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General description

I started this store to put together a comprehensive array of products to upgrade my own wardrobe after looking to give it a major overhaul in my senior year of university and entry into professional work spaces (the highschool tee's, however nostalgic, were relegated to around-the-house/pajamas). I had no experience in dropshipping, ecommerce, web development or design, so I knew that my interest in experimenting with a store wouldn't be approached as efficiently as could be. However, after countless hours and several months playing with different products, lineups, and overall ecommerce processes, I have learned a lot as to the inner workings of this digital retail world, which will hopefully aid me in potential future ecommerce adventures! The products offered on Black Tie Leather Soul are specifically tailored to the young professional - from elegant ties to a variety of fashionable accessories. We aim to help each man set a solid statement without uttering a single word.

Why should someone buy this store?

This store provides a unique entry point for any new entrepreneurs who'd like to get some experience developing and leveraging dropshipping for ecommerce stores. A nice bonus is that a large majority of the initial work required to start a store has already been completed. Hundreds of products have been imported, edited, organized and added to the official store. It is much easier to vet products to include into these product lines and to remove existing products than it is to start the process from scratch. It already provides somewhat of a template as to how to structure new products as relates to images and descriptions. That being said, one could always refresh the look and feel of the store and tweak the organizational arrangements. However, the convenience of sidestepping a lot of the slow, grinding work at the beginning is a big plus (trust me, it was a pain). Lastly, I personally think it's a pretty cool name :D, which is gold for any clever marketeers! I have to add, this store has been inactive for several months, as I entered into a full time job abroad, and stopped paying for ads. The truly relevant statistics from when I was actively running the store would be the following: Number of visitors: December 2017 - April 2018 = 5952 Added to Cart: 567 sessions Reached Checkout: 71 sessions Facebook Group - 227 followers (decent response times/organic traffic) Instagram - 24 followers (by the far one of the most underused mediums for future growth related to Black Tie Leather Soul)

How can the future owner improve the business?

One of the lessons I learned was that the products from AliExpress need to be better organized, either by finding a better way to import the products, or to find better products on the platform itself than I was able or had time to do. Second, the overall design and optimization could use improvement from someone with relevant experience.

What work have you put into the store?

I have put countless hours into finding products on Oberlo and AliExpress, importing them onto Shopify and completely editing their descriptions, identifiers, prices, color options and, many times, the images themselves. I have ran multiple series of facebook ads with great results as relates to initial traffic and driving social media followings, but I did not have the time to truly capitalize on that momentum as relates to sales. I believe that most of those targeted could be brought back to the store as many have abandoned carts in the $70-$100 range, with some going upwards of $200. This would also benefit from some knowledge as to how best to approach these potential customers, along with how to better optimize any ads. I've barely any experience with Instagram (I don't have one myself) so that account is operating at what could only be called a bare minimum. This is a great avenue for potential future growth!
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