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  • Avg. sessions /month1,092
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Business Story

Why this business was started

I created the company back in 2004 because I saw an opportunity to sell trade show exhibits, displays and other event marketing products through the internet at low prices but with excellent customer service. We quickly become one of the top online retailers in the industry with an excellent reputation. We were able to (and still do) undercut brick and mortar display companies, due to our very low overhead and streamlined operation.

The reason of selling this business

Our business was quite successful for many years with eight employees and many customers and grossing over 2m+ a year. Several years ago after certain google search algorithm changes, we lost a ton of our incoming sales and new leads due to a drop in our search engine rankings, though we've retained many repeat customers. We took out loans to recover, and have been trying to recover ever since, something that only really started to happen this year (2019) through slow and steady improvements in businesses processes and marketing. The company has become very automated in the past year and stands to continue the comeback that has just begun. As the owner I'm selling the company for two reasons: A. I'd like to pay off the old company loans from many years ago and cut my losses and B. I'm no longer interested in working in the industry even though it's been a great run, and I'm now looking for new opportunities and a change in career. This is an asset sale, so you get the website, clients and everything you need to keep making good money - any debts and liabilities the company accumulated from many years ago for the recovery and turnaround, will not be transferred. This means your profits will be immediately higher than ours were and are posted in this listing, as we had to pay large debts monthly on top of other expenses. There is a big opportunity here - if you continue running and growing the company, but remove the debts I paid monthly (as you will since this is an asset sale as I explained above), the profit of this company is actually much higher. Factor that as the owner I only work 30 hours a week in the past year and we never had the resources to engage in contacting old customers, retargeting, etc, and the potential to make more money with the company is considerable. This is especially the case if taken over by a full time owner who can take advantage of all the opportunity we couldn't, or a larger company that can use its resources and marketing power to yield considerably more sales out of our large customer database. With that said the owner's job could be outsourced (something I can help with) and a partial absentee owner arrangement could work.

What's involved in running this business

The company is run completely drop ship and holds no inventory. Myself and one other employee both work from home and run the company remotely. Also right now the company has two employees – one full time sales employee and one part time employee (myself). The sales rep handles inbound sales and is full time and works from Florida. She handles all sales calls, quoting, order placement, and order management - she's an account executive through the entire sales cycle. I the owner, in my role as an employee, manage the catalog and product management of the site as well as the technology with Shopify, improving the interface of our site, adding products, setting up new plugins, etc. Both jobs could be easily outsourced for cheaper labor overseas. Owner has only worked 30 hours and sometimes less in the past year due to new child and a pursuit of other interests. I will train whomever takes over the company. Given my hours and this being an asset sale (old loans removed, etc) this company is very well priced.

Time to run this business: approximately 30 hours per week

Traffic and Performance

  • Avg. revenue /month
  • Avg. sessions /month1,092Verified
  • Avg. profit /month
  • Profit Margin25%
  • Avg. sales /month90

Other details about profit: Yes, a few points: 1. First the gross revenue per month it misrepresented here by Shopify's system. Last year our company grossed $550k+ in revenue which comes out to about $45k a month in revenue. Shopify states their number (in this case $16,408) may not be accurate, and we can confirm that indeed it is not. This may be due to the fact that we haven't been in the Shopify platform for a full year yet. 2. Technically the company doesn't post a profit, as the profits flow to the owner as salary. With that said, we pay back old loans which detracts from the salary I make for my part time work. As these will not be transferred in the sale, the next owner will immediately make higher profits if the same effort is maintained. We are also cutting some expenses now - I roughly expect the next owner to be able to make $80-90k+ since the debts are not transferred and further expenses will be cut.

Total revenue
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    • Shopify plan
    • Employees
    • Domain
    • paid apps
    • Facebook
    • ongoing site improvements that slowly increase sales

    Sale Includes

    • Physical inventoryNot Included
    • Logo and branding assetsThis will be an asset sales (better for you), so we will transfer everything except liabilities and loans the company has. We will not transfer the corporation itself or ID since it's an asset sale. So we will transfer the website, logo, all website content, domain, customer databases (in Shopify and other formats), etc. You will have everything, again except for the old liabilities and loans as we will close these out with the company sale.
    • Personal support after saleI will provide support to the new owner for 2 months and will be available to meet once a week. We also have written up detailed sales operations manual which will make the transfer much easier.
    • Domain
    • Product photosNot Included
    • Social media
    • Suppliers
    • Mailing list

    Seller‘s Advice

    How to grow this business

    Sales has finally started increasing again and to me the plan is pretty clear as to what would continued to increased growth. The first would be to continue to improve the SEO. We migrated to Shopify from Magento a year ago and there are still numerous website issues from this migration SEO wise that need to be fixed as certain things weren't migrated well by the third party company, such as meta tags, etc.

    Skills to have

    Yes general SEO and commerce marketing. Knowledge of the industry and products can be learned/taught and I can provide much of this in my personal support for the sale. General knowledge of Shopify is also recommended.

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