20 Weird Websites to Visit for Odd, Bizarre and Intriguing Things

20 Weird Websites to Visit for Odd, Bizarre and Intriguing Things

Are you bored online and craving a quick dose of silliness? Well, it’s your lucky day because we’ve got a list of weird websites that will keep you entertained for hours. Although they may look odd, bizarre, or confusing, they are fun to spend time on – and you’ll spend more than a few minutes looking at the intriguing stuff on these sites. That’s a promise! Weird websites could include online stores where you can find your own sourdough bread-making equipment or sites showcasing the latest in bizarre fashion. With the top 20 weird websites on this list, you’re sure to find something special. 

The Best Weird Websites to Visit

As author Rebecca McKinsey once said, “I’d rather be a little weird than all boring.”

Embracing your inner weirdness is an important part of opening yourself up to new and fun experiences in life. Checking out the weird websites Reddit communities recommend or visiting through sites that stray away from your usual browsing habits is a great way to expand your virtual horizons. We’ve put together this list of weird websites to visit to inspire your inner weirdo. If you find one you love, remember you can also purchase it from the Exchange Marketplace.

1. FruitFace™ ($3,750)

FruitFace is a wacky all-natural website that allows visitors to create their own organic face masks with a range of fruits and fresh produce. This environmentally friendly company promises you a skincare experience that’s totally free of preservatives. Plus, unlike most face mask companies, you’re in control over the kind of fruits you get in your mask. The iFruit machine creates a mask that’s perfect for you, with ingredients specifically chosen for your skin woes. 

fruit mask

2. Rye’s and Shine Sourdough ($3,500)

A creative name isn’t the only thing that makes this weird website a little different. The Rye’s and Shine Sourdough store is a must-visit destination for people who have always wanted to try making their own sourdough bread. Here, you can stock up on everything from live sourdough starters (with living yeast!) to sourdough bread salts. Even better? The Rye’s and Shine sourdough company showcases customer creations and recipes so you can start producing delicious food much faster.

the best weird websites to visit

3. Shadow Meow ($5,000)

If you’re a fan of gothic and alternative clothing styles, then you’ll love the garments available on Shadow Meow. The site offers a wide range of fashion and apparel choices, from eye-catching accessories to gothic masks and dresses. Most importantly, many of the items are focused on cats! You can even get your hands on a pair of cyber goths goggles or buy a vampire bat cat plush. Fashion and apparel does not get weirder than this.   

weird websites for intriguing stuff

4. RC Creatures ($5,899) 

Have you ever wished that you could have your own remote-control grasshopper, tarantula, or cockroach? RC Creatures is a one-of-a-kind store for remote control accessories designed to help you prank your friends and family with realistic creatures. Aside from remote control bugs, you can also find freshwater crocodiles, cobras, and so much more. If you’re the kind of playful person who loves pranking loved ones, this is a store well worth checking out.

remote control insects

5. The Wrecking Pit ($8,500)

Inspired by a clothing store that began in Camden town, The Wrecking Pit was a recording studio and clothing shop in one. Now, this eCommerce site is a brilliant place to visit if you’re looking for clothes with interesting designs and images that you won’t find anywhere else.  The Wrecking Pit takes a unique approach to fashion and apparel with psychobilly, rockabilly-themed clothing that is sure to turn some heads. 

the wrecking pit

6. Nooks ($14,000)

We wear underwear all day, but most of the time, we don’t give a lot of thought to the materials that we use on our bodies. Nooks is a store that promises to revitalize the way that you get dressed. With silky smooth and highly breathable boxer briefs, Nooks will transform your mood and confidence in no time. The undies are uber soft, aesthetically appealing and keep you cool where it counts.  

nooks underwear

7. Belly Bling ($90,000)

There are plenty of jewelry stores out there dedicated to rings and earrings, but what about jewelry specifically for your belly button? The Belly bling store is a one-of-a-kind website dedicated to helping you add a little more glamor to your stomach. Whether you’re looking for bright neon colors or sparkling gems, there’s something for everyone in this store. You can even get a full set of belly bars, so you have something new for every day of the week.

jewelry for belly button

8. Skull Charcoal ($150,000)

If you ever wished your barbecues and fire pits could be a little more rock and roll, check out the Skull Charcoal website. This store from our list of the top 20 weird websites is sure to transform your garden events. Instead of using regular lumps of charcoal, you get charcoal that’s been carefully moulded into the shape of a human skull. It doesn’t get much more metal than that. Don’t worry – every miniature skill is food-grade quality. 

skull charcoal

9. Caviar Purveyors ($39,205)

The perfect website for those who love the finer things in life, Caviar Purveyors is a place where you can check out some of the most incredible caviar options in the world. There are tons of options to shop for Caviar by region, and you can even find some wonderful gift ideas too. To make the experience even more wonderful, you also get a great gift-wrapping service. If you’ve always wanted to give your loved one something unique and unusual, now is your chance. 

Caviar Purveyors

10. antfeedingfarm ($50)

You’ve probably seen people raising chickens, ducks, and rabbits on a farm, but how about raising ants instead? The antfeedingfarm website comes with everything you need to create an incredible ant habitat, from unique water feeders to special tanks where you can display your ants working in harmony. There are tons of tools to choose from here, and even fun ant farm decorations too! Check out the information on the website for guidance on how to make your budding ant farm thrive.  

ant feeding farm

11. Telescopython

The Telescopython site is a wonderful choice for those who want to “go the distance” with their stargazing, bird watching, and more. Here, you’ll find plenty of telescope components to upgrade your view, as well as plenty of camera components so you can snap pictures for your social media following. You can even get lenses that are built specifically for night vision. If people around you think that using binoculars for birdwatching is a bizarre activity, wait till they see you with this telescope.  


12. NailsNectar ($50)

Painting your nails differently (good different) has never been easier. The NailsNectar website offers a variety of amazing UV nail gels, so you can create styles that glow in the dark. The gels are high-quality and available in a range of colors. Not only are the nail gels unique, but they’re durable too, so you won’t have to keep topping up your manicure.  


13. Bohemian Shrine ($5,900)

One of the best weird websites, Bohemian Shrine specializes in clothes and accessories that stand outside the norm. Whether you’re looking for an eye-catching dress or a fantastic graphic t-shirt, this website has it all. You can also invest in rave fashion, sunglasses, and swimwear for days at the pool. This website is a great choice for anyone who wants to revisit their bohemian roots or just update their style.

Bohemian Shrine

14. Ignitial ($110) 

You’ve probably never encountered a store like Ignitial before. Designed for people who want to celebrate traditional beauty, Ignitial specializes in unique lighters that work a little differently from the standard products you’ll find on store shelves. If you want to add something truly special to your everyday accessories, start here. The dragon’s breath lighters are sure to draw attention when you’re out and about with friends. Just make sure you’re careful. 

2021 weird websites

15. drippy™ ($20,000)

The Drippy website sells unique swimming shorts that change color when you’re in the water (betcha didn’t see that one coming). With options to suit everyone, these color-changing swim trunks are sure to grab attention for all the right reasons, and they’re comfortable too. Once you’ve got one pair, there’s no doubt you’ll want to go back and buy more. Let your confidence shine through, and make sure that you stand out on your next beach or pool adventure.

color changing swimming shorts

16. FloppyBeam ($95)

Designed for the “modern stoner,” FloppyBeam is a website that specializes in products that can help you to discover all the benefits of trending substances like CBD. The company’s plasma lighter is one of the most impressive products on the market, but there are a ton of other accessories to explore too. You’re sure to find something amazing here that appeals to your interests or just helps you pass the time exploring unique, interesting peripherals. 


17. Nova Cove ($380)

Do you have a gaming room that could use some decoration inspiration? Nova Cove could have just the products for you. This website specializes in a wide range of room décor options and equipment, including lights and accessories for the modern gamer. From nightlights to LED 3D lighting, there’s something for every taste. You could even find the perfect lighting for your child’s room or a range of light sources to make your bedroom look more appealing. 

3D room decor

18. Wicca Spells ($2,400)

Here’s a website that you’re bound to find enchanting. Wicca Spells caters to the “witches of the world” who love experimenting with things like oils and incense. You can also find a wide selection of jewelry, herbs, crystals, and clothing. If you “join the coven” with a membership, then you get a discount on your first purchase to cover everything from altar supplies to tapestries. You could even buy a tarot deck here. 

wicca spells

19. Bath Parlor ($18,500)

Remember that time when you wish you could enjoy a sauna from the comfort of your home? Well, here’s your chance to make that wish come true. Bath Parlor is a website that sells a unique range of relaxation products, including infrared and steam saunas you could install anywhere. You can buy a two-person infrared sauna to install indoors or invest in an outdoor model if you live in a colder climate.

outdoor sauna

20. The Hoodies Sweatshirt 3D ($50)

If you always wanted to don an unusual sweatshirt, check out The Hoodies Sweatshirt 3D. This online store offers sweatshirts in some of the weirdest prints, but they look good and help you make a style statement. There are sweatshirts featuring a husky with reindeer antlers, characters from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and more on this website.

hoodies sweatshirt 3D


The best weird websites to visit online are a great way to shake up your browsing experience and discover something new on the web. Whether you’re trying to unwind after a long day at work or trying to find interesting stuff to buy yourself, these sites are sure to keep you busy and amused. So, hop on one of these websites to shop or buy one through the Exchange Marketplace to help you embrace your ‘unusual’ self.