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General description

Our price is based on Shopify's recommendation. Profits were around $40K last year and we consider this a worthy 3.5x profit sale. We don't have to sell. We'd like to. We think there is tremendous opportunity for growth.

This is a MASSIVE catalog featuring hundreds of airports from around the world, in numerous designs, including apparel and artwork of various sizes and shapes amounting to thousands of SKUS. Of course all artwork is included.

This has been an almost five-year effort of passion and love including an intense marketing campaign over the last year. We've been featured in Gizmodo, Flying Magazine, Martha Steward Design Finalist, DeZeen, Travel +Leisure and numerous other places.

08 Left is not just a runway designation, it is representative of three cities that mean a lot to Ryan and his wife Heidi. 08 Left is a runway in Vancouver, BC where Ryan and Heidi went on one of their first dates, in Paris, France, where they spent two weeks on the vacation of a lifetime and in Honolulu, Hawaii, where they went on their honeymoon.

But, of course, it's never just about a runway.

We love clean, modern, design. We love aviation and travel. We love the intoxicating blast of a jet engine combined with the intricate flight plans that allow us to see new places, new faces, and create better stories. We love all that an airport can represent: from the memory of the first time seeing an airplane, holding your dad’s hand, to meeting your fiancé as they walk out the door, to that honeymoon. The world of aviation is inspiring to us, it’s beautiful, it’s magical and it represents our stories. We make art and apparel for that. It looks good and means… the world. To you and your journey. Life’s a trip, as we often say… and we mean it literally. So don't shut the shades and fall asleep just waiting for some kind of future destination, open the shades, bask in the view from 33,000 feet and sit back in awe and wonder at the magic that we have the gift of experiencing and living.



  1. Who would rather collect adventures. Cities, airports, countries, and continents - and the experiences that come with them - are our trading cards. We collect and treasure them.

  2. Who love the view up there. Up where the spicy tomato juice tastes better and things are put in their proper place: problems get smaller and the world gets bigger. Elie Weisel says to "think higher and feel deeper". We're all in, whether it's at 38,000 feet or ground level. Of course, we want the window seat so we can enjoy that view.

  3. Who appreciate the journey as much as the destination. Sometimes we're so intent on getting somewhere that we can't seem to enjoy the spot we're already in. But, when we manage to stop complaining about the seat in front of us, we can realize we're participating in something magical.

  4. Who are always looking and listening. See the paint colors on that street. Listen to the waves crash against the shore. Taste that 500 year-old pastry recipe. Feel the energy in the street market. Smell the sunshine heat up the puddles. Pay attention to the stories of those who have already been there and, by all means, keep looking for a sweet deal on flights.

  5. Who love the new. Not new things but new experiences. New cultures, new languages, new perspectives, new ideas, new architecture, new designs, new stories, new relationships, new histories, and new ways to do... just about everything. It's all out there and we're a little addicted to it.

  6. Who choose awe instead of frustration. Yes, we all know the lines in TSA are long. Yes, we all know the tray tables are closer to our knees. Yes, we all know our favorite spot turned into a tourist trap. But then we remember what we're doing. Frustration can really wipe out the awe. But choosing awe will take out the knees of frustration.

  7. Who smile at every takeoff and landing. The deafening roar and that delicate wing flex. That thing of beauty is carrying hundreds of people thousands of miles. Sometimes we're on it and sometimes we're just watching but either way we're smiling like we were the first time we experinced it.

  8. Who generally consider life to be a big, beautiful, amazing trip... Some people (of every profession, income, race, religion and circumstance) consider life to be a small, ugly, boring trip, and... they make smiles fade pretty fast. But some people (of every profession, income, race, religion and circumstance) know how to do just the opposite. We want to be them and be with them.



Why should someone buy this store?

5 years. Countless hours. Thousands of dollars invested. It rocks. It's huge. It's got endless potential.. It's beautiful and comes with a passionate and inspired customer base. The sky is the limit - no pun intended. If someone is passionate about travel and/or aviation and wants to make money and contribute in an artistic and creative way to the worlds of travel and aviation art and apparel, well... it's for you.

How can the future owner improve the business?

We print most of our items on demand. Stocking apparel, accessories, etc... would vastly increase price margins. In addition, new products that really allow customers to "collect" their cities would be huge. In short, up front capital. Better awareness, etc....

What work have you put into the store?

Five years of intense effort creating artwork, partnerships, design, and a massive catalog. Thousands of designs and a broad base of trust and reputation within the aviation community and beyond.

Time to run this business: approximately 40 hours per week

Traffic and Performance

  • Avg. revenue /month
  • Avg. sessions /month5,212Verified
  • Avg. profit /month
  • Profit Margin60%
  • Avg. sales /month150

Other details about profit: We have other income sources that are not included on Shopify - 1) Licensing deals with numerous stores 2) we're a supplier for the NGPA and many of their needs. 3) We've done work with the NATCA and their retirements, etc... over the years. 4) We've carried wholesale in Museum of Flight as well as a store in Sea-Tac that we currently don't deliver to. Our price is the exact price as determined by Shopify - without the outside sales. So, we're essentially undervalued.

Total revenue
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    • Shopify plan
    • Employees
    • Domain
    • Mailchimp
    • Facebook

    Sale Includes

    • Physical inventoryNot Included
    • Logo and branding assetsAll assets. Marketing, printing, relationships, licensing, branding, social media, graphic design, there's nothing we keep.
    • Personal support after saleWe do care about this business. Ryan - owner/founder - will be here to help out for at least 90 days - with whatever is needed.
    • Domain
    • Product photosAgain, we've had two different photo shoots at airports - quite a stock of photos - they're all yours!
    • Social media
      Total followers7,000subscribers
    • SuppliersNot Included
    • Mailing list

    Seller‘s Advice

    How to grow this business

    Trade shows. Air shows. Conventions. We've done NONE of this and still grown. Going would exponentially rock this company - we just don't have the time to give it - sadly.

    We would work on raising our margins - adding more collectible products.

    Skills to have

    A love for aviation and/or travel would help - that is our tribe.


    Ryan M.Running this business for about 4 years
    I'm a graphic designer/aviation/travel enthusiast with all kinds of hands in all kinds of places. Though I love this brand and company, I would sell it to the right person - ensuring it would continue and I can pursue other passions. I've had some other opportunities come along recently and I'm ready to pursue those with everything I've got - and can't with 08 Left still needing my attention.


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