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$1,111 USD


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General description

CBZOO was created with the goal of making the life on an eCommerce business owner as easy as possible.

All of our products can be narrowed down to a specific audience, thus making customer acquisition efforts easier than 99% of eCommerce businesses.

Additionally, since all these super-targeted products can be easily found on AliExpress/AliBaba, fulfilling customer orders is an easy and seamless process.

Financials and traffic

The products on this store are easily scalable, especially when your pixel has matured for the products.

The reason we stopped selling is because of issues we faced with our bank & card processors.

If you do not have these type of problems, or not too often, you should be good to scale.

Once you have began scaling a product you can use Alibaba suppliers and instantly raise your profit margin by up-to 1000%.

Import the inventory to the US for faster shipping and use Shoelace for retargeting ads and you can even achieve north of 2000% increase.

Average profit/month

$111 USD

Average overall profit margin


Average number of sales/month


Lifetime revenue

$267.00 USD

Lifetime traffic

1,409 Sessions

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Business Expenses

The expenses you will face totally depend on the management of the business and your attitude towards marketing.

Work smart and your expenses will consistently reduce while your profits will consistently increase.

Expense item


Shopify plan


Subscriptions (ie. Mailchimp, apps)




What’s included in the sale

  • Physical inventory
  • Logo and branding assets
  • Social media accounts
  • Personal support after sale
  • Domain
  • Product photos

Social Media



Mailing list

50 subscribers

Social media followers

346 people

Q & A

Why should someone buy this store?

When you buy CBZOO, you gain access to a range of products which can be easily sold using Facebook Ads or Instagram influencers.

Additionally, we provide you with ALL our pixel data, making business once again, easier.

Our domain is just 5 letters long and is perfect for the Q3 buying season.

How can the future owner improve the business?

Find more fan-targeted products, create custom conversions for each niche, test & scale hard.

What work have you put into the store?

An estimated 250 hours were invested in CBZOO. This time was mainly used for work store-related, marketing-related, and order fulfillment related.

$1,111 USD

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