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  • Avg. revenue /month
  • Avg. sessions /month5,544
  • Avg. profit /month

Business Story

Why this business was started

Shopify's valuation of this business is over $130K [see screenshot for proof]. This is a hot market and great tools work. I actually bought this business when it was more or less barebones and grew it a LOT (over $250K in revenue). I really wanted something that would just work and wouldn’t require much of my time that I could have some fun with, make a few bucks, and sell. This did exactly that and I just don’t have any time to devote to this business now. I’m honestly not much of a hands on guy nor a tool junkie. But I respect that market and I know how lucrative it can be, especially if you are providing a valuable service. I had a lot to learn as I was quite the noob but I did indeed learn and was able to answer every question customers have after not much time. I can get you there pretty quickly too.

The reason of selling this business

My passion isn’t here or in ecom anymore. Surprisingly (maybe), I’ve been super super passionate about chess lately and working on launch a site devoted to teaching beginner chess. THAT is where my energy and focus is and I just want to get rid of this and my other business right now so I don’t feel so bad that they are just sitting there waiting to realize their true potential. This one has much bigger potential than my other business…I really believe that. I’m convinced that if I had the time and passion for this business, I could turn it into a million dollar per year business in only a few months (was already halfway there [at least from a revenue standpoint] with very very little time investment. The right buyer could come along and invest significant time and money into this business and turn it into multiple six figures maybe even 7 figures of PROFIT. It definitely could happen. And it could be you. I hate that I’m saying it but it’s not me. Time to say bye bye to this one for me.

What's involved in running this business

I’m gonna answer this in two ways… 1. If you just want an average business and to collect anywhere from hundreds to a $100k-$200k profit annually…Running ads daily (depending on your commitment and scale) can take from 10-15 mins up to a couple hours daily. Fulfilling orders is quite straightforward and almost entirely handled buy our supplier (which you will get). Customer service is a decent amount of work and I was doing it in 30-60 mins daily at my scale. 2. If you want to crush it, you need to do this full time – at least until you establish and train a team to run it for you. Researching, establishing, measuring, tweaking ad campaigns on various channels or hire someone to do it for you. Likely hire a support person/people to manage support. Do product research to scale additional product lines. It’s a real business and the more you treat it as such the more it will reward you.

This business was founded: almost 3 years ago
Time to run this business: approximately 10 hours per week

Traffic and Performance

  • Avg. revenue /month
  • Avg. sessions /month5,544Verified
  • Avg. profit /month
  • Profit Margin33%
  • Avg. sales /month269
Other details about profit: Obviously, traffic was turned off post april. Covid hit the entire industry hard as shipping stopped altogether for some time. This definitely affected profitability during that initial time where returns were much higher and more buyer reluctance occurred. Everything seems to be stable in the industry now.
Total revenue
  • $259,891
  • Revenue data comes directly from Shopify and cannot be edited by the seller
    Total traffic
  • 188,517Visits
  • Traffic data comes directly from Shopify and cannot be edited by the seller


    • Shopify plan
    • Domain
    • G Suite Basic
    • Facebook
    • Shopify Apps

    Sale Includes

    • Physical inventory

      Not Included
    • Logo and branding assets

      Logos in a couple different representations will be sent contained in a google drive along with several other assets listed below. All creatives (videos and ad copy) used in ads will be provided along with target markets, etc. Facebook pixel will be transferred as well which has significant history of orders and audiences on it. That is of huge value. Everything provided will be contained in a Google drive other than assets that need to be transferred directly (e.g. Facebook pixel which has to be tied to a business account id that you'll need have or setup)
    • Personal support after sale

      I will provide full support for first 2 weeks including teaching and training everything needed and will be available via email, phone, and text message (note: I do have a full time job but will certainly do my best to respond in a timely manner). Then will provide extended support via email helping answer questions for customer service, etc. an additional 30 days beyond that.
    • Domain

    • Product photos

      All product photos are included directly in the site and any Photoshop files used to create some of my own will also be included in the same Google drive.
    • Social media

    • Suppliers

      I will transfer anything I have that is of any value whatsoever.
    • Mailing List


    Seller‘s Advice

    How to grow this business

    Omg…so many opportunities to grow this store. I’ve invested so little time (I have so little) and there is sooooo much that can be done. For starters, pretty much everything I’ve done is based off of one product. It is a really good product and there is sooo much more opportunity with it (see below). Nevertheless, there are several other great products, some of which have had some initial testing that will very likely be just as successful. Selling to existing customers alone is a huge opportunity as there have been close to 2K customers (~1900)! Email marketing is a huge avenue, especially if good relationship building campaigns are established (I can point you in the right direction and give you some concrete advice / reviews). After I shut down the business, I ran one campaign in isolation with no email relationship to the list whatsoever (completely blind) and made $1400 profit from that one campaign! Retargeting FB ads. There are already proven FB creatives and markets (and I have a KILLER idea for a new campaign strategy altogether for the future). But retargeting campaigns haven’t really existed. I know a lot about this and can help but never really had the time. Definitely a lot of potential here. Instagram. This is definitely a product than be sold through Instagram in a big way and you can really leverage influencers. I personally don’t have a lot of experience here so I wouldn’t be the best resource but there are tons of guides out there and professionals who can get you started. Perhaps, reinvest some early profits here and it will pay dividends. Google, YouTube, and Google Shopping. This opportunity is limitless. Really. Other social channels. Snapchat, etc. are big. Too much opportunity to even list out We have sold internationally but setting up better shipping arrangements and maybe a warehouse in other locations (currently one in US, Spain, and China) would facility more international growth and a much wider base of potential customers (as if it isn’t big enough with what is already available).

    Skills to have

    Of course, the more the likelier you would have greater success. That said, familiarity with shopify is helpful but I can teach it when you buy. Experience marketing, especially facebook is super helpful to get going right out of the gate but, again, I can teach it. Customer service experience is also helpful but – again – I can teach that.



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