32 Women’s Websites to Browse or Buy in 2021

32 Women’s Websites to Browse or Buy in 2021

It’s no secret that women love online shopping, and there are infinite women’s websites out there to accommodate them. While modern women have all kinds of interests outside of the traditional and domestic, they still tend to gravitate toward products with a feminine flair. Makeup, clothes, bags, shoes, and accessories are all staples of the average lady’s online shopping cart. Some of the best women’s websites sell wedding accessories for brides to be or single ladies dreaming of their special day. Other female websites specialize in skin care or trendy fashion jewelry. 

This special list is just for the ladies of 2021, home of where you can find everything from fashion to beauty. Browse below the list of some of the best online shopping websites for women, and if you can see yourself running one of these shops, check them out on the Exchange Marketplace, where each one is listed for sale. You’re just a step away from becoming your own girlboss.

1. Romantic Candles

Ladies love candles—they always make a lovely Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and birthday or holiday gifts. The candles on the Romantic Candles website, however, are unique in that they are all “flameless.” Rather than lighting these candles on fire, they glow with LED lights. Choose from realistic wax-dripping designs or fun color-changing lights.

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2. Native Makeup

If you’re looking for a women’s website where you can stock up on waterproof lipstick, foundation, or eyeshadow, look no further than Native Makeup. The site lists a wide variety of eyeshadow pallets, makeup, and skincare products, so you’re bound to find something that suits your skincare needs, skin tone, and personal style.

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3. The Bridal Outlet

Brides want the perfect accessories before, during, and after the wedding—and The Bridal Outfit has the items they need, from robes to wear while getting ready for the main event, cute bridal party gifts to hand out to your bridesmaids, hair accessories, earrings, and more. The Bridal Outlet is a go-to website for pretty much everything but the dress.

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4. Gazelle Fashion House

This women’s website was created with one goal: “to make the life of modest, fashionable ladies enjoyable and easy.” Gazelle Fashion House supplies colorful, comfortable, elegant, high-quality silk hijabs at an affordable price. Browse the website until you find a color or pattern that matches your unique style.

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5. Lady Bags Store

It’s no secret that some ladies go crazy for bags. On the Lady Bags Store, women can browse tote bags, clutches, backpacks, and crossbody bags to their heart’s content. If you’re looking for a durable, everyday handbag, or a statement item to use only on fancy nights out, you can find it on this women's website.

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6. The Stockplace

The Stockplace is a female website that stocks the frilliest, femme-fashions. From frilly babydoll-style dresses that speak to your inner girly girl to coverall jumpsuits fit for a tomboy, The Stockplace has something for every woman, not to mention their selection of summertime sandals for a beachy look.

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7. Organic Wine Club

Women and wine can sometimes feel like a match made in heaven—and women who know their wine like it organic and sulfite-free. Enter: Organic Wine Club. This website houses resources that can help you learn what is going into your wine and help you enjoy it more fully. 

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8. The Wedding Dresses

For some brides, the perfect wedding hinges on the perfect dress. The Wedding Dresses can help them find exactly what they need. There are traditional white wedding dresses as well as other designs that add a pop of color to your bridal look. There are also some bridesmaids dresses available, all at very affordable prices.

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9. Mamacitaonline

This online women’s fashion boutique features comfy loungewear, pajamas, and workout clothes in addition to elegant dresses and formalwear. Each item is modern and chic, perfectly suited for the fashion-forward online woman.  

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10. Swimwear And Bikinis

Are you a proud bikini sporter? Maybe you’re a one-piece kind of gal? Either way, Swimwear And Bikinis is an online shop that has something you’ll love to show off at the pool or beach. Take a look at the website’s items and find some swimwear that you’ll feel sexy wearing this summer, whether it’s a matching bikini set or a patterned one-piece.

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11. Organics Makeup

Organics Makeup isn’t just a shop for eco-friendly makeup products like glittery eyeshadows and moisturizing lip gloss tubes—this women’s website lists an array of hair products and extensions as well. Fortify your locks with argan oil, or choose from extensions of every color of the rainbow. Eyelash extensions are also available.

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12. Syb Shapewear

So, maybe your workout and diet plan to achieve the perfect bikini body didn’t pan out exactly as you planned. Well ladies, never fear, Syb Shapewear is here with shapewear that will give you a tummy tuck or booty lift as soon as you put it on. Browse the selection of shorts, leggings, and bodysuits until you find the perfect item to shape you up.

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13. Just For Her

Just For Her is an online retail website specializing in gift items for women. Jewelry, tote bags, and makeup are popular gifts that many women are sure to love, but what about a portable blender or selfie light? Unique gifts are the key to any girl’s heart. 

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14. All About Maternity

Stylish mothers-to-be need to stay fashionable through every stage of pregnancy and beyond, and All About Maternity is a women’s website to suit their needs. Maternity outfits, dresses, bras, swimwear, and even make-your-own maternity t-shirts can be purchased from the shop. For after the baby arrives, expectant mothers can also browse adorable newborn onesies.

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Eastern-inspired bohemian jewelry is always a great way to add a little bit of hippie flair to any look. FASHIONN JEWELRY specializes in boho bracelets made with high-quality natural stones. Browse the website for designs and colors you’re sure to love.

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16. BeiaModa

Casual to formal, BeiaModa has it all. Ladies looking for a cute t-shirt, blouse, or hoodie to add to their collection can find it here, but there’s also a wide selection of dresses, either for a sophisticated office look or a breezy day at the beach or boardwalk. 

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17. RockStarMoon

Do you know an abundantly cool girl to whom you owe a cool gift? Do you want to purchase it at an affordable price? This women’s website’s motto is “affordable cool things, abundantly cool people,” and there’s something to suit any and every modern woman listed for purchase. RockStarMoon offers self-improvement devices for teeth whitening and laser hair removal, as well as cute purses, swimwear, and shapewear, all at great prices.

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18. Cilk Rose Water

This website’s rosewater beauty supplement is the perfect product for any woman who wants luxurious, healthy skin. Rather than marketing chemically composed skincare products, this women’s website presents a natural solution to skin care problems made from real roses.

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19. Goth Jewelry

Goths rejoice! This is a goth girl website dream. Browse Victorian-style chokers for a classic goth look, or add some dark flair to your wardrobe with rings and earrings inspired by steampunk culture—this website has just what you need to add some edge to your overall look.

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20. The Best Vintage Clothing

If high-quality vintage items are what you seek, look no further than The Best Vintage Clothing. While it’s not exclusively a women’s website, there are plenty of products that luxurious ladies will go crazy over. Think vintage faux fur coats, shawls, and leopard-skin pillbox hats. There’s even a section for curvy women that includes dresses, jackets, and more.

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21. Mon Coeur Boutique

Mon Coeur translates to “my heart,” and the designs in this online boutique are sure to steal yours. This women’s website specializes in exclusively providing hair accessories for brides. That includes tiaras, hair clips, combs, and pins, as well as elegant halos for a subtle wedding look.

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22. Nails Art Center

It’s important that a lady’s nails look on-point at all times. Nails Art Center is here to ensure that you never have to go out with chipping-off polish, even when you’re too busy to go to the salon for a manicure. Purchase everything you need to do it yourself in this online shop—from grooming and gel manicure sets with all kinds of colors and sheens, glossy matte and metallic, to nail polish removal solutions.

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When it comes time to get in shape, having cute and comfortable workout gear makes working out much easier. The shorts, leggings, and bodysuits on ALLURA are high-quality athleisure products with cute designs and patterns, sure to flatter your female figure and make working out a breeze.

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24. Magdalena Maria & Christian Jewelry & Gift

Women of faith love to accessorize with items that match their style but also display their religion. In Magdalena Marie & Christian’s Jewelry & Gift shop, women can find the perfect cross or crucifix necklace, bracelet, or ring to wear themselves or gift to another faithful friend.

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25. Tan Life

This women’s website has a simple motto: “Beach more, worry less.” If that message resonates with you, you’ll probably love the selection of bikini sets, one-pieces, and cover-ups available in the Tan Life online shop. Modern beach looks include metallic, animal print, and gingham—browse them all, and more, in the shop. 

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26. Pink Bow City

Pink Bow City is a retro, pin-up inspired website that features a print magazine and blog artists who “share its distinct feminine, yet edgy pin-up style.” Read about the empowering stories of the magazine’s featured pin-up artists and models, and find some inspiration in the colorful, pop art looks.

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27. Flower World

Flower bouquets are so beautiful. It would be nice if they lasted more than just a few days. Luckily, the products available on Flower World can last forever. The bouquets and florets on this website lists are artificial, which means they’ll last much longer than a fresh bouquet but still look amazing for your special occasion.

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28. Hey! Holla

Socially-conscious and physically active ladies concerned with the ethics and sustainability of the products they purchase will love Hey! Holla. Browse ethically-sourced, made-to-order tote bags sporting phrases like “ladies who lunge,” t-shirts, mugs, and more on this site. You can also read up on charities the company supports with the money from your purchases. 

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29. Jewelry Houzz

This website is for women and girls looking for modern accessories to add to their collection. Whether it’s a sophisticated yet edgy item like a choker or watch, or just a cute button (cartoon characters, emojis, and adorable avocados are available in enamel pin-form) or ring that shows your personality, you can find it on Jewelry Houzz.

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30. Lady Markett

When browsing women’s websites, it’s easy to get carried away with luxurious items or pieces that scream glitz and glam. However, the most useful websites for women are the ones like Lady Markett, providing practical pieces, casual tops and bottoms, and the comfiest clothes for lounging at home or working at the office.

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31. Paradise Jewelry

Paradise Jewelry has a selection of unique, bohemian jewelry items. The modern styles of rings, earrings, bracelets, and other accessories are inspired by the sea, featuring pearls, seashells, snakes, and other fun shapes that are quirky yet understated.

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32. Skin and Hair Cares

Any woman who has tried growing out her hair will tell you it’s much easier said than done. Luckily, products like hair oil and strengthening treatments available in the Skin and Hair Cares online shop can help, ensuring that split ends and coarse textures are minimized.

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Did you find something you like on this list of websites for women? Maybe it’s just a super cute new workout outfit, or perhaps it’s something as important as the perfect tiara to wear on your wedding day. There are so many options out there when it comes to online shopping that the number of products available can be overwhelming. Hopefully, this women's websites list helped point you in the right direction toward the kind of products you love.