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Appears in Health and beauty , Established stores, Business and Franchises under $5,000, Medium Business

General description

This is a general store.
I will be passing the system that I use to identify and test products.
My hope is this store can continue running and grow along with the 2042 customers that we had.

I'm selling this store because I am niche-ing down and focusing on building up my niche, leaving myself with not enough time to run this store.

This store still has a past winning product that is still bringing low revenue.

This store started on the September 2017, so it is reaching its 9th month.
The performance for 2017 was $31,851.30, net profit margin 20%.

This store's average conversion rate is 4.67% for the year of 2018 so far.
This is because the conversion has been set up and optimised to it's maximum potential.
Conversion optimisation is my biggest strength.
The checkout page are optimised for conversion, cart abandonment campaign has been set up and works.

This store has one selling product that was a profitable winner and is still bringing in sales. USD $800 - $2k/month.
It also has a seasonal winning product that can be launch again seasonally.
I have more than 3000 customers so far from this product but it's a general product that can still sell.

It is also a great store for launching and testing products quickly.

If you need support after taking over, I can pass on the following:
- how I hire a full time VA with just $350/mth.
- Training them to take over product research so that you can do a minimum of 5 product test/launch per week.
- From there you can scale up the testing figure.
- Also how I accurately test a product with Facebook ads with just $$15 - 90.
- And my facebook ads targeting and scaling process.

This is my value add to you for taking over my store.

Am able to offer you support for 14 days after taking over.

Message me for more details.

Financials and traffic

For year 2018, year til date profit is average monthly of $600.
Store started on Year 2017 September, average monthly profit was $1500.

Not including operation cost (shopify software $25/mth, domain email account $20/mth, dropified fulfilment software $47/mth, payment gateway fees 1% of revenue)

Average profit/month

$600 USD

Average overall profit margin


Average number of sales/month


Lifetime revenue

$47,946.00 USD

Lifetime traffic

44,325 Sessions

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Business Expenses

Not inclusive of 1 domain email account. $10/mth

Expense item


Shopify plan


Subscriptions (ie. Mailchimp, apps)


Advertising (ie. Adwords, Facebook ads, etc.)




What’s included in the sale

  • Physical inventory
  • Logo and branding assets
  • Social media accounts
  • Personal support after sale
  • Domain
  • Product photos

Social Media





Mailing list

3,680 subscribers

Social media followers

2,312 people

Q & A

Why should someone buy this store?

This store is set up nicely with the following:
- Conversion optimised elements are added and tested to work. Performing 4% - 5%
- 3680 subscribers that can be re-marketed with new products.
- 2647 customers on a selling winner product so far..

How can the future owner improve the business?

  • Engage a fulfilment center that I have contact with, that cost the same as the dropshipping from aliexpress, but gives you 3 - 4 days shipping time. Comes with quality packaging so that customer will buy from you again.
  • Buy inventory with little minimum order quantity on the winning products that will set you back less than 100 usd. Custom private label Trendnology brand on those product with supplier. (minimum order quantity 300) so that every time customer uses the product or sees it, they think about you.
  • Create new version of video ads to refresh creative and continue selling using Facebook ads.
  • Has to hire a full time VA (350/mth) to do research for product ideas to continue launching new products to sell to recurring customer and acquire new customers.
  • Niche down as you identity the existing customer's buying interest or the winning product's niche category.
  • Prepare new email series to follow up on subscribers that have not yet to buy.
  • Prepare new email series to follow up on customer that have bought to buy more stuff.
  • Test out quality upsell app which I can recommend you when you have the budget to spend and enough quality products in your catalog to boost your net profit.

What work have you put into the store?

  • Perfect the conversion optimisation to achieve 4.5% - 5% conversion rate, without needing expensive 3rd party upsell app that don't work.
  • Test and identified some selling product that can sell and bring in consistent profit.
  • Social Media account with 2312 likes

How many hours does it take to run this business per week?

30 hours

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