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General description

NOTE: This website can be used to sell ANYTHING as it has the BEST theme by the top shopify theme developer. It uses the theme called TURBO which currently costs $350 USD. HOWEVER, Amity Bella was created with the vision to provide young girls/young woman (16-35 years old) with the most exotic bohemian jewellery and the hottest beach style fashion. POTENTIAL PROFIT MARGINS: Eg. Purchase Jewellery for $1.50 and sell for $30 = $28.50 Profit (95% profit Margin) Eg. Purchase Jewellery for $5 and sell for $45 = $40 Profit (88% Profit Margin) Eg. Purchase Clothes for $5 and sell for $60 = $55 Profit (91% Profit Margin) To see a competitors pricing, check [REDACTED] OR [REDACTED] HOURS PUT INTO STORE: I have put in over 2500 hours researching the BEST APPS and building this store. I'm happy to provide you with the information on these apps so you can start selling. Why waste your time researching when it can be given to you!? THEME: The theme used is created by "out of the sandbox" who are shopify certified theme developers and are considered one of the best theme developers available. The theme used is TURBO which currently costs $350 USD and is extremely feature rich and easy to use. Here is the link for information below. [REDACTED] DOMAIN NAME: The custom domain name [REDACTED] will be given to you. It is valued at $1,034 as the keyword "Bella" is considered as a high value keyword. See the valuation in the link below! [REDACTED] SIMILAR DOMAIN NAMES RECENTLY SOLD: Other similar domain names that were recently sold include: [REDACTED] = This was sold for $1,895 [REDACTED] = This was sold for $18,995 SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS: You will be provided with our FACEBOOK, TWITTER, PINTEREST, YOUTUBE AND INSTAGRAM accounts. This is valuable as it is VERY hard to think of a business name THAT YOU LIKE that also has availability for all of the most popular social media platforms. This will save you a lot of time and frustration! BUSINESS MODEL: This was built to use dropshipping, however this is optional. If you want to start dropshipping, simply use the Oberlo app, import your products from aliexpress and start selling once you start marketing your store! MARKETING: We only did 1 ad on facebook and instagram. COSTS OF RUNNING: -Costs of running store depends entirely upon the apps and subscriptions you decide to have. -Marketing you decide to run. (NO MARKETING DONE YET) -If you decide to drop ship, costs include the purchase of products from supplier. YOUR PRICE - SHIPPING - COG = YOUR PROFIT ORDER LOOKUP: The store has a feature where your customers can lookup and track their products which means you DON'T have to do it for them! :) REASON FOR SELLING: I currently work 60+ hours in my current role at a hospital and sales job. I started this website as more of a learning experience. I learnt that i was not as passionate or interested in having a website as i first thought. I would prefer continue studying in my current field (Diagnostic Radiology).

Why should someone buy this store?

-Access to a high value domain name valued at $1,034 alone! -Save over 2500 researching and building your store! (We will give you information on the BEST apps to use so you can get up and running FAST!) -You have access to the most popular social media platforms (IT IS VERY HARD TO FIND A URL, BUSINESS NAME, AND SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNT NAMES THAT ARE THE SAME OR SIMILAR...THIS MAKES IT EASIER FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS TO FIND THE WEBSITE!) -You get to use one of the most expensive and feature rich themes available, which is easy to use, and has amazing customer support by the theme development company

How can the future owner improve the business?

Begin marketing!

What work have you put into the store?

Over 2500 hours of researching themes, apps and building the store. We will give you information on the best apps to get you up and running fast!
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  • Social media accounts

  • Personal support after sale

  • Domain

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Seller‘s Advice

How to grow this business

-I would learn social media and email marketing or would hire someone to do the marketing for me. -If i wanted to stand out, but wanted to continue dropshipping, i would get professional photos of products instead of using the photos provided by suppliers. -I would build a blog and youtube channel that offers valuable tips for young woman. -I would hire someone to implement the latest SEO strategies.

Skills to have

-Basic knowledge of Shopify and apps you decide to use (or willingness to learn or willingness to outsource someone to manage store for them.)

Belinda S.

Running this business for over 1 year
I work 60 hours at a hospital and sales job. I started this website as a learning experience. I learnt i'm not as passionate in owning a business as originally thought. I prefer to study in Radiology. I put in lots of effort & love into this store! I just couldn't give it the last bit of love and attention it needed with the marketing. So get your social media skills out and start marketing your new website and bring in the cash!
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