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$2,000 USD


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General description

Bruxe started out as a business a friend an I started as entrepreneur's. we were looking for ways to make money fast and learn how to sell at the same time. we had a friend that became very successful in the ecommerce industry and we gained a lot of knowledge from him. after doing the research, we decided to launch our first website called universal auto. it was very exciting and we were having a lot of fun with it but it didn't make a sale and we decided to shut it down. we didn't stop though. instead of quitting we opened another business named Bruxe. we took the knowledge we knew and gained and made a stunning website that made us money. we dedicated our time and patience to this store because we knew it was going to make it. everyday and every night, we were constantly on this website improving it and making it work. we didn't have inventory, so instead we were drop shipping. we decided to work smarter and not harder, so we didn't have to see the product. Bruxe comes with an Instagram page with 2,478 followers and an email address. to attract customers, we reached out to many influencers on Instagram and also made Facebook ads to promote our business. we built a strong trust around our customers and at least 2-3 customers would come back to buy more products. we made sure our shipping was fast and easy at no cost. we are selling the store because it doesn't represent us. making money is fun, but the electronic industry wasn't for us.

Financials and traffic

our conversion rate average's .61%

Average profit/month

$1,200 USD

Average overall profit margin


Average number of sales/month


Lifetime revenue

$1,644.00 USD

Lifetime traffic

11,720 Sessions

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Business Expenses

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What’s included in the sale

  • Physical inventory
  • Logo and branding assets
  • Social media accounts
  • Personal support after sale
  • Domain
  • Product photos

Social Media


Social media followers

2,478 people

Q & A

Why should someone buy this store?

Bruxe isn't only an online website but is a well made business capable of making 4-5 figures monthly. not every online guru can say that with confidence, but we can.

How can the future owner improve the business?

there is not much to improve with bruxe, but one way can be to gain more followers on the Instagram page. also reaching out to larger influencers and scaling with Facebook ads can improve sales.

What work have you put into the store?

from finding the right products to sell, paying influencers, and making Facebook ads, Bruxe has been constantly improving. as a team we have made huge progress with our website.

How many hours does it take to run this business per week?

45 hours

$2,000 USD

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