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Business Story

Why this business was started

I am a professional textile designer so I have an interest in fabric design and interiors so it was natural for me to want to design a business that was related to textile design.

This is not a POD Print on Demand store, its a DOD 'Design on Demand' store The idea of designing short run product that no one else had was more appealing than simple drop shipping or Print on Demand this leaves no room for profit, Design on Demand however adds value to the product and would increase in relation to other products on the market. The mark-up was very good because the print and shipping cost is $1.40 cost per cushion cover, this is including shipping door to door,there is no duty to be paid as the items are shipped in two boxes of 250 x 2 boxes, or small order quantities flown in within 6 days.

If you group the items into four selling four cushion covers as a group, then you can increase sales and markup by 400%, the internal post is $5.20 flat rate for 4 covers two day delivery if you absorb this into the costing still leaves room for 400% mark up.

I spent time in Vietnam sourcing print companies for quality and reliability, the companies I have used are very good in terms of turnaround and being design safe, plus I am there overseeing all production in Vietnam, in my print studio which makes your business 100% design safe.

If you wanted to scale this business then it would be very easy as it has the potential to net profit of $16,000 per month, by adding more product. probably more if you bought in more stock.

I used to run print design studios in London that where netting between $9,000 and $15,000 per week, so digital printed design is something I am very familiar with. We use seasonal trends to predict what people will be buying and the capture that niche quickly by design and DOD Design on Demand in Vietnam.

The concept worked for us before but we have just adapted it to a different product. This business is very easy to run because the product Cushion Covers is unlike other products such as wall art or home furnishing products is light in weight, cheap to ship, and because its bespoke designs it has a higher $ value.

There is no competition as such in this business it is a unique business, there are cushion businesses but not 100% digital, they mainly rely on bought fabrics that have a limited design reach, and POD stores which have limited mark up, this business area has not been tapped into as of yet, if you look at Cushion Covers selling on AMAZON our prices are competitive but most of these designs come from China and are generic they do not change much over a period of time, so they do not respond to Market demands but can still sell over 5000 units a month. This business can compete with that on any level with an added bonus of design change around by UK trained designers and we ship from Vietnam.

The reason of selling this business

I decided to start the business for one of my relatives who no longer wants to continue with the project, and as I am involved in other projects that are not related to this business I would like to sell the business on. So the business has never been pushed but with $3800 worth of stock as a starting point you can start selling immediately. Its a ready made business with the right Facebook and Google marketing it would start to make profit from day one. I never put anything into Google or Facebook ads for this bushiness as it was set up for a relative who decided they wanted to be involved in another project, so no scaling or Facebook ads have been made for this site. However it has growth potential simply because you can respond to market demands with new designs all the time.

One of the initial reason we decided to start the business was there was very little choice of design from companies such as TARGET and other larger retail bricks and mortar business, which required large premises to stock their product, we could compete on price design and quantity if need be on a smaller scale and then grow the business as and when the demand required.

The Market is of yet untapped and there was a gap that had as of yet not been filled for this product and market research indicates that the most difficult issue for people who want to redesign their houses was finding Cushions that matched their interior decor, this issue further compounded itself because there was no color reference for them to match their sofas to, we designed ranges to compliment the color of the room rather than the design, that is why everything is broken down into color ways.

To engage the customer you first have to find a solution to their problem we felt this was a solution that other companies had not yet fulfilled.


What's involved in running this business

To run the business you have to have some e- marketing background, the design aspect is easy as I have provided designs included in the package. You could list this business on AMAZON or run it from your e shop it already has a domain name but that can be changed.

All you have to do is email designs over to the factory in China and wait for them to print it takes about 12 working days then it is packed and flown in and delivered FEDEX to your door, if you want short orders to bolster your business then this is also negotiable in batches of 10.

As far as shipping the goods they come in poly-bags and are easy to send out with a flat US rate of $5.20 for 4 in a package it still works out at $24.05 nett profit per set so $3,000 nett profit per month selling 125 sets, so you can do the math if you need to increase profits just respond to the market needs and buy more.

The reason its risk free is the buying cost we have negotiated is low so its unlikely you will be stuck with huge amounts of stock, you just keep track of the best sellers and re order those to stock, when you need more designs just call me and I will work that out for you plus I am on the premises in Vietnam most of the time during the week.

I will support the initial stages of the start up in order for you to get market gain. There is competition but then again if you have good designs this should not be a problem in the past its always the variety of designs that people will be attracted to if its floral or geometric or novelty the market place is wide open. What you get in the package:

A website that is supported and easily updated

200 new Textile designs Layered AI and Photoshop for cushion blanks

Addresses of suppliers

Design and support for the initial stages of setting up

Domain Name

Trend and back up support as and when the business grows.

This business was founded: about 3 years ago
Time to run this business: approximately 8 hours per week


  • Shopify plan
  • Domain
  • Buying stock or restocking of sold stock / 500 pieces

Sale Includes

  • Physical inventory

    Not available for starter stores
  • Logo and branding assets

    Domain name E shop 200 Textile Designs created in Illustrator and Photoshop suppliers e mail After Support for shop until initial start up has been implemented Supply of designs with production QA for a negotiated fee.
  • Personal support after sale

    I will provide support for the initial stages of setting up the design end of the business. I can support the store for design purposes but I will provide files for a designer to change if need be in terms of sizing.
  • Domain

  • Product photos

    Not Included
  • Social media

    Not Included
  • Suppliers

    Not available for starter stores
  • Mailing List

    Not Included

Seller‘s Advice

How to grow this business

The business plan was to grow into a B2B business plus B2C stocking up on best selling items, essentially because of the low cost per item $1.44 per cushion cover including shipping / 500 pieces min mixed digital designs shipped door to door without duties, mark up is around 600% we would see this as an ideal business for someone who would want to break into the soft furnishing industry without any issues.

Skills to have

Some design knowledge some shipping and the production is very straight forward, I will support in the beginning but the factory is very knowledgeable regarding this product. This would be a good add on business to any one who is interested in Interiors or Textiles

Derek T.Current store owner
I have worked as a textile designer for over 20 years I decided to create Cushion Barn with a view to design and drop-ship cushion covers from our production base in Vietnam we wanted to design print and ship with a quick turn around. We have over 1000 designs in our design range that can be altered to suit ranging from Floral to Geometric. Cushion Barn is a business that is scalable and has growth.


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