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$12,000 USD

Change Merchants

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General description

Our ethical store Change Merchants would suit business people who are keen to build upon our established brand. It’s hard to get noticed, and we have established a name and SEO the right way: over time and through PR and word of mouth. We have a lot of loyal customers across both Australia and New Zealand.

Change Merchants was borne out of a desire to source beautiful ethically produced and fair trade products from all over the world, to bring them to the relatively under-served Australian market. We’ve been in operation for over 4 years and have featured in some of Australia’s biggest media, including The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Good Weekend, Mamamia, the Sunday Telegraph and Daily Life.

We’ve learnt quite a lot about our customers over the years. They’re typically women, aged between 25 and 70, and they love the ethical aspect of our business. They’re very active on Facebook. This makes them great at sharing campaigns and encouraging word of mouth sales. We have a significant number of repeat customers who love to shop with us for birthdays, special treats and particularly at Christmas. We’ve also found Mailchimp marketing to be particularly effective due to our large subscriber base and a mail-out always generates new sales, particularly when we have new stock.

What’s included in the sale of our business?

A versatile brand:
The Change Merchants brand is our most valuable asset and because it’s not associated with only one type of ethical product, it’s versatile. You can take the store in a new direction, or consolidate to a particular type of product. It’s up to you!

Socials and domains:
The store comes with a ready-made Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter presence. We also have the domains [REDACTED] and

LOTS of subscribers:
We have a Mailchimp subscriber base of over 2700 people.

We have a good inventory to get you started that we can include, including jewellery, PJs, basics clothing, babies clothing, kids toys and homewares.

Vendor relationships:
We have established relationships with a range of vendors, including Sudara, the makers of the famous PUMJAMMIES PJ range, which are made by women escaping sex trafficking. We're happy to do introductions to ensure you can access wholesale prices.

Why are we selling?

Change Merchants was always a way to test a concept for us, and now we’re looking at investing in different ventures. We believe in the ethical approach and we’ve been pleased to see that lots of Australians are as passionate as we are. At the moment, however, we’ve decided to establish a food business built on similar ethics, and we want to invest all our effort into this new venture.

Financials and traffic

We've done over 1700 orders over 4 years in operation, averaging 56 orders per month.
We find it relatively easy to generate sales when we are active on Facebook and Mailchimp, with free and paid content. This explains why our sales vary, as we do not make as many when we are not marketing or advertising. The last year we have done much less marketing than before and have more or less been letting the business take care of itself, but we still generate sales and new subscribers just from our SEO.

Average profit/month

$1,000 USD

Average overall profit margin


Average number of sales/month


Value of inventory

$27,734 USD

Recent revenue

$57,220.00 USD

Recent traffic

30,281 Sessions

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Business Expenses

These will vary depending on your advertising budget. Ours has generally been very small.

Expense item


Shopify plan


Subscriptions (ie. Mailchimp, apps)





The inventory is calculated on cost value. It is worth $55,469 if sold at RRP.
The cost price of the store does not include inventory but we're happy to negotiate to include it.

Located in Sydney

Willing to ship inventory

Willing to transfer relationships with suppliers

What’s included in the sale

  • Physical inventory
  • Logo and branding assets
  • Social media accounts
  • Personal support after sale
  • Domain
  • Product photos

Social Media









Mailing list

2,767 subscribers

Social media followers

2,155 people

Q & A

Why should someone buy this store?

It takes time and effort to establish a brand, and we've already done the hard work. You can just get get on with making our versatile brand your own dream business! The ethical market in Australia and New Zealand are growing, and now is a great time to get involved.

Our business thrives any time we put a little effort into it (and I don't mean full time work, just a few consistent hours per week!). We've had Christmases that have brought in $20,000 in revenue on the back of just one good PR article! People want to shop ethically and they don't want to have to shop overseas to do it. If you're passionate, this is an easy business to take over.

How can the future owner improve the business?

Online commerce is all about marketing and social media engagement. We have established channels that you can expand and improve upon. We have found that more attention to social media or advertising equals more sales every time. This is particularly true of an ethical business which people like to share because it makes them feel good!

Another opportunity would be to create an ethical Australian or New Zealand products line. We've been internationally focussed, but the availability of products is really taking off now and there are some great wholesale supply options emerging.

What work have you put into the store?

We've established 4 social media channels, a significant inventory, and some amazing PR for a small business. We have created repeat customers and consistent daily store visits that mean people are browsing our store regularly.
We've bought a theme which works well for us, and you can update it easily to create a continuously fresh look. Don't like our photography or layout? You're only a few easy steps away from changing it entirely.

$12,000 USD

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