General description

Welcome to Cake Magician where we showcase the best decorating supplies for cakes, cupcakes and cookies!

This website has been designed for the children and parents a like. Shopping for the finest party products like our fantastic Moulds, for instance our Skull Pancake / Egg Shaper is a major hit.

There's a fun and colourful tone to the Cake Magician website. From the cool and memorable logo, to the product descriptions. Cake Magician creates something a parent would have fun browsing through and to also include their child too in the shopping process.

This creation gives parents and kids inspiration of making new cookies and cakes. On Cake Magician you and your kids can search for new tools and kitchen gadgets which will make the cooking experience all that much better. At Cake Magician, we have conducted an extensive research, with different tools, before starting about the demand and the need of kitchen gadgets.

We found that not only are people eager to find new kitchen tools and gadgets, but are also ready to pay on quality gadgets a lot of money.

Why should someone buy this store?

Cake Magician is a fully functioning website that can operate and generate revenue today! With the custom URL you also have ownership of the website entirely around a flexible theme of parties. This colourful website has a lot to offer the new owner. It is setup and ready for someone to take to the next level with marketing and advertising support.

How can the future owner improve the business?

There are endless possibilities with this website. Although the market I identified were children between the ages of 3 and 18 and their parents, there is HUGE potential in the adult market. Cake Magician is not age or gender specific and with some imagination, this is a winner. Focus more on Instagram adds and Facebook advertising.

What work have you put into the store?

Research on cookie products and how well they sell in US and UK markets. Research on company/website names.

Time to run this business: approximately 7 hours per week
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  • Personal support after sale

  • Domain

  • Product photos

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