The Best Wholesale Websites for Different Product Categories

The Best Wholesale Websites for Different Product Categories

Online selling is a booming field with lots of options to flourish. As an aspiring entrepreneur, you can start an online store and sell anything from clothing to electronics to kitchen products to jewelry, among other items. To make a profit, though, you will need to buy low and sell high. That’s where wholesale websites come into the picture. They carry inventory that the site owner has purchased directly from a manufacturer or distributor at a discounted price. While selling items bought wholesale, you can make good money as the costs are comparatively less than when you buy goods from product retailers. So, what are the best wholesale websites? And how can you get your hands on one?

Buying a Wholesale Website

If you’re looking to buy wholesale and sell retail, the easiest way to get started is to acquire a wholesale website. Just to be clear, we’re talking about a site with physical inventory that it bought for a low price. Of course, this is easier said than done. With thousands of websites selling products online, it’s not easy to know which ones carry inventory that you can sell at a higher margin. Fortunately, the Exchange Marketplace makes it easy to buy wholesale businesses. Whether you’re on the lookout for apparel sites, want to sell tech products for a profit, or need a ready stock of accessories, you can find what you need on the platform.

To make your research process easier, we’ve compiled a list of the top wholesale websites for different product categories. Go through it; we’re sure you’ll discover something you like. And if you find yourself loving a particular website, you can submit an offer to buy and safely pay via Escrow.

Best Wholesale Websites for Different Products

Clothing wholesale sites

OLY Clothing

wholesale clothing sites

OLY Clothing offers premium apparel targeting individuals in their pursuit of holistic progress. Their inventory includes various items ranging from face masks and beanie hats to workout jumpers and performance headbands. The store offers these products at a modest price while still managing to earn a profit due to wholesale product sourcing. According to the store owner, they get supplies from white label wholesalers and send them to their design team, who add bespoke features to the merchandise.

The Stockplace

the stockplace

The Stockplace is a female clothing site run by two stay-at-home moms who want to help their fellow sisters, friends, and moms don the trendiest outfits. From coverall jumpsuits perfect for tomboys to frilly babydoll dresses that speak to a woman’s inner girly girl, the online store has something for every female. To keep costs low, the store owners buy wholesale through suppliers, while inventory tracking and order fulfillment are handled by one employee working three afternoons a week. If you buy this business, your main work will be curating collections and marketing the products through the store’s Instagram account.

The Lion Chain

inventory based clothing biz

A trending sunglasses & accessories store, the Lion Chain wants to disrupt the high-end fashion industry by selling shades that would normally cost $200 and up. Its inventory includes various shades with the same style as many luxury brands, but with affordable prices. The store owner has been working with three reliable wholesalers on Alibaba and is willing to share all necessary information should someone decide to acquire the business. If you’re looking for Chinese wholesale websites that allow you to buy wholesale from mainland China, this might be the perfect option for you.

Health and beauty wholesale sites


tossd site for sale

tossed is a unique little store that offers scrunchies, bandanas, and salt spray. It’s run by Savanna Gallacher, a female who launched the business initially to help support a failing special needs orphanage in Ecuador. Gallacher worked hard to identify the best-selling accessories trends and made them even better. But due to personal life changes, she’s been unable to focus on the business and is willing to sell all the inventory. The business currently has $34,000 worth of inventory at wholesale value and $71,000 at retail value. And all of it is quality checked to ensure there are no problems with any of it.

Mercy Medical Distributors

buy medical supplies business

Mercy Medical Distributor’s owner started this wholesale website because his good friend has connections with factories in Asia. He thought that medical accessories would be small and cheap, and he could sell them for a good profit in the US. Hence, he started importing medical supplies like PPE kits and surgical masks, selling them to local clinics and online. He’s now listed the business for sale since he has started it as a passion project, and the company where he works a day job has assigned him additional responsibilities. With the business having great relationships with manufacturers and suppliers in Hong Kong, China, and Vietnam, it’s one of the cheap wholesale websites around, meaning you’d be able to purchase inventory at a significantly low cost. 

Electronics and gadgets wholesale sites

Minidex Mods

Minidex Mods

This store is run by a group of modders who spend hundreds of hours tweaking their mods’ designs. It’s owned by a full-time Systems Engineer who picked up a Valve Index last year and has been building mods for it since the purchase. He’s selling the wholesale website because he’s back working after being furloughed from his job for a few months. Buying this business can offer a range of benefits, such as high ranking for the search term ‘Value Index Mod’ and good visibility in Valve Index groups and forums. Plus, the sale includes the details of suppliers that the owner buys in bulk from before doing a print job on the mods.

M4M – Segway Spare Parts and Accessories

segway M4M

M4M’s owners started this online store accidentally. After selling Ninebot / Segway accessories online, they realized that this wholesale business of selling electric scooter parts is more fun than selling the whole product. After making good profits, they’ve decided to focus on other projects and sell M4M. The business carries a pipeline of high-margin goods that a potential owner can market to site visitors. Plus, M4M is a registered brand and has a set contract with manufacturers who develop M4M branded Segway parts. So if you are to acquire this business, you can rely on these vendors to provide you with enough inventory to fulfill incoming orders. M4M also has a network of dealers in Canada and the United States, whom you would be able to rely on to gain control over the market and sales.

Pet Products Wholesale Sites

True Best Friend

Pet products wholesale site

This wholesale website sells dog-themed mugs, hats, shirts, hoodies, and more. One of its missions is to support organizations working to help dogs in various ways. True Best Friend’s owner has created a strong image in the pet market. The store has accounts on all major social media platforms and a strong sales proposition courtesy of its partnership with The Animal Welfare Institute. The site is currently for sale and ideal for a dog lover looking to take up entrepreneurship. In terms of product sourcing, the business has a solid wholesale supplier to buy all dog items at great volume prices. What’s more, it comes with an email list consisting of actual dog product consumers.

Hunter & June

dog products site

Hunter & June was founded on the idea that every dog is unique – and so is its owner. Their highly curated product selection is handpicked based on practicality, design, uniqueness, and quality. The store is currently on sale because the store owner expects their second child and has decided to take a step back from expanding the brand. Future potential owners will receive introductions to any direct wholesalers who’ve been supplying items to the business. 

Home Products Wholesale Sites


baby website

DODO BEBE is a fast-growing baby wholesale website built by Catania and Jephte. The brand name was inspired by their first child and is a play on the renowned Haitian expression, “sleep baby.” The business sells quality baby nests and baskets in beautiful designs. However, demanding jobs and two babies have prevented the owners from marketing the store as much as they wanted to. So they’re selling it with the belief that it would be best for someone with more availability and passion to take over the DODO BEBE brand. The business offers a good profit margin due to the owners having a strong relationship with an Asian manufacturer who ships all of their orders in bulk.


Dropcatch site home items

This wholesale website was created by two college roommates who found that their bottle caps were stuck together after a normal weekend. The secret was a magnet they owned that was keeping these caps together. This led to the idea of a magnetic bottle opener, which went onto become a revolutionary item in a few years. The owners have shifted their focus to real estate, so they want to sell the store to someone who has time to increase visibility and revenue. They promise an introduction to the distributors/wholesalers and suppliers they use to source each of their products.

Sports Products Wholesale Sites

Thor Fitness

Thor fitness website buy

Wholesale sites such as Thor Fitness sell powerlifting, strength & conditioning, and CrossFit clothing, accessories, and gear. The store owner is an entrepreneur at heart and the business venture slotted nicely into the two gyms he part-owns. The brand is also creating a social impact through the Buy1Give1 initiative. The business is for sale as the current owner doesn’t find enough time to give to the website. It’s ripe for a takeover as there’s a healthy inventory level, and the owner is willing to share contacts of manufacturers and distributors for most of the products. He’s even willing to include physical equipment for competitions and expos, which typically sell at a 50-80% margin at such events.



Artletica fills a gap in the yoga mats world by offering unique, custom-designed mats that are hard to find elsewhere. The brand’s mats are highly versatile, eco-friendly with biodegradable rubber, and feature a unique moisture-wicking technology. With good microfiber printed mats being poor in quality and natural rubber mats available in boring and plain designs, Artletica’s owner was able to make a name in the market with an all-new type of training mat. But due to personal commitments taking priority, he’s put up the business for sale. The brand has reliable manufacturing partners, and the owner will be happy to share contacts and provide the whole breakdown.

Toys and Crafts Wholesale Sites



Wholesale websites like FlightPose sell display stands for plastic and die-cast airplane models. According to the store owner, the business currently runs on autopilot. The site drives sales through social media postings, product reviews, or referrals in online forums. As a husband with a full-time job and two kids, the owner is looking for a buyer to take FlightPose to the next level. The business has $20,000 invested with a Taiwanese manufacturer, and the new owner will get all the required information. The manufacturer offers incrementally discounted pricing for wholesale orders, which will allow the new owner to earn a good margin on sales.

Neat and Tangled

neat and tangled

The founder of this business focuses on making top quality photopolymer clear stamps. You’ll find various stamps with a heartwarming feel on their website. Customers buying the products can also use various sets together for different possibilities. The owner, who has always loved creating scrapbook pages and cards, started this brand after becoming a stay-at-home mom. Neat and Tangled has given her great flexibility with her schedule and several opportunities. However, lately, she has struggled to find more time for the business and has listed Neat and Tangled for sale. If you buy this business, you’ll get product manufacturers/supplier contacts for clear stamps, sequins, die, rubber stamps, and stencil.


Finding and buying wholesale websites doesn’t have to be mysterious or complicated. With Exchange, you can contact the owner of the site you like and make an offer to purchase the business. All of the sites above will connect you directly with the manufacturer or distributor selling items in bulk. This can be fruitful in terms of greater savings on the products you need and ensuring that you have enough stock to go around. You won’t need to worry about stocking up for high seasons when you buy wholesale for your business.