How to Buy an Ecommerce Business

Why buy an ecommerce business?

For many, starting a business is a gratifying experience. Those early mornings, that daily grind, it all pays off as the business gradually takes off. For others, and most likely the readers of this guide, the challenge lies in other aspects of the business: the turnaround effort, the scaling strategy, and so on. This guide is designed for those seeking to buy a business and continue building it. Here you’ll find the guidance and tools you need to acquire a business that aligns with your goals.

Every business can be improved, every business needs refinement. As a potential buyer, you need to ensure that the business you’re buying complements the skills you bring to the table. An incredible product that needs marketing expertise; a high-revenue operation that needs to source better products. With this guide, you’ll develop a strategy to buy the right company for you and one that you’ll be able to take to the next level.

For beginners

For those who have never run an ecommerce business before, buying an established ecommerce business could be the fastest way to get a foot in the door and start learning by doing. Compared to starting an ecommerce business from scratch, buying an established business gives you the following advantages:

  1. An established business usually has a proven business model and a set of operational procedures. You can take that right away from the current business owners without risking a lot of time and money trying to build everything from scratch.

  2. Buying from an experienced ecommerce business owner also means that you can learn from him/her and get yourself a “teacher.”

  3. An established ecommerce business usually has a certain amount of traffic to the website and existing clients. That means the business can be cash flow positive at day one after you take over it. You don’t need to worry about where to find customers or whether you can find customers.

  4. An established Shopify ecommerce business also has a website that has already been built, so no need to worry about your upfront investment in the technology. All you need to do is to learn how to manage the store.

For Experienced Entrepreneurs

If you have worked in online businesses for many years and think of yourself as an expert in one specific area, such as marketing and branding, SEO, growth strategy, user experience, or if you have a ton of social media followers or blog readers, buying an ecommerce business means you can apply your skills and resources to help a business grow. And best of all, it’s your own business.

For Business Portfolio Owners

If you already have a portfolio of businesses, buying an ecommerce business can help you gain access to new products and new clients, which could help you effectively grow your current business portfolio.

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