All prices in USD
  • Avg. revenue /month
  • Avg. sessions /month19,559
  • Avg. profit /month
  • Inventory value
This business was founded: over 2 years ago
Time to run this business: approximately 15 hours per week


General description

Before reading below, it is important to note that the figures in this written description are all in AUD (however, figures in the 'Finance and Performance' section are in USD- as it is automatically set by Shopify Exchange). Furthermore, we only transferred to Shopify in Feb 2017 after previously using another platform

Our Australian based online store was born nearly 3 years ago. It was built by myself and my husband from scratch, with no prior experience and only $700 capital; business boomed immediately and generated a profit from the beginning. For the 2017-2018 financial year, we have turned over close to $668,000!

The store started out as a ‘side hustle’ but for the past 1.5 years, I have quit my day job and work solely on the business whilst caring for our 18 month old.

Our online store specialises in Australian branded bohemian style women's clothing and accessories, as well as boho chic home décor; including our popular mandala bedding. Our bedding range includes vibrant prints designed by us, as well as an Australian branded boho luxe range; catering to a broader market.

We have spent the past 3 years creating a brand and targeted niche based on those that enjoy a free-spirited look as much as we do. We now boast a huge annual turnover of over $668,000 and a genuine social media following of over 117,000.

We have put all the initial hard work into building the store; including setting up the website, building a brand and profitable niche, growing our social media accounts with genuine followers, an email list, forming supplier relationships, product research and more. Now is the time for the business to be taken to the next level.

Our store has huge potential. We are just an average husband and wife team. Prior to opening our store, we had no ecommerce or retail experience. Despite this, we have been able to grow this from scratch, with no professional help, to an annual turnover of over $668,000 in a short amount of time. If a dedicated and experienced buyer is to take over this; the sky really is the limit.


With our brand, huge social media accounts, mature Facebook pixel and email list; our store has huge potential for scalability. Some of our ideas for scaling the business include;

  • The use of influencers to market our products and brand; something we have not yet explored but we know there is a huge market there.

  • Scaling through the use of Facebook ads; we already have a mature Facebook pixel that fires well over an average of 100,000 times per month! This alone is an invaluable tool. With an abundance of TARGETED data, an experienced buyer can generate a wide range of custom and lookalike audiences to market via Facebook and Instagram and scale that way.

  • Through utilising our established brand and online presence; the buyer can create a custom and exclusive line of branded products (bedding, homewares and/or clothing) and explore the wholesale market. We already receive regular wholesale enquiries. If the buyer does this right, there is potential for MASSIVE growth here; potentially developing your own line and having it stocked nationally and potentially, internationally, both online and in brick and mortar stores.

  • Registering as a company and utilising all the associated benefits to your advantage.

  • Collaborating with other brands that align with our store niche and aesthetic. Something else we have also always wanted to do but haven’t yet had the chance to explore.

  • Creating a private VIP Facebook group of genuine buyers and using this as an additional marketing platform.

  • Pinterest; being in the home décor and clothing niche, images really draw our buyers in; making Pinterest the perfect marketing platform. We have only just very recently set up our Pinterest account and already have 17,000 monthly viewers. With some tweaking and regular input; this can be scaled and utilised as a tool to drive extra traffic to the store; resulting in more sales!

  • Clothing is a fairly recent addition to our store. We already have an audience and the clothing already sells. But if a dedicated buyer is willing to push and scale this area of our business, especially through the use of relevant social media influencers, there is MASSIVE growth potential here. Clothing is a certainty of life. If this is done right, existing customers will continue to purchase; resulting in a regular stream of repeat customers and organic sales. Not to mention the potential for development of an exclusive branded clothing line. I already have a great contact for a quality clothing manufacturer who can manufacture custom styles suitable for our store niche- I am happy to pass it on to the buyer.

  • Explore the international market. At present, our sales are predominantly Australian. A dedicated and experienced buyer could scale and expand internationally; potentially increasing turnover massively.

  • Introduction of a wider range of products relevant to our niche and audience. I already have ideas and some contacts I can pass on to the buyer.

  • SEO; we have recently outsourced basic ongoing SEO. Already we are seeing amazing results; happy to show the buyer reports of how our ranking has improved over the past few months. If a dedicated buyer is willing to scale this area; there is massive potential here too!

  • Adwords; another strategy we have wanted to, but haven’t yet had the chance to explore- here is another marketing technique that can be utilised to scale massively.

What does our store include?

As well as our established brand name, the sale of this store includes;

  • Custom domain and established website
  • Facebook account with regular engagement, fantastic organic reach and over 104,000 GENUINE followers. We regularly have organic sales from Facebook. If the buyer is dedicated to posting relevant and engaging content; they will benefit from this too.
  • Instagram account. We have only really started putting effort into our Instagram account this year and already have fantastic results. We now receive regular engagement and purchases from Instagram and have over 13,300 GENUINE followers. And growing rapidly.
  • MATURE Facebook Pixel. In ‘quiet season’ our pixel fires approximately 70,000-80,000 times per month. In ‘busy season’ (ie October-December), it can be well over 10 times that. This is a MASSIVE amount of data; an invaluable tool that can then be used to create TARGETED custom and lookalike audiences to setup ads and drive RELEVANT traffic and ultimately, make sales. Business owners spend ridiculous amounts of money to test ads and ultimately generate a genuine audience and mature pixel. We have already done the hard work. We now have a mature pixel and already have the audience. With no experience and only using free online information on Facebook ads, my husband and I already run successful and profitable Facebook and Instagram ads daily. If a dedicated and experienced buyer was to scale this area; there is MASSIVE potential here!
  • Facebook ad account with my most profitable custom and lookalike audiences for ad sets that I use regularly.
  • Email list of over 24,000 subscribers. Again, we haven’t even ‘really’ put effort into this and have collected over 24,000 subscribers with ease. If a dedicated and experienced buyer was to push this area, again, there is MASSIVE potential here. We now run about 2 email campaigns per week with Mail Chimp (email marketing is something we have only recently learnt about and have been using it regularly for about 4 months now). To date, EVERY campaign has been profitable. We see HUGE return on investment with email marketing. The platform only costs us $200 per month, yet we can generate thousands from one single campaign (we run 8-10 per month).
  • The sale includes a list of current suppliers as well as my handpicked POTENTIAL supplier list; so the buyer can use these to scale. I have a list of over 20 QUALITY clothing suppliers/wholesalers RELEVANT to our store niche. At the moment, we only use one clothing supplier and haven’t yet had the chance to explore more. I also have a list of over 15 bedding and homewares potential suppliers RELEVANT to our store niche. This alone is invaluable!
  • The sale includes all inventory, approx. $48,000 worth.
  • Evident by our shopify dashboard, our repeat customer rate is up 55% over the past 12 months and up 97% this year to date (approximately 8.5 months). By scaling the business, especially with clothing, there is huge potential to see even higher numbers than this!
  • Afterpay and Zippay; we are already setup for both of these payment methods which resonate with a huge market. With the current ‘craze’, especially around Afterpay, this ads value, traffic and ultimately increases conversions. It’s a huge marketing point.
  • Traffic. As evident by our Shopify dashboard, we have had 229,660 store sessions/visits over the past 12 months. That is a huge amount of traffic, actually, the top 1% compared to all other Shopify stores that were built at the same time as ours. And by scaling the store, there’s huge potential for some much larger numbers than this!
  • Pinterest account. We have only very recently set up Pinterest (over the past few months). Already we have 17,000 monthly visits and can see traffic coming from Pinterest.
  • Established relationships with RELIABLE suppliers.
  • We have a current ongoing off-page SEO strategy that is outsourced to a freelancer overseas. This costs us only $200 per month and already, we are starting to see great results and have increased in ranking. SEO takes time, you don’t see results immediately. But we have already had this strategy running for 4 months now, so the buyer would be at the stage where they get to see and continue to enjoy the results. It would be up to the buyer if they’d like to continue with our current freelancer, do it themselves, or have a large agency take over it and scale.
  • I utilise a few public Facebook groups with hundreds of thousands of members (potential customers) as an additional marketing platform. I use these groups weekly and see a fantastic amount of traffic and organic sales from them. Best part is; it’s FREE! The sale of the business includes the names of these groups. As previously mentioned, the buyer could also create their own private VIP group (which I haven’t done yet) and again, this would be another marketing platform, with a target audience and repeat buyers, over and above the public groups I already use.

Business Model:

Over our 3 years we have tried and tested different models.

We began by stocking inventory in our home and fulfilling orders ourselves. 12 months ago, we tried dropshipping and this was our turning point; our turnover increased ten fold! This was because we were able to provide an UNLIMITED amount of stock, there were no capital or cashflow issues and we could introduce new products regularly. This model allowed us to have our biggest day to date; that was OVER $10,000 IN ONE DAY on 7/8/17 and $7,700 the following day.

Recently, starting July 2018, we have gone back to stocking inventory and fulfilling orders ourselves. Reason being increased quality control (we are physically checking and packing orders ourselves), the ability to customise our packaging (ie work on branding) and also, we now stock a range of Australian branded products. Furthermore, we were preparing to further develop our brand and potentially have our own warehouse/venue.

This makes our store both versatile and extremely valuable. Not only are we an ESTABLISHED store, we would suit an experienced dropshipper, someone who wants to stock inventory OR even someone who wants to expand this into a brick and mortor store!

As far as drop-shipping goes; many Australian bedding and homeware brands/suppliers will dropship; so you could potentially explore that more. Or, for the experienced dropshipper, the store can go back to running via the dropshipping model and our mature pixel could be utilised to test products and ads daily and scale even further; something that I myself never had the chance, experience or knowledge to delve in to.

Alternatively, the buyer could partly dropship and partly fulfil from stocked inventory. Or finally, the buyer could run the store based on fulfilling from stocked inventory, as we are now, whilst utilising our mature pixel data to generate multiple other separate drop shipping stores (based on the same target audience/niche). They could test ‘hot products’ and have MULTIPLE extra income streams SEPARATE from this store; the best of both worlds. A large branded store. And then ‘hot product’ drop-shipping stores on the side.

The potential really is massive! We have put in the hard yards and done the hardest part for you! Now it’s time to scale!

How do we attract our customers?

  • Facebook- We post regular engaging content; whether that be product updates, customer reviews/images or memes approximately twice per day. In addition to this, we share our Instagram story to our Facebook story. This ensures constant and regular engagement, maintains a relationship with our followers and drives organic traffic to our store.
  • Instagram- We post regular engaging content approximately twice per day. This may be shares from other relevant accounts, product updates, quotes, memes etc. With our Instagram accounts, we always ensure the images are high quality and suit the overall aesthetic of the account. In addition, we update our ‘story’ 3-5 times per day- this is a fantastic tool as it drives traffic without the image being visible on your account. We always watch our story ‘insights’, so we know that we get a great amount of clicks on our stories; FREE traffic! Furthermore, because we have over 10,000 followers; we are able to make use of the ‘swipe up’ feature- another invaluable marketing tool! In addition to this, we regularly engage with other relevant accounts (like, follow, comment etc) as well as engaging with our followers by replying to comments and engaging in conversation.
  • Public Facebook groups- I regularly utilise a few public groups, one in particular, to drive organic traffic and sales- and it works! I do this by running competitions, updating new arrivals and engaging in posts; and I see traffic spike IMMEDIATELY when I do this. Once you start posting regularly on there, the audience begin to ‘know’ you. It is a fantastic tool not only for organic traffic and sales but to further establish your brand and relationship with potential customers. As mentioned above, the sale will include the name of these groups.
  • I always have Facebook and Instagram ads running via business manager. I set these up myself (with no professional expertise), using both custom and lookalike audiences and see fantastic returns. I always have retargeting campaigns running and will set up other new ads a few times per week based on new arrivals, promotions, specific designs that have done well organically etc. A buyer who is experienced with ads could expect HUGE returns on ads alone!
  • Email campaigns- We use Mail Chimp to run an email campaign 2-3 times per week. I design the campaigns myself mainly using Canva. To date, ALL of our campaigns have been very profitable. Our campaigns are fantastic for updating customers on new arrivals and promotions and are very successful in driving traffic and generating sales.
  • Pinterest- We have only recently built our Pinterest account and despite being very new, it has had 17,000 visits over the past month alone! As evident from the Shopify screenshot, since building our Pinterest account only a few months ago, our online visits from Pinterest are up by A MASSIVE 5500%! This is a fantastic tool for attracting customers and as previously mentioned, can be easily scaled with some time and effort.
  • SEO- We outsource our SEO and use a reliable freelancer for an ongoing off-page SEO strategy. We have been doing this for about 4 months now and already we have seen huge improvements in our rankings as well as sales from Google, Yahoo and Bing. Our freelancer provides us monthly reports; I am happy to show the buyer these.

As mentioned above in the ‘scalability’ section above; there is so much more that can be done to attract even more traffic and sales.

Returning customers:

With our ESTABLISHED brand and store, we already have a great number of repeat and loyal customers. See screenshots. As previously mentioned, if the buyer is able to push the clothing section of the store (even possibly creating a label), due of the nature of clothing, these numbers have the potential to increase massively.

Costs involved:

Email hosting platform (mail chimp) $200 per month SEO freelancer (optional) $200 per month Stock 30-40% of retail price Shopify $200 per month FB & IG advertising (varies) $1500+ per month (varies a lot depending on ‘peak’ or ‘off peak’ season) Custom packaging (optional) approx. $500 per month (depends on sales volume)

Why are we selling?

We have invested our life into this business and to be quite honest, were very reluctant to sell, because we know we have done the hardest part. We know it is successful, we know it is profitable and we know it has HUGE potential. Now is the easy part; scaling and potentially making some serious money.

But we have had to make the heartbreaking decision to let it go due to being a young (and expanding) family. Already, I feel like I haven’t put as much into the business as I could have and that is because my priority is being a mum to my 18 month old. With an expanding family on the cards, we have decided to let the business go as I want to invest all of my time into my family. I wouldn’t be doing the business or my family justice by persuing both; and it is the business that has to give.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact me any time. I am happy to answer any questions. Furthermore, I am happy to help the buyer along with the sale in terms of ideas for products and scalability.

Why should someone buy this store?

As mentioned in the description, as well as all the hard work already being done, there is HUGE potential for scalability with this store. All the hard work has been done. We have the online presence, the audience, a mature pixel, we have the products and niche and a profitable store, Facebook and Instagram accounts with a total of over 117,000 genuine followers, an email list with over 24,000 subscribers, regular traffic and established supplier relationships. A dedicated and experienced buyer can really take this to the next level and make some serious money!

How can the future owner improve the business?

As mentioned above in the scalability section above, there are many things the buyer can do to improve and scale te store. Including influencers, ads, creating a custom branded line, registering as a company, collaborating, creating a private VIP Facebook group, expanding Pinterest and other social media platforms even more to further build your brand, pushing the clothing section of the business ultimately resulting in regular repeat purchases (due to the nature of clothing), explore the wholesale market, explore the international market, introduce a wider range of products, invest more into SEO, Adwords and more!

What work have you put into the store?

As mentioned in the description above, we have put all the initial hard work in; including building the website and an online presence, building a mature Facebook pixel with an abundance of targeted data, building social media accounts with genuine followers, creating a profitable niche, building supplier relationships as well as a list of potential suppliers suitable for our niche, beginning an SEO strategy, building an email subscriber list and much more!

Traffic and Performance

  • Avg. revenue /month
  • Avg. sessions /month19,559Verified
  • Avg. profit /month
  • Inventory value
  • Profit Margin14%
  • Avg. sales /month600
Other details about profit: As mentioned, my husband and I have had no business, ecommerce or retail experience prior to building this. We had no idea about budgeting etc. Still we have made a very decent turnover and profit. Now that we have moved into stocking inventory; margins are higher. An experienced buyer with some knowledge behind them could easily 'tweak' the budget and significantly increase margins.
Total revenue
  • $917,502
  • Revenue data comes directly from Shopify and cannot be edited by the seller
    Total traffic
  • 567,231Visits
  • Traffic data comes directly from Shopify and cannot be edited by the seller


    • Shopify plan
    • Employees
    • Domain

    Sale Includes

    • Physical inventory

    • Logo and branding assets

    • Personal support after sale

      Not Included
    • Domain

    • Product photos

    • Social media

    • Suppliers

    • Mailing List

      Not Included



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