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General description

we have started our business in june 2017 based on Dropshipping business this store has generated over $1M over the lifetime period every item we have in our store have at least 60% margins so there's no way for you to lose in this business we have reached months of $185K with 30% net profit and has around 10% Returning visitors our business include also a team of 4 people who are providing a great customer experience they handle emails, Facebook Page, Facebook Live Chat & also you get the store with a manager that handle all the buyers issues and VA"S so you don't need to worry about refunds or returns since this store is automated we also have a guy that doing google ads for us and the ROI on Google ads is insane especially the re targeting ads, this store is a Niche Store and has over 280K facebook page we also didn't mentioned that we have a 1 reliable supplier that you can deal with which means all the items in our store is handled by one supplier with a fair returns and refunds policy so there's no headache to deal with a lot of different suppliers we get also a special shipping times (Faster Shipping Times From China) this business is automated and very easy to manage since there's VA"S and a Manager who check the VA"S work and the right hand in this business all the VA"S Cost is around $1100 which is nothing considered to the revenue that this store is generating.

Why should someone buy this store?

if you are looking for a very profitable store and scaleable you are looking on the right store right now, this store have over 17K Email List, it's a niche store that have massive market you get the store with 14 Winning Products+ Campaigns and a very seasons pixel that have over 1M conversions to use for retargeting or creating Lookalike and strong audiences to target on facebook as well our store is optimized for SEO and we had a guy working every month to rank our store on google and get organic traffic and conversions it has over 1000 backlinks, all products in our store are priced with high margins 60% & more we have winners that cost us $13.88 and we sell for $59.99 and this one of our big winners also an automation email sequence that generate over 10% of the monthly revenue, a team of 4 VA"S that handle all the customer service Facebook Page,Emails,Live Chat, and you get a manager (right hand for this business) that manage the VA"S and all customers refunds,issues,chargebacks so you don't need to worry about anything besides marketing you also get the store with one Supplier all of our products are shipped from 1 supplier only there's no headache to deal with all kind of different suppliers and also a free gifts for each package we sent that increases the value of our business and maintain a good percentage of happy customers and returns customers, we have around 7%-10% repeat customers as well and that's one of the most important things in business is to have repeat customers we have also campaigns that we re target our customers to come and purchase more these campaigns has over 10X ROAS over the lifetime period we have spent over $11K & made back over $98K and that's insane and proof our return customers and we are providing a great service to maintain a good customers relationship, as well you get the store with a marketer that doing google ads for us and we also generate a good amount of ROAS using google ads, every product in our store is named under the store name and looks like a brand, basically if you are looking for a high quality store and it's in a massive niche this store is your way to go this store is automated and all you need to care about is advertising more products and keep scaling the store in a right way.

How can the future owner improve the business?

the future owner can improve the business by focusing more on improving everything keep improving the customer service and shipping times. we actually have worked hard to improve our services and we did successful job out there in this huge market and we get a really good amount of happy customers each month.

What work have you put into the store?

i have worked for this store almost everything i gave all my power and energy to build a team to learn facebook ads and to hire the right people for this business i cannot explain how hard i have worked to make this business so successful, i ave built a system that's not really exist in dropshipping businesses i was able to work very hard to hire great people at very good prices and also to deal with reliable suppliers, so basically this store i have built from zero and now it is one of my top successful businesses.

Time to run this business: approximately 20 hours per week
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  • Avg. Revenue /month
  • Avg. Sessions /month62,017Verified
  • Avg. Profit /month
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