16 Website Backgrounds to Use for Your New Site

16 Website Backgrounds to Use for Your New Site

A website background doesn’t need to be a solid color to look beautiful. You can find countless, stunning website backgrounds to add a bit of vibrancy or uniqueness to your new website. To find a website background, you’ll need to check out free stock photo websites like Burst. But if you need some help finding amazing website background images, patterns, or templates, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite website backgrounds for you to help you get a jump start.

What Is A Website Background?

A website background is the color or photo behind the text or images of your website. The website background helps make your website more visually appealing to help you enjoy the experience of browsing on a website. The background of the website appears throughout the entire website to maintain a consistent look and feel of your site’s branding. 

While you’ll likely want text on a white or light grey background to improve website readability, a  website background might also apper on the sides that adds a pop of color to your webpage.

Examples of Website Background Design

1. Ink Drop

One of the website background images you can find on Burst is an Ink Drop image. This red and blue background can add an artistic touch to your website background design. This free image can be downloaded in a high-resolution so that you can use it for longer landing pages. 

website background images

2. Bokeh

Bokeh is a popular website background pattern that you can use to add a stunning glittery color to your website background. You can find several bokeh images on Burst. In case you’re unsure of what bokeh is, it’s essentially an out of focus photography effect that creates an aesthetically pleasing website background image. 

3. Brick Texture

Websites for coworking spaces, office buildings, or other environments, might choose to use a brick texture as their website background template. This horizontal image is good for websites that don’t require a ton of scrolling, such as a website that mainly keeps content above the fold, meaning everything people see before they scroll through. 

website background template

4. Floral Website Background Pattern

If you’re looking for a floral or feminine website background pattern, you can turn to images like  cherry blossom photos on Burst. Vertical images allow you to have a longer website length which is perfect for websites with blogs or landing pages. Floral website backgrounds can also be used for portfolio websites to add a touch of personality. And if you run a flower shop, a floral background might just be exactly what you need. 

5. Tile Textures

Tile texture photos are a great website background design for people looking for neutral background templates. You can find tile photos in various colors to add as a background. A tile pattern might work well for home and furniture websites that focus on home improvement, home decor, furniture stores, or a renovation website.

6. Cloud Photos

If you own a travel website or blog, having website background images of clouds or planes might be a good addition as your background. This pastel-inspired pink plane wing photo could make for a stunning website background. It might also be a good addition as a background for a shipping page.

website background design

7. Fruit Pattern

A good website background for farmers, organic grocers, or any food and drink website is this stunning apple tree photo. Having a fruit pattern can also be popular for health websites or blogs. Since the image is vertical, it’s a good choice for lots of scrolling or a mobile design, such as an app or mobile website design. 

8. Outdoor Photography

Website background images of nature at its best are a great choice for outdoor or camping websites. If you’re looking to create an earthy website, you might lean into colors like green, yellow, and brown for your website to maintain a nature theme for your website. This forest photo could be a great website background for any outdoors site.

Website background

9. Sports Photos

Looking for a website background that’s perfect for sports websites? Well, this tennis court photo makes a stunning background with no distractions. This photo’s use of red and green can look stunning with a white overlay for text to ensure readability. The photo can also be cropped for a mobile version of your website. 

10. Urbanscapes

If you’re looking for edgy website backgrounds, you might choose to browse graffiti photos to add some personality to your site. Graffiti photos have a mix of colors which help create a more visually interesting background. 

11. Cityscapes

If you own a local business such as a law firm, restaurant, tourist attraction, cityscapes as a website background image might be your best choice. It’s a way to celebrate your local community by showing off the skyline, attraction, or city view. This can also be a good choice for a coworking office or construction building. 

website background image

12. Wood Background for Website

Wood, bark, or tree textures can make a stunning, earthy website background. Visually, the pattern always varies since it’s nature’s work rather than something professionally designed. Thus, creating a stunning backdrop for your website. You can use bark images as the background of your website in niches related to nature.

13. Abstract Colors

If you’re looking for website background patterns that are a bit more abstract, you can invest in some abstract photos using color only. You can find various photos like this online to use as your website background image. It adds a hint of visually appealing color to create a stunning website.

14. Coffee Background

A coffee shop might choose to use coffee photos as their website background template. This can add an earthy, and visually appealing look while create a consistent background. You might still have a white or ivory overlay for text. You can also use these images for stock photography throughout your homepage design

website background template

15. Geometric Website Background Pattern

A geometric design contains many shapes and colors. It can be a visually stimulating way to show color in design. Fortunately, this geometric pattern also makes a beautiful website background. It has an urban feel to it, almost like a bit of well designed graffiti with a hint of a brick background too. It has many of the elements we’ve talked about in this article regarding the best website backgrounds.

16. Feminine Patterns

For certain niches, people often search for feminine website backgrounds they can use to add a bit of chic flair to their website. Fortunately, this pink rose petal photo might just do the trick. You might use this as a header background where you add marketing copy or you might choose to add a video in a section with this background. Ultimately, there’s many ways to use this photo when designing your website. 

website backgrounds

6 Website Background Tips to Remember

1. Ensure Readability

Ultimately, when choosing the right website background image, you need to consider readability. Does the text contrast well against the photo? If it doesn’t you might need to add a colored banner behind the text to increase readability. If people can’t read the promotion, they might miss out on your best offer. Having a good contrast with readability allows people of all abilities to read your messaging. With accessibility playing a bigger role in website design than ever before, you want to make sure that people with visual disabilities are able to read your copy no matter what website background you add. 

2. Choose The Right Image

While we provided you with 16 amazing website backgrounds to choose from, you’ll still need to do some research on your own depending on your niche or industry. Which images best represent your brand? Are there color choices that would help entice people to love your brand? Can you find images that represent your audience or brand vibe? You can sort through various stock photo sites to help you find the right image. 

3. Pick Royalty Free Images

Speaking of stock photo sites, you’ll want to pick images that are royalty free. Otherwise, you could be paying a hefty sum of money to enhance the look of your site. You also want to ensure that you aren’t downloading images from Google Images as the copyright or royalties on those photos may be high. You never know when the images were shot by sought after photographers who charge a fortune for their photos. By browsing free stock photo sites like Burst, you can use any image on the website, without crediting the photographer, and while being to modify or alter it anyway you’d like. 

website background example

4. Consider Videos

While we showed you some amazing website background images to choose from, you can also consider having video website backgrounds. In this case, the video may be from a consistent angle that allows you to add text on it without distraction. While videos tend to be bigger and size and slower to load, they might help catch the attention of someone visiting your website. You can use a stock video or you can create your own. The video background can be an embedded sales video or it can be a background video to overlay text on. 

5. Try Solid Colors

If images or videos aren’t your style, feel free to use solid colors as your background. With a solid color, it’s easier to overlay text on top of it using a contrast color. For example, red and green, purple and yellow, blue and orange, and black and white. With these color combinations you can have a high contrast, with one color being the website background and the other color the text color. 

6. Remember to be Mobile

Any website background images you use for your desktop version of your site also needs to look good on mobile. Be sure to compare your choices on mobile, different browsers, etc. to ensure that the design works well in many different views to provide the best experience to all website visitors.


Choosing the right website background doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. You can find various website background images on popular stock photo sites like Burst. You’ll want to ensure that your background has a good contrast to ensure readability, looks good on different browsers and devices, and is carefully chosen based on your branding.