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Hey guys, I launched this store at the start of summer and have already generated over 5,000$ in Revenue all organically by utilising instagram. ( 0$ on ads). I will be teaching the person who buys this store my organic marketing strategy that currently generates me 100$ every single day consistently on this store .

I am selling this store as I am focusing on building a new brand. A lot of work has been put into building a real brand that cares about it's customers which is why we don't pay for ads. We have developed a great relationship with our suppliers and we can offer express shipping which means happy customers.

Along with this we have built out 2x instagram pages with a combined total of 8,000 followers one of which features all of our existing happy customers who have sent in pictures of them wearing and modeling the clothes. This works really well for community engagement and also builds trust for future cusotmer's which is essential when convincing them to buy.

Along with all of this we also have an email list of 300 which generates us an additional 500$ each month for free. We will explain to the buyer how we do this through email marketing.

The bottom line is that we are selling a very profitable Store here that has been established as a brand, which is the reason we generate consistent sales without wasting tons of money on Facebook ads.

If you are interested in purchasing this store and have any additional questions, please message me.


Why should someone buy this store?

✅The store has been established as a brand - You can charge higher prices and also increases the Life Time Value of the customers meaning they will keep coming back and buying from you. This is how a business works not a hobby where they only buy once because the products are cheap.

✅ All of the hard work has been done - My business partner and I have worked relentlessly these last two months to get this store to where it is today. The store now generates stores consistently and all you will have to do as the buyer is continue using our simple yet extremely effective methods which we will teach you to ensure you keep making money without spending money on ads! You can save yourself a lot of time and money by buying a store like ours that is guaranteed to make you sales.

✅We have a seasoned Facebook Pixel with enough data to create lookalike audiences on Facebook. This data is worth at least 2,000$, as to acquire this data would cost you a minimum of 2,000$ on Facebook ads to get the necessary sales to generate this data. So if you have the budget you can walk confidently into Facebook ads with this data and make a lot of money with Lookalike Audiences.

✅Premium Turbo Theme ( Worth 350$ ) - We recently re built our website onto the best theme on the market right now. The theme is worth 350$, looks super professional and will save you a tonne of money on paid apps due to it’s number of features. The theme was an investment and we already enjoying a much higher conversion rate and you will too.

✅2x Instagram accounts with a combined following of 8k organic followers - 2 high quality organic ig pages filled with curated content that complements our brand and also showcases customer photos which ties in with our branding.

✅Organic marketing strategy mentorship ( Worth 1,000$ ) - We are currently consulting students how we generated organic sales on instgram and are charring them 1,000$ for our mentorship. We are prepared to consult the buyer of this store for FREE on how we generate 100$ a day consistently if they match our store offering price using Instagram all organically, meaning 0$ on ads. We will also explain how we make an additional 500$ a month using our email list of 300 people who are subscribed to our newsletter. ( this is gold!)

How can the future owner improve the business?

My business is doing great on Instagram but to get the best out of it you can go over to Facebook with the Pixel that we have already seasoned and start running Lookalike Audience ads that are sure to make you a ton more money.

What work have you put into the store?

Like I said my business partner and I have worked relentlessly to get this business where it is today. We have worked hundreds of hours, from designing the perfect website to finding the best suppliers in our industry that deliver premium products with fast delivery times, to curating creative content for our instagram pages and building a customer database that is genuinely proud to support our brand. Furthermore to have created an organic marketing strategy that generates consistent ales without relying on expensive ads if you don’t have the budget. ( Which we didn’t.)

The bottom line is we have figured out what works and we are now giving you the opportunity to take control of what works and start generating consistent sales and run your very own profitable clothing brand.

Time to run this business: approximately 10 hours per week
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