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  • Avg. Revenue /month
  • Avg. Sessions /month42,174
  • Avg. Profit /month

General description

The company is the story of young parents passionate about enlightenment, education and innovation who, in 2017, embarked on the adventure of e-commerce! Initial idea: find accessories for all family members (babies, children and adults) to make everyday life easier for everyone. Then in a second time to set up an online store model based on the showcase of cocooning oriented products, practicality and innovation! We are a small structure with strong values ​​with the desire to put the satisfaction of all our customers in the foreground! You would have understood it, the company is an online sales site for all family members! It's not just an e-commerce site, it's more than that. It is above all a story of passion for online business, the will to offer prospects new products, good markets, and an irreproachable service of assistance to customers and prospects. The value of a company has a price yes but nothing will be able to estimate the cost of the emotions that releases the company. We have put this company at the center of caring, sharing and smiling. Our slogan: Let us make you happy sells articles around the world, has a strong mailing list and 5 wonderful people to help grow your future business. To conclude, this company has strong growth levers, a dynamic and professional team in place, as well as a solid brand image, whether via the Facebook community or interactions with our customers! Whether you are a beginner in e-commerce or a senior in the field, if you want to have a very comfortable income and / or develop this company to sell it with a great added value, this businees is the ideal company for any type of acquirer. With a turnover of $ 600,000 between January 1 and September 2018, we have a sales forecast of $ 1 million this year and a monthly profit that could quickly reach 15k to 20kUSD per month! Ready to rumble?! Only for serious buyers. Valuation price = 409kUSD but we are selling the company for 299kUSD to invest quickly on other projects !

Why should someone buy this store?

All investors want to see profitability and this is what we have developed during this year 2018. With an average of 10kUSD profit per month on 2018, the company is a positive business with identified growth levers that ensure continuity in His development. The company was named TOP SELLER on the Facebook platform. A study is underway for the referencing of the company on the business platform as a partner company! We have the full confidence of Facebook! No risk of the company's advertising account being closed. In addition we have a permanent contact with a Facebook advisor each week in order to optimize our advertising budget. The company is a general store with many customers in the field of toys, soft toys, gadgets, electronics or even kitchen utensils ... The advantage of having already acquired customers in these areas allows us to quickly test new products in these niches without investing a lot (thanks in particular to Look Alike Audiences of Facebook!) Save money to test new products and find a winning product that is easy to scale and make a lot of money in no time!

How can the future owner improve the business?

The company has several levers for growth: 1- The waiting of several winning products. 2- A customer email database that guarantees continuous revenue. 3- Our email database also makes it easy to build similar audiences on Facebook and avoid losing too much money on the advertising budget. Indeed by building these audiences easily you will be able to sell new products faster in the same niche as our buyers. 4- The interactions on our Facebook page are also growing strongly but can be developed even more in order to strengthen the spirit of community and thus facilitate the act of purchase without advertising budget! 5- Is not it easier to run a healthy company that praises the notion of smiling every day of its existence!

What work have you put into the store?

As Director of the company, I will not say I have worked but contribute to give birth to a project, grow it so that it can be autonomous as a parent with his child! The company is a beautiful, solid and stable business. My personal projects oblige me to sell this company which I know will make happy and proud its next buyer.
Time to run this business: approximately 20 hours per week
Traffic and Performance
  • Avg. Revenue /month
  • Avg. Sessions /month42,174
  • Avg. Profit /month
  • Profit Margin17%
  • Avg. Sales /month1,470
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  • Personal support after sale

    I will be available for the buyer for a period of 15 days and 15 additional days if necessary. The development and durability of the company is a priority for me and I will be at the disposal of the future buyer as much as I can to know a continuity of positive cash flow.

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Social Media

Mailing list20,300subscribers
Social followers16,000subscribers
Seller‘s Advice

How to grow this business

The key to this business is the development of social virality by all networks. I will develop the visibility of the company on Instagram and Pinterest by continuing the development on Facebook. Testing new products is also very important, I will recruit a person in charge of test products. The development of the email database is a crucial point. Indeed the advertising costs go up over time and I will further develop the brand image to increase the annual expenses of a buyer already seduced. Finally, a big part of the traffic of the company comes from Facebook and Instagram, I will test other channels like Google Shopping or the advertisements on Snaptchat.

Skills to have

A knowledge of Facebook ads is necessary. Apart from that the business is automated. it will be enough simply to maintain the good relations with the employees (which corresponds to an expense only, no social contributions or other painful expenses, it is the advantage of an online business), to test new products regularly and have an eye on the management of advertising expenses.

Damien S.

Running this business for about 1 year
I am someone absolutely ordinary. I left my payroll job 3 years ago to devote myself to online business. I had no particular knowledge in managing facebook ads or dropshipping 2 years ago. Nevertheless, I gained more money in 2 years with several online businesses that I could not win with my old life salary! Money does not matter to me, what counts is my financial independence to devote the maximum of time to my family!
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