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General description

Cute Scute was born when two best friends wanted to create a stylish clothing brand that actually makes a difference. The quote "Remember Extinction Is Forever" has stuck with them throughout their lives. Having the opportunity to contribute in helping save the Sea Turtles is amazing because if we lose these beautiful animals, there is no going back.

Why Cute Scute? In all species except the leatherback, a Sea Turtles shell is covered with a layer of horny plates called scutes. Scutes are firm but flexible and Sea Turtle species can be identified by the number and pattern of their scutes. Therefore, the link between the name of the brand and Sea Turtles is 100% there, most people do not recognise this to begin with.

The main goal has been to create a brand that offers high-quality apparel that makes a difference and allows the wearer to feel great about themselves! Cute Scute has been founded as a company that gives back and motivates others to follow in their footsteps. Cute Scute specialises in both print on demand for fashion apparel, such as T-shirts and also drop-shipping where high quality turtle related accessories are procured. 10% of Cute Scute's annual net profits are donated to Sea Turtle conservation and education. This not only lets people buy into ethos behind the brand but also gives something back to such a worthy cause. The goal is not only to stop the Sea Turtle crisis but to encourage Sea Turtle lovers to become future conservationists.

The owners are heavily involved in the social media space and noticed an overwhelming outcry towards Sea Turtles from the public. There is such a love and passion for Sea Turtles and after hearing horrific stories of the cruelties inflicted upon Sea Turtles or how much "feel good" factor is created when people see a cute baby Sea Turtle it got them thinking.. Seeing this outcry, Cute Scute gives the world something they would not only want to wear that is very cute and stylish but something that also stood for change and making the world we live in a better place. Cute Scute is not only a clothing brand that people take pride in when wearing but one that gives back.

Why should someone buy this store?

The main reason to buy this store is to not only purchase a brand that is on the up and has a loyal following on social media but also buy a brand that is based around giving something back. Cute Scute has an affiliate programme operated through instagram with 35 members who are part of the Cute Scute Family. This additional revenue stream helps cut down advertising costs. The affiliate programme works by rewarding affiliates with 15% of the order value (not incl. shipping) when a person uses their unique code. Also, when key millstones are hit, such as achieving €100 in total sales a t-shirt of their choice is sent directly to them. Little things like this provide a gamification concept to the programme which encourages affiliates to stay active.

Not only will the buyer become the owner of a brand that sets itself apart from other fashion labels, we will send you 3 sample t-shirts which can be used during advertisements and taking new photos (physical inventory). In addition to this, we will provide the buyer with 3 NEW t-shirt designs that have not hit the market yet and are not on our website. The designs will be sent electronically for you to upload on the fashion apparel of your choosing. Each of these designs has gone through extensive market research and are guaranteed to be favourites with Cute Scute's loyal following.

How can the future owner improve the business?

A future owner can improve the business through focussing more on social media marketing, whether this is through engaging with influencers on Instagram, facebook advertising or Google Adwords. Also, dedicating time in engaging with customers through email marketing when new apparel is released or when sales are launched will be highly beneficial. Small things like this will help the brand grow at an even faster rate and provide even more incentive for people to purchase products from Cute Scute Clothing. Currently the platform is based in EUR (€) and not USD ($), this is due to it currently being operated from Ireland. However, if a buyer from the US is interested it is very easy for the Cute Scute account to be converted over to USD ($) so you can serve the American market effectively.

What work have you put into the store?

The initial build of the website took around 30 hours, enhancements were made to Venture Shopify theme through HTML code being added. Our designer worked for around 2-3 weeks creating 4 new designs designs which we launched with. Banners, the logo and images for various pages on the website were also created during this time frame. After this it has been relatively easy and time is only spent on new design creation and advertisements.

Time to run this business: approximately 12 hours per week
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Running this business for 9 months
I am an social entrepreneur who has a passion for creating online ecommerce businesses that give something back to their customers. Due to a huge decision being made to travel the world for the next two years the time required to manage and build Cute Scute as a brand to a level that it should be is currently not available to me. Just please remember Extinction is Forever and you can help by helping take forward a brand dedicated to providing Clothing that Makes a Difference!
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