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Affordable Cycling & Sports - Real Opportunity! Ready running shop with loyal customers and sales

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General description

GENERAL Affordable Cycling & Sports targets a specific market group — cyclists and people who love sports— and seeking high-quality bikes, cycling and sports equipments at affordable prices. It's a fully dropshipping online store which is automatically connected with best of the best Oberlo and Aliexpress suppliers in China. Oberlo application supports both Oberlo's suppliers and Aliexpress suppliers. The difference is that Oberlo is a fully automated procedure (you need to do nothing) and Oberlo has selected the highest rating suppliers from China and other countries such as Latvia. Also, Oberlo application integrates the shop with Aliexpress suppliers but you need to select the suppliers and proceed the orders. CURRENT STATUS Already running. Customers, sales, turnover: see below (Key Statistics) You will not succeed if you do not spend some hours with the site. Previous owner sharply increased sales and gained 8,000USD but when they stopped to look after this, it declined. See graphs. This is the reason why I sell it. When my partner (digital marketing) changed his life and could not work on it, we had the same fate. Although we revive and made sales immediately. WHAT DO YOU TAKE A ready site bringing money. Dedicated domain email connected to all social media and apps (no personal emails). This means that you only change passwords and continue the work and connect and improve all work done so far. Nothing to do from the beginning. PROCEDURE Domain, site, hosting and all assets are made and supervised by Shopify and [REDACTED] for security and transparency reasons. All certificates, agreements, receipts, etc are made by Shopify and [REDACTED] If you do not have an account with escrow, you will open one for free once you bid. *domain: Domain was owned by my company "Stergiou Limited" but due to the preparation for sale, I transferred it to my name. The domain registrars usually do not accept new transfer within 60 days. However, the registrar is Shopify, so the domain will turn to you name once the transaction completes or in the worst case within 60 days from 19 January. In the meantime, you will have taken the certificate of ownership and the transfer, and, of course, you can ask for me to sign an agreement that the domain owns to you and I will click the button to transfer the ownership after 60 days. However, I believe that you will not need 60 days because the exchange is made by Shopify platform which host and manage both domain and site. I just mention this because I like clear words. WHAT YOU NEED TO DO 1. A new account with Oberlo and Aliexpress to put your own credit card for purchases 2. Setup your paypal or stripe account in order for you to select your earnings. 3. Setup your profit margin general rules if you do not like ours. HOW IT WORKS The steps are as follows: 1. You select the products and insert them into shop's category. 2. You receive an order. 3. If the product is from an Oberlo's supplier, you do nothing. Oberlo, updates your shop, the customer, fulfil the orders, et.c. If it is from an Aliexpress supplier, you must login the Oberlo application, you receive the order and the money from the customer, you use a part of his money (it depends on the margin) to order the product, and Aliexpress supplier fulfills the order. You get the profit margin. 4. You set up your profit margin. You must define different profit margins, according to the wholesale prices (e.g., higher profits for cheap items, lower margins for expensive items in order for you to be competitive, etc.). WHAT YOU NEED TO DO Add new products, review the rating of suppliers, track the orders, communicate with your customers. THE STORY OF THE SITE The Affordable Cycling & Sports was established in early 2016 by three amazing guys in Los Angeles with a great career with Fortune 700 companies. They did a great job and started selling in October 2016, and achieved a turnover of around USD8,000 in 8 months. A career change and career opportunities made difficult to concentrate and focus on further development of the site. Actually, it remained inactive from March 2017 but the site was continuing to make sales until May 2017. Then they decided to sell the site. We purchase the site in September 2017 and started a spectacular refresh. It made its first sales in November and December without advertisement. Only social media. My partner is a social media expert and did a very good job. I redesigned and enhanced the products, I selected better suppliers, and focused on clarity, transparency, customer's satisfaction, quality, and made clear the new deal: slow delivery for low prices but not low quality. We introduced money back guarantee and a new customer's support philosophy aiming at increasing the trust to a site with suppliers from China. I will present our statistics below. WHY WE SELL IT Although the encouraging new start and the hard work to revive this valuable site, my digital expert partner has a change in his life and job, and brought a lovely baby in late December. He did his best to continue to support but it was impossible. I tried to do his job but I am not familiar with this. I am a publisher, owner and director of Stergiou Limited. I am not familiar with cycling and sports market and far away of this job. Also, this website does not consist of my core business activity: publications. Thus, I had to decide either to invest further and find another partner or to sell it. As it is not of my core business activities, I prefered to invest in publications, an area that I know. So, I took the difficult decision to sell it to a new team who would love cycling, sports, health, and online shops. SALE PERIOD UNTIL 28 FEBRUARY. For the above reasons, I will shut down and permanently close the site on 28 February, if there is no buyer. I hope that I will find someone who loves this site, cycling, and wants to start a successful ecommerce. PRICE Shopify evaluated this site at 930USD based on its traffic and sales. I post this figure too. However, you are free to offer higher or lower price. SOME KEY STATISTICS I focus mainly on the second period, after September 2017 when we purchased the site. However, for a clear view, I will give some key figures of the previous period. I. FIRST PERIOD Oct. 2016 - May 2017 • Sales 7932.29 USD • Orders 163 • Costs 3621.25 USD • Earnings 4311.04 USD SECOND PERIOD September 2017 - January 2018 (Stated November 2017; actually, the statistics regards two months) • Sales 284.92 USD • Orders 9 • Costs 167.68 USD • Earnings 117.24 USD Total online store visits 1,237 Repeat customer rate 40.00% Online store conversion rate 0.89% Average order value $31.85 Total orders 11 Visits - Main customers by location (number of visits order; reflects value order too) United States Australia New Zealand India Canada Online store visits by device type (order by visits) Desktop Mobile Tablet Game Console Online store visits by traffic source Direct Search Social Email Online store visits from social source Facebook Youtube Pinterest Instagram Twitter * Another significant source is Redit (it was one of the main source of customers of the previous owners). Sales by social source Facebook Top landing pages by visits Frontpage ([REDACTED] /collections/bicycles /collections/bike-helmets /collections/cycling-shorts /collections/eyewear Total sales attributed to marketing campaigns (Facebook - Messenger chat button) $79.98 Top referrers by visits [REDACTED] googleads.[REDACTED] dp.[REDACTED] [REDACTED] 12 AVERAGE STATISTICS (both periods) Sales: 4,032USD Total visits: 8,934 Profit margin: (41%) MORE STATISTICS - DUE DILIGENCE All statistics including Google Analytics and access to the site for inspection are available if you are interested in the purchase of the site. No obligation to purchase. AFTER SALES SUPPORT I am more than happy and willing to show step by step how it works, to help you set up whatever you need by Skype, hangouts, etc. I remain at your disposal for further details and information. Leonidas Stergiou

Why should someone buy this store?

1. Although its long domain, it has a customer base and they know it. This was the reason we did not change it. It has created its brand. 2. It's ready to make money. - Actually, it receives orders during the selling period, although we do nothing to make orders. 3. There are not too many shops for this audience. 4. It sells without Google advertisement. It will sell more if you do it. 5. We have recovered the trust of the customers. 6. We introduced a modern - western-type customer-orientation support and culture.

How can the future owner improve the business?

1. Complete SEO with an expert. First priority: tags, keywords, and product titles. 2. Advertisement (e.g. Google adwards) 3. Give his own personality (e.g. new products, new policies, etc) 4. Replace our details with his own. 5. Constantly review of the rating of the suppliers.

What work have you put into the store?

1. We introduced a new customer-satisfaction culture with online chat and support-ticket system and knowledge database (now are disabled because the site is for sale but we enable all these with one click). Generally, we invested in quality, trust, and customer happiness; very significant drivers for a customer to decide to make purchases from China. 2. We reduced the response time to... immediately. 3. We have reviewed all suppliers and replaced low-quality products. 4. We introduced specific and strict criteria for the selection of suppliers (e.g. rating over 98% (actually we selected suppliers with 100% positive review), immediate termination and product delist if he fails one, products with EU/US specifications, etc) 5. We made clear the origin of the products, the shipping times. 6. We made clear and transparent all costs and charges and possible additional duties/customs costs. 7. We created transparent refund/return policy. 8. We published updated privacy policy and installed cookies banner notification. 9. We increased the security and the trust of the site with registration to McAfee. 10. We adopted all required notifications, terms and conditions for dropshipping compliance. 11. We redesigned the site - more modern and clear. 12. It sells without Google advertisement. 13. We have concluded a 80% of SEO work. 14. We introduced transparent terms and policies, according to EU and US standards. 15. We introduced Quality Statement and Money Back Guarantee (with clear and simple terms) 16. We made clear that the free shipping deliver is slow but it saves money and it helps us to select high-quality products. In other words, we increase our profit with logistics, not with lower quality. 17. We create a new logo. Of course, you can change it if you do not like it.
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  • Avg. Revenue /month
  • Avg. Sessions /month1,014
  • Avg. Profit /month
  • Profit Margin41%
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Leonidas S.

Running this business for about 2 years
My name is Leonidas Stergiou, owner and director of the UK-based publishing house Stergiou Limited. I do this work for 22 years. You can learn more about my business here: More about me: I quickly respond to your emails and I am happy to chat through hangout or skype. Just send a message.
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