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General description

Premium leather bands for Apple Watch (solid, ready to scale, revenue: $5K/mth, profit: $3K/mth). The business sells own-brand leather watch bands for Apple Watch through its Shopify store and is featured in another web store. Well-automated and scalable.

The Business is an Apple Watch band business and brand, selling premium leather watch bands through its online store. The parts are sourced from various suppliers, then assembled in-house and stored and dispatched from a fulfilment center. Even with a limited offering and little marketing, The Business has proven to fulfil the need of a specific niche. Daily operations require little time. In the past months, a new website has been built on the Shopify platform (including relevant apps), a fulfilment partner has been found and a Zendesk support system has been setup. The Business now has all the groundworks in place to scale.


  • The online store moved from Squarespace to Shopify in the beginning of 2018.
  • A more detailed Sales Memorandum (PDF) is available upon request.
  • August revenue is $6.2K.
  • There are two noteworthy events that negatively impacted sales in the past few months, and are now fixed. Read about them in the Sales Memorandum.

Why should someone buy this store?

  • The store has been setup with efficiency in mind. Minimal effort is needed to run the day-to-day operations of the business.
  • Fulfilment is outsourced to a relatively small fulfilment partner, close to Amsterdam (Netherlands). This partner houses the inventory of a number of small-/mid-sized web stores with growth potential. They are very supportive and cooperative and always open to special wishes in terms of packaging or shipping options.
  • A Zendesk support system has been setup. All customer tickets from various channels (website, email, Facebook, Twitter) arrive in a clear, unified inbox. If applicable, customer order details are automatically retrieved from the Shopify store and displayed next to the ticket. A number of macros is in place with template answers for common topics (which are not covered in the FAQ on the website.) It is easy to grant access and manage additional support agents. So, in case the ticket volume increases, it is a small effort to hire an affordable customer support agent (who can work remotely, and for a few hours per week).
  • The Business can in principle be run from anywhere in the world. There is no need to be close to the fulfilment center.
  • The fixed costs are very low. They consist of Shopify + app fees and a fulfilment storage fee. In total this is about $120 per month.
  • Return rate is only about 3%.
  • There is strong potential for growth. The Business has proven to fulfil the need of a specific niche. After the developments in the past months, The Business now has all the groundworks in place to scale.
  • Recently a professional photographer/influencer has completed a photoshoot. Some of the photos have been added to the website on AUG 25. These lifestyle photos are a good addition to the clean product photos and hopefully help with the potential customer’s purchase decision. These photos are also useful for other PR pushes, such as Facebook and Instagram. The photographer is also willing to work as a content creator.
  • A new video from a tech vlogger with >100K subscribers will go live soon, and Instagrammer with >50K followers (and who does not do any other promotions) is going to post 4 photos over the next 3 months.

How can the future owner improve the business?

  • Marketing/exposure; relatively little has been done so far. A few ideas are offered in the next section.
  • Business Development; partnering with other webstore and resellers to sell The Business’ products through their channels, such as currently done with Cult of Mac.
  • Fulfilment by Amazon: exposure and quick/convenient delivery options for customers. In fact, it seems like people are Googling for The Business’ products on Amazon as it has even become a recommended search term in Google.
  • Expand product offering: straps for 38mm Apple Watch, other leather styles, other strap designs, straps for other (smart) watches, add butterfly clasp option/accessory (upsell).

What work have you put into the store?

A niche market has been found and explored. A product has been defined and the parts have been sourced at various suppliers (backup suppliers available). A website has been build and finetuned, with lots of backend automation. A reliable and cooperative fulfilment partner has been found. Some online exposure has been created. Some branding work has been done (product and lifestyle photoshoots).

I currently spend about 6 hours per week working on the business.

Maintaining the business

  • Customer support (1-3 hrs/wk); about 7 tickets per week. Most are about shipment information. The owner takes this as a chance to make customers advocates of the brand by delivering high quality and personalized answers/solutions.
  • Planning and purchasing new inventory (0.5 hrs/wk); sourcing of the parts has been done. For The Business’ current products it just a matter of reordering the parts in time. The parts are manufactured in China and the lead times can be between one to two months.
  • Administration (0.5 hrs/wk); the basic bookkeeping needed for quarterly Dutch sales taxes.
  • Assembly; the parts ordered from the suppliers need to be assembled before they can be brought/send to the fulfilment warehouse. This only needs to happen very sporadically. It takes the owner about 10 hours to completely assemble and package 200 straps.

All orders are fulfilled by a third party and thank you emails, order confirmations with invoices and emails with tracking information are being sent to the customers automatically. If products are out of stock, people can sign up to a back-in-stock message, which can be sent automatically when inventory is replenished.

Growing the business

Because of time constraints due to his full-time job and other responsibilities, the owner feels there are a lot of growth opportunities left unexplored:

  • Marketing, (1hr/week). Reaching out to vloggers, bloggers, Apple news/tech websites, influencers, content creators. Recently an affiliate program has been set up. This could be helpful for the promotion activities.
  • Business development (0 hrs); currently no time is spent on business development. There are interesting opportunities to explore such as partnering with other web shops and resellers in order to use other sales channels. Potential partners are reaching out to The Business every now and then.
Time to run this business: approximately 6 hours per week
Traffic and Performance
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