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Business Story

Why this business was started

I started this business to make extra money aside from my job. For a while, I got hundreds of visits daily, plus a few items added to carts every day. I enjoy suits and the buyers for them will pay high prices. I even made social media for this store for advertising. I may make another someday when I have more time.

The reason of selling this business

The only reason that I never actually made sales was lack of motivation. I stopped putting time and money into it in order to focus on my main job. This is a fantastic starter business with high profit margins and a great high paying audience. At one point I got 50-200 visits daily (1500-6000 monthly) if more effort is put into this, you could make thousands. I just need more time for my main job.

What's involved in running this business

You need motivation to push you to making this your priority. You need some time to give your customers more attention. Advertising comes out to 100-300 a month, but if done correctly could get you 1000-3000 in profits monthly. Social media is provided. You need to know your customers needs as well.
Time to run this business: approximately 3 hours per week
Sale Includes
  • Physical inventory

  • Logo and branding assets

    Contact me.

  • Social media accounts

  • Personal support after sale

    I will help with basic questions and help that I am able to provide for a month.

  • Domain

  • Product photos

    Contact me.

Social Media

Social followers50subscribers
Seller‘s Advice

How to grow this business

I would put more time into it and dedicate my focus towards better marketing strategies.

Skills to have

Basic e-commerce skills and marketing knowledge.