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  • Avg. Revenue /month
  • Avg. Sessions /month1,467
  • Avg. Profit /month

General description

This is a drop shipping store that is perfect for beginners or even the most advanced drop shippers out there. This store is designed around one of the most lucrative markets in the drop shipping space – anchor themed jewelry. I have put countless hours into this store, and have used my years of experience with website creation and conversion optimization to craft this store into the ultimate converting machine, guaranteed to make you your money back, and a lot more. I have already done all the grunt work so you don't have to. The only thing you need to do is direct the right audience to this site and watch the money flow in. I have also spent numerous hours crafting the best product descriptions that are not only optimized for conversions, but are perfect for Google Adwords, and are guaranteed to help produce an amazing quality score for your ads - if you wish to use this marketing platform for this site. With the purchase of this site, you will also receive the Facebook pixel that has been installed on this site since day 1. With over 8,500 store sessions, and more than 2,000 add to carts over the past 6 months, it is safe to say that this pixel is VERY seasoned, and will help you generate thousands and thousands of dollars through Facebook advertising. This store also has an email list with over 1,000 subscribers. This list will be provided with the purchase of the store, and can be used to generate sales for the store. Finally, you could also use Instagram influencers to boost sales. Through a lot of testing and experimentation, I have found the absolute best Instagram influencers to use for this store that consistently generate anywhere from $100-$400 each collaboration. With the purchase of this store, you will gain access to the anchored jewels Instagram account, as well as the names of the exact influencers that I used to generate up to $400+ per collaboration AND the exact posts/images that I used for these collaborations. You will be able to replicate my success AND be able to view my DM’s and see how I interact with these influencers to get great prices, which you can copy and replicate. Everything including the domain, logo, social media accounts, and Facebook pixel will be provided with the purchase of this site. I am selling this store because I do not have the time to operate it anymore. I own many different Shopify stores, and I’ve been finding it very difficult to manage all of them at once. I’ve decided it would be best to focus my efforts on my larger projects and let go of the others. Now is absolutely the best time to own this store, as we are in the prime months of summer, where sales are at their absolute best! This niche is by no means a seasonal one, as sales have shown it performs well at all times of the year, but due to the nice weather and summer vacation, a lot more people are interested in the jewelry and accessories offered by Anchored Jewels.

Why should someone buy this store?

Anchored Jewels is an industry leader in the anchor-jewelry niche. You will not be able to find any other store in this niche that performs nearly as well as this store! I have already added in all the best products in this niche, so you don’t have to do anything! You won’t have to worry about adding in products, creating descriptions, appealing titles, and collecting reviews because its all already been done for you. If you would like to have a drop shipping store where the only thing you need to do is drive traffic to it to generate sales, then this shop is perfect for you. Additionally, this store has over 1,000 email subscribers that can be regularly marketed to and used to generate a lot of sales. This store is VERY reasonably priced, and you are basically guaranteed to make your money back in 5x. I have been able to generate almost $5,000 in sales, with VERY minimal effort in advertising, as seen by my sales chart. If you have the knowledge and time to devote into advertising, you can easily breakeven before the end of August, and likely make a ton of money.

How can the future owner improve the business?

You can take this stores sales to a whole new level with proper advertising through either Facebook, Instagram, or Google Adwords. I have laid down the foundations for success in all of these platforms, now you just have to use them and watch the sales flood in.

What work have you put into the store?

I have put countless hours into creating the most appealing, effective, high converting product page possible. I also paid for a professional logo designer to design a logo for this store - which will be provided. I have grown my email list to over 1,000 people that can be marketed to and used to generate sales. I have used my knowledge of remarketing to create amazing follow up emails for abandoned carts, which I will provide with the purchase of this site. I have gathered a bunch of reviews for my products to create social proof and increase conversions. I have had many different customizations done to the theme of my store that significantly increase conversions and customer experience. I have installed the Facebook pixel, and have accumulated a TON of data for it. I have created an instagram account and Facebook page for this website. I have done everything necessary for this store to be successful.
Time to run this business: approximately 7 hours per week
Traffic and Performance
  • Avg. Revenue /month
  • Avg. Sessions /month1,467
  • Avg. Profit /month
  • Profit Margin50%
  • Avg. Sales /month50
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Jordan D.

Running this business for 7 months
I own many different Shopify stores, and have lots of experience with conversion optimization as well as all the major advertising platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, & Google Adwords. As a result, I am able to implement this knowledge into my stores, ultimately ensuring that they perform to the best of their abilities, and generate the most amount of sales possible.
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