Staff Picks September: 8 Exciting Businesses for Sale on Exchange

Staff Picks September: 8 Exciting Businesses for Sale on Exchange

Every couple of weeks, the Exchange Marketplace team reviews listings for high-quality businesses that they believe are worth checking out. These listings are placed into the Staff Picks category. This week, we’re going to dive into eight current listings in the Staff Picks category.


Sale price: $99,900
Average monthly revenue: $21,280.51

MINUSEY has been specializing in women’s fashion since 2012 and, since then, has grown to be a globally recognized fashion retailer with a strong customer base all around the world. With a generous social media following and product photos that are ready-to-go, you’ll be walking into a business that continues to generate stable revenue. MINUSEY is based out of Seoul, South Korea, and is able to ship inventory to you as well as transfer existing supplier relationships to make for a smooth ownership transition.

Read more about MINUSEY and send them a message here.


Cole & Coddle

Sale price: $490,000
Average monthly revenue: $141,317.16

For two years, Cole & Coddle has been a profitable baby and novelty gift store. While they use paid advertising to generate sales, a great deal of Cole & Coddles’ revenue comes from organic traffic due to the strong brand that has been built. And you, as the potential new owner of Cole & Coddle, will be supported by an established customer service team who assist with duties that vary from refunds to supplier communication. If you’re eager to take on a store that encourages you to leverage your marketing abilities and has fantastic profit margins, look no further.

Read more about Cole & Coddle and send them a message here.

The Stockplace

Sale price: $160,000
Average monthly revenue: $21,026.29

Three years old and going strong, The Stockplace is another fantastic women’s clothing brand that provides affordable, stylish options for its customer base. The Stockplace keeps its costs low by holding and shipping its own inventory, and they’re able to transfer their existing supplier relationships to you if you become the new owner. Since The Stockplace opened for business, you can see that their average traffic and revenue has steadily increased, which creates the potential for successful remarketing.

Read more about The Stockplace and send them a message here.

Fidgi Pen

Sale price: $36,950
Average monthly revenue: $3,029.32


Fidgi Pen is a product designed to assist people who are fidgety. What makes Fidgi Pen unique is that it allows its users to comfortably fidget in social situations such as school and in meetings, while still serving the same function that a regular pen would. If you become the new owner of Fidgi Pen, the current owner will send the existing inventory to you and help you build your own relationship with its supplier. With Fidgi Pen, there is a huge opportunity to expand into wholesale for retail businesses and to continue gaining press through all sorts of publications.

Read more about Fidgi Pen and send them a message here.

Black&While Trends

Sale price: $4,995
Average monthly revenue: $10,085.52

Black&White Trends is a general store that features fashion items, gadgets, kitchen supplies, photography accessories, and more. They use the dropshipping model, which means that you’ll be able to continue working with the same suppliers wherever in the world you are! With a great deal of traffic and revenue being generated by advertising, Black&White Trends has a great deal of potential to remarket to its customers, especially through Facebook ads. If you’re a jack-of-all-trades and are interested in a variety of products, this business may be for you.

Read more about Black&White Trends and send them a message here.

Vegan Nutrition Store

Sale price: $90,000
Average monthly revenue: $5,899.80

If you’re interested in promoting products that encourage healthy living through a plant-based diet, check out Vegan Nutrition Store. Vegan Nutrition Store offers plant-based aficionados a place to find affordable ingredients, treats, and other gourmet vegan products. The business comes with a solid social media presence, several 5-star reviews of its products, and successful marketing campaigns for you to take the torch and run with. This business has also worked with Groupon in the past to help promote its hampers and bundles.

Read more about Vegan Nutrition Store and send them a message here.

Private listing #853381

Sale price: $525,000
Average monthly revenue: $80,269.42

This shop has over a year of proven sales in its niche. The seller of this store has created a perfectly optimized shop that generates a very impressive $80k in average revenue each month. The seller has chosen to keep the name of the shop private on the marketplace but explains that this business is ready to be scaled even further and come with a seasoned Facebook Pixel.

Do you have the expertise needed to scale this shop to the next level? Message the seller to learn more about this business.

Private listing #85643

Sale price: $110,000
Average monthly revenue: $13,013.2

This business is your chance to own a dropshipping store with a proven marketing strategy already in place at a great price. The seller of this private listing wants buyers to know that they’re selling because they don’t have the proper resources to invest in the business, with other projects on the go. They’ve built a truly unique brand that the right new owner can carry the success of.

The seller is a professional filmmaker and has created professional ads to promote the store that has given them huge success. When these ads are running, the business generates up to $80K per month.

This shop is listed for $110,000, read more about this great opportunity.