you can work with to boost your business.