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General description

This sale includes a [REDACTED] store, [REDACTED] FBA store with inventory & 3. Social Media Channels Currently Shopify is Baby Shoes & lists 438 pairs of baby shoes via dropshipping. Currently Sleepy Cubs is a baby pillow listed on amazon with physical inventory (160x $24.95 = $4016.95 inventory included) shipped by Amazon FBA These 2x assets are rolled into one brand Included at full price: -this shopify dropishipping site [REDACTED] - social media accounts with 9000 followers -At its peak Pinterest was getting 1M views per month & instagram was averaging 75 likes per post. - amazon listing selling US$50-$100 per day [REDACTED] - includes sleepycubs TM & [REDACTED] - includes 15x baby pillow related domains valued at $1k+ [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED] Reach out if you are interest in all or some of these assets and happy to chat BRAND NEW Online E-commerce Shop Business For Sale – Selling Assorted, On Trend Product! Already trading and earning money!! *Price IS negotiable, but not by TOO much! Visit [REDACTED] or [REDACTED] and see for yourself, as it's probably easier than trying to explain! Own your own business and work from anywhere MANY hundreds of hours and many(!) dollars have been spent setting up this website and it is “online & operating” (visit the website and see for yourself!). This business is perfect for someone who wants to work from home, and you can also work as many hours as you wish. For the shoes you do not need any storage – dropship suppliers stock all products and ship directly to the purchaser – the “perfect business” and SO EASY TO RUN! Maybe a filing cabinet at most? No min. order quantities. Website is an all e-commerce self-editing custom website that is worth $10000 alone and can be used for another business if needed. All products are hand selected, and many other ranges of product categories can be added at no cost. The website currently stocks over 438 baby shoes and this increases every day as more are added constantly. FEATURES: • Low overheads • Work from home • Work the hours you want • Business is up and running, and already has sales during “demo” period. Now online, no debt • Logo & Branding complete • All suppliers and order channels are already set up • Mostly online but you can expand with a shop, cold calling etc. easily if you want to promote the products offered online • Only you are needed in the business although again, you can expand • All you need is a lap top, mobile and excitement! WHAT THE COST INCLUDES: 1. Shopify Website – full working, mobile device friendly design, easy to operate, up to date and set up e-commerce website. Cost $10000 -15,000 just for site alone. Website is [REDACTED] 2. Facebook page set up 3. Instagram page set up 4. Google analytics set up 5. Mailchimp account & E-Newsletters already setup 6. Purchase process & automated shipping emails setup 7. Rewards & Membership Subscription Lists & Emails setup 8. Perfect for owner operator, husband and wife team or active investor 9. Huge potential for growth by introducing new products mix and own branding 10. Suppliers set up – new products are setup automatically on the site, just add what you want, choose the category(s), and “add” – simple! 11. All online e-commerce details are very easy to change for you – only takes a few hours, and you can start earning! 12. Domain name set up and emails created (ongoing low costs). 13. No money owing to suppliers 14. Offer FREE worldwide shipping 15. No stock holding cost (purely dropship) 16. Easy to operate, Work from Anywhere, Anytime 17. 5 Star Rated Suppliers selling Quality Stock 18. 2 weeks Support 19. No stock held but can be ordered at wholesale cost at any time 20. YOU set the price margins site wide – at the click of a button 21. ALL training and setup provided. We will also help with any promotions and marketing needed 22. The Amazon product is made in china and we have a great relationship with the manufactuer and Australian on the ground who can help with the importing… reach out for details

Why should someone buy this store?

someone who wants a baby brand in this category.... Perfect for owner operator, husband and wife team or active investor

How can the future owner improve the business?

build out the foundation: add more products, optimize, repeat.

What work have you put into the store?

lots of work into making the best display of baby shoes
Time to run this business: approximately 10 hours per week
Sale Includes
  • Physical inventory

  • Logo and branding assets

    files are all kept in google drive... everything is in the cloud.

  • Social media accounts

  • Personal support after sale

    i'll make sure all the assets are successfully transferred into your name and then will be available for 2-3 weeks

  • Domain

  • Product photos

    amazon store amazon inventory shopify store social media accounts ad accounts domains & email

Social Media

Social followers9,000subscribers
Seller‘s Advice

How to grow this business

add best selling products to amazon store: sleep positioner & head shaping pillows... huge potential for growth by introducing new products mix and own branding

Skills to have

shopify experience would help... & a passion to connect with moms with your very own baby brand