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$999 USD

Ali Rise

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General description

Room to negotiate the price, just message me. I guarantee minimum ROI on your investment in net sales within one year, I will work with you to achieve this.

Key - I have Just run INSTAGRAM Shoutouts with great results. If you know how to run ads this store is for you! If you don't, keep the store going the same pace and earn 8-12k per month profit on autopilot.

Why Ali Rise?

90% of the website you find for listing requires marketing skills to keep generating the previous revenue. So, what is different here? I provide you my complete Instagram Influencer marketing platform, where you will take over all the established connections that made. It is a complete push & pull marketing system. It requires 0 marketing skills because in the sale, I will include: - Every single Instagram Influencer -Every single caption used to generate sales - Every single sales tactic that I used to build this website

This means that you will be able to use the exact same promotions, with the same influencer network. I am literally giving you my winning product and everything around it - the whole infrastructure.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase a proven and fantastically well-built beautiful store. The statistics speaks for themselves.

The value itself is not just the website and platform that has costed large sums on itself - it is the resources that comes with it - all promotions and influencers will be given away in the purchase. Why can't you flip $2K to $100K? Everything is already built for you to plug & play. If you have any experience with FB, the potential for scaling is unlimited as I have not even touched the winning product on FB.


AliRise is a 100% dropshipping website, every product is sold straight from Aliexpress. The website has barely touched any marketing method but Instagram Influencers, which is the easiest method of them all. However, a skilled marketer can take this store anywhere they want with the use of other platforms.

The revenue has been created with 0 email marketing, no up-sells or down-sells for the winning product, and no negotiation for a lower product price. Therefore, it has all been made on the fron-end, first contact buyers. Leaving a huge opportunity to maximize profits with a solid back-end and up sells + product price negotiation.


1 A whole Instagram Influencer network that will serve you as a push & pull marketing platform. I have never seen a store provide a full partnership of Instagram Influencers - it is a marketing platform. This will provide you revenue from day 1 with a solid infrastructure.

2 Branded Domain

3 List of more than 1000 untouched Emails

4 Logo and brand images, sales copy, sales videos, sales images – everything used in the Instagram Marketing will be provided.

5 Full support via Email, Skype.

6 Premium website customized by experts. This is key to any successful ecommerce company.

Facebook account with 25,000 data points on facebook pixel

A fully customized theme Booster theme version2.0 worth 197$


As mentioned before, I am looking to buy a house with my fiance as I'm 22 years old. This is not just a website layout being sold – it is an amazing partnership platform for marketing required to generate cash. Anyone can plug & play this store. However, if you are experienced in marketing, you can take it to new dimensions with other methods of marketing.

This business has expanded for every campaign made, it became a top 1% traffic website extremely quickly. With the marketing being included in the sale, minimal to none skills are required to get started. Website is priced to sell fast.

AliRise is in the top 1% of unique traffic of all stores started the same week on Shopify. You have a chance to take full advantage of this market if you act quick. AliRise has almost $1,000 in sales in first two months.

The perfect time to take over this brand and turn it into an empire this summer.
Even when summer ends in the usa, I will share strategies with you to ensure year round success of AliRise. I'm here to help you if you have no idea about fashion or merchandising or social media. I will work with you because I want you to be successful.

Also we have over 2,700+ brand ambassadors working for you consistently telling their friends by word of mouth and on social media. Over 1000 email subscribers and almost complimented with different hot products. We are just getting started but people are picking up quick and the word of mouth is about to blow this business up.

If you have any questions at all please contact me at 7217280107. I look forward to helping you buy the AliRise online empire.

Let me remind you this is an investment that will reward you 10X.

Financials and traffic

AliRise Is in the top 1% of traffic on Shopify! We are one of the fastest growing stores on Shopify and now is your chance to own More details below. 1000+ email list, 975+ brand ambassadors. I'll walk you step by step to continue to earn 10k+ a month I have NOT RAN ANY ADS, NO FACEBOOK ADS with great results. If you know how to run ads this store is for you!

Average profit/month

$600 USD

Average overall profit margin


Average number of sales/month


Lifetime revenue

$1,005.00 USD

Lifetime traffic

3,625 Sessions

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Business Expenses

AliRise is a very low overhead business with little costs. Everything is free with my organic marketing methods, the only real expenses are the monthly and subscription costs. I pay two professionals $1,080/month to manage Data entry and customer service. They are excellent and very detailed. This allows you to focus on more important tasks instead of tedious ones.

Expense item


Shopify plan




What’s included in the sale

  • Physical inventory
  • Logo and branding assets
  • Social media accounts
  • Personal support after sale
  • Domain
  • Product photos

Q & A

Why should someone buy this store?

Someone should buy AliRise who is ready to purchase an automated drop shipping store that will continually produce profits each month that is proven. I have NOT RAN ANY ADS, NO FACEBOOK ADS with great results. If you know how to run ads this store is for you! If you don't, keep the store going the same pace and earn 8-12k per month profit on autopilot.

How can the future owner improve the business?

You have a realistic opportunity to take over a business that is already profitable and continue to scale and grow the company with my advice and help to grow to 1M brand. I have NOT RAN ANY ADS, NO FACEBOOK ADS with great results. If you know how to run ads this store is for you!

What work have you put into the store?

AliRise is an up and running store that has an automated sales system in place, with over 500-1,000 unique organic visitors per day (top 1% of all Shopify stores). Incase if you slept all day you would still make money. I have branding the company to appeal to the perfect demographic, once you buy the store I will walk you step by step on how I have created this. I have created an email campaign and abandoned cart email that has about 8% success rate (2.3% is the industry average). I have put sleepless nights, countless 100+ hour weeks, and all of my hard work in this store to ensure it will run perfectly and grow accordingly for you

How many hours does it take to run this business per week?

2 hours

$999 USD

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