8 Best Website Designs for E-commerce in 2021

8 Best Website Designs for E-commerce in 2021

Clean website design is an important element of any e-commerce business. Without it, your potential customers could get lost while trying to navigate your shop and purchase your products. If they can’t easily put items in their cart and check out, there’s a good chance they’ll give up at some point along the way and decide to take their business elsewhere, costing you a sale. In fact, 48% of people cited web design as the number one factor when determining a business’ credibility—an essential impression for e-commerce stores, especially considering 40% of customers abandon their carts in e-commerce clothing shops of bad website functionality.

If you’re worried that your e-commerce shop’s web design is causing you to lose valuable customers due to poor appearance and functionality, it’s time for a redesign. While most e-commerce business owners aren’t professional website designers, they usually use a website design template or seek lists like these for good website design examples that could take their website (and online sales) to the next level.

All of the online shops listed below are also for sale in the Exchange Marketplace, meaning if you find one with a web design you love as much as the products it sells, the whole business could be yours. Ready to get inspired by these website design ideas? Read on to see how a good website design could boost your e-commerce income.

Best Website Designs for 2021

1. DeshopClub

One of the quickest ways to enhance your website design and pick up some email list subscribers along the way is to add a pop-up that customers see when they first enter your online shop. 

On the Deshop Club website, customers see a pop-up box when they first enter the page, welcoming them with a friendly message that says, “Subscribe to our newsletter!” While some viewers will click away from this box and continue browsing the website, others will be enticed by the promise of staying updated on the latest designs and offers and enter their email addresses. While this web design element doesn’t sell products right away, it allows shop owners to stay connected with potential future customers. If someone is willing to give you their email address, they are more likely to make a purchase down the line when you send them an exclusive offer or a notification about new products for sale in your shop.deshop club newsletter design


There are a lot of Bluetooth earbuds on the market, so if you are selling them in your e-commerce store, you have to make sure your customers know why yours are the best. The SOXOS website makes the company’s product BeatBuds stand out from the rest. 

Upon visiting the website’s homepage, there’s a carousel of images on the top of the page showing how people use BeatBuds while staying active. A CTA button with the words “shop now” entices customers to click and browse the products in the store. Right off the bat, SOXOS’s clean website design motivates visitors to click into the product page.soxos photos cta buttonMore curious customers will scroll down and see more information about the product, including photos and a video, giving them a better picture of what the BeatBuds look like and the features that make them the best Bluetooth earbuds. soxos video

3. Fluffy Palace

Fluffy Palace is another shop with a website design set up for success. Similar to the DeshopClub website, there’s a pop-up message asking for customers’ email addresses when they first visit the page, but this one is even more effective. New customers who sign up for the email list are offered 10% off of their first order. This discount offer is a win-win for buyer and seller—the buyer gets a discount, and the seller has a way to contact them about future products and deals.

Once website visitors either enter their email or click out of the pop-up box, there is a photo carousel, similar to the SOXOS website. Of course, this one features pictures of dogs, often accessorizing with products sold on the Fluffy Palace site. Each photo represents a different category of products and has a corresponding CTA button. For example, the picture of a dog wearing sunglasses and sitting on top of a suitcase has a CTA button that says, “Shop Dog Carriers.” Another features a dog wearing a scarf with a CTA button that says, “Shop Dog Clothes.” These types of buttons can help turn the casual browser into a serious shopper.fluffy palace cta button

Another useful feature of the Fluffy Palace website design is its use of user-generated content on the homepage. Scroll down to find the “Featured Instagram Posts” section to see photos of some of the website’s cutest customers. By including this section in its website design, Fluffy Palace can stay engaged with its doggy influencers and advertise its products to potential customers at the same time.fluffy palace instagram

4. Home Contents

The Home Contents website design makes shopping for furniture and other home goods a little bit more fun. Website visitors who already know what they’re looking for can navigate  a specific section of the website using the drop-down menus across the top. Those who need more inspiration can hover over the furniture, decor & furnishing, living room, or bedroom sections below to see an image of the type of products found in each category. There’s also a description of the products in each to motivate customers to browse. Just a little bit of informative and inviting copy in your website design goes a long way.

The best website designs don’t have to be anything out of the ordinary. Trying to do too much with your website design can hurt your e-commerce sales. Potential customers can get lost in poor user experience, and the more trouble they have while finding the products they want on your website, the more likely they are to buy from a different website. Home Contents is a good website design example of a website that’s informative, fun to navigate, and organized so that customers don’t get lost along the way to their new favorite products.home contents homepage

5. AlphaFlexiBoard

The appearance and functionality of the AlphaFlexiBoard website make it a good website design example. The product itself is unique. It’s something that most customers have never seen before: a flexible cutting board that can be converted into a basin or drain basket — so the website design must be clear to convey the full functionality of the item. 

Scroll down the home page, and you’ll see several photos of the AlphaFlexiBoard in use, side by side with copy that explains the value of the product. As the user scrolls down, they see several modules with information on the functionality, quality, and uses for the product, each with a CTA button telling them to “Shop now” or “Shop with 40% off.”

AlphaFlexiBoard has a clean website design already (including an FAQ section), but the company ensures that it can answer any questions customers could possibly have by incorporating a chatbot. Chatbots are AI-enabled website tools that could add a lot of value to your website, enhance the user experience, and lead to more product sales.alphaflexiboard chatbot

6. eCozy Smart Heating Solution

Clean website design isn’t just about looks—it’s about functionality too. The eCozy website is a good example of both. Because eCozy is a German-based company, the site’s in German but can be translated into English by clicking the U.K. flag in the upper right corner of the website. Switch back to German by clicking on the German flag. 

Another website design element that eCozy puts to good use is video. The embedded video is set to autoplay when customers visit the page, giving them a rundown of the product’s capabilities, showing examples of it in use, and drawing them in with cheerful music.

Upon visiting the website, you may also notice the falling snowflakes animated on the page. This animation is subtle enough that it doesn’t get in the way of the photos, information, or products listed on the website, but makes the user experience a little more fun. Also, since the product is a thermostat, users will get the impression that even in the hottest months of the year, their eCozy purchase will keep them cool.ecozy video

7. HumanHairWigs.co 

HumanHairWigs.co has an all-around effective website design. It’s easy to navigate the website, and there are extra features like a wishlist function and a sidebar to help customers search for the product they want. 

Customers can select the type of hair and amount of coverage they desire in the “categories” section of the sidebar, whether they fancy curly, straight, long, short, partial, or full wigs. Once they make a category selection, they can narrow their search down by color, length, and style, all from the website’s sidebar.

Wigs can be expensive, especially those made out of authentic human hair, and  HumanHairWigs.co has recognized this and incorporated a wishlist function into its website design. Users can create an account on the website and add wigs to their wishlists. This way, if a customer has their eye on a specific wig but can’t afford it or is unsure about it, they can add it to their wishlist and then come back and purchase it later. An added bonus for the company is the email addresses it collects when customers create accounts.humanhairwigs.co website design

8. Thor Fitness Europe

Customers visiting the Thor Fitness Europe website will have a fun time browsing, learning about the products in the shop, and likely purchasing an item before they leave. The website design encourages the user to scroll for more information. Still, much like the Home Contents website, they can also select the category they’re interested in from the drop-down menu across the top, taking them directly to what they’re looking for.

Casual customers, however, want to learn more about the products before purchasing, and Thor Fitness Europe has no shortage of useful, informative content. While scrolling the homepage, you can purchase featured products, watch a video review of the Comrade Backpack, and learn more about the Muscle Hammer Massage Gun.

Scroll to the bottom of the homepage, and you’ll see testimonials and photos from real Thor Fitness Europe customers raving about their purchases. There are also blog posts you can find by scrolling to the bottom or by clicking on “Blog” in the top bar menu. As a fitness website, this blog includes workout ideas and more information about the products for sale. The blog not only helps customers learn more about what the site and shop are all about but also adds value for the user and improves SEO.thor fitness europe testimonials


Website design is an important element of running an online shop, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. There are plenty of website design templates out there that make designing your e-commerce store as simple as uploading a few photos and adding some text. 

However, if you’ve been paying close attention to some of the good website design examples in this article, you know that to make your website stand out, you’ll need a little something extra. Consider incorporating a blog or testimonials into your website design to give visitors an idea of what your products look like in action — this could be as simple as embedding influencers’ Instagram posts. If you find that your customers ask a lot of questions, adding a chatbot to your website could be the way to lock in more sales. If you use email marketing to keep customers engaged, adding a pop-up message soliciting email addresses could be your best web design bet.

Your website design should be clean and easy to navigate, but besides that, what you do with it depends on your customers’ needs and your products. Remember, your website design will influence visitors’ perception of your business’ credibility, and thus could make or break a sale. Make sure no customers fall through the cracks and let these websites inspire you to improve your website design today.