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  • Avg. revenue /month
  • Avg. sessions /month23,785
  • Avg. profit /month

Business Story

Why this business was started

This business started as a side hustle for more money on top of my 9-5, and to use as a foundation to learn ecommerce and digital marketing. Since the beginning, it has made me more than enough money to get married, buy a house, new cars, new furniture and have a safe amount in my bank account. This brand has a strong established foundation for any newbie or advanced marketer.

The reason of selling this business

I am now moving into the consultation space for local businesses, so longer will be involved with E-Commerce as my passion lies with helping people. Shopify has valued this for $257,240.00, I will sell this for $30,000! PRICED TO SELL!

What's involved in running this business

Fulfilling orders using Dropified, Adding products, copywriting, marketing. Running paid ads and monitoring it.

This business was founded: over 5 years ago
Time to run this business: approximately 5 hours per week

Traffic and Performance

  • Avg. revenue /month
  • Avg. sessions /month23,785Verified
  • Avg. profit /month
  • Profit Margin30%
  • Avg. sales /month750
Other details about profit: You must know how to use Facebook marketing to scale and Google Ads Profit is directly correlated to the amount of Adspend you use during the month. I've spent 30k AUD monthly to achieve $100k+ for 30% profit. There is no definite figure. This store succeeds the most during certain times of the year, profit cannot be correlated to an "average"
Total revenue
  • $1,722,750
  • Revenue data comes directly from Shopify and cannot be edited by the seller
    Total traffic
  • 1,498,476Visits
  • Traffic data comes directly from Shopify and cannot be edited by the seller


    • Shopify plan
    • Domain
    • Geolizr, Oberlo, Abandonment Protector
    • Facebook (Avg Spend)

    Sale Includes

    • Physical inventory

      Not Included
    • Logo and branding assets

      Zip Files with all assets
    • Personal support after sale

      - I will go on SKYPE with you 1 time (at the end of sale) to discuss handover which will include Questions and Answers of anything regarding store and everything I know to help you succeed into 6 figure months. (This does NOT include Facebook Ads strategy) - 7 days support on the store of operations via Email. - I will provide SEO service website so you can purchase the trustworthy best back links with high DR/UR to further increase the SEO strength every month
    • Domain

    • Product photos

      Zip Files with all assets
    • Social media

      Total followers130,000subscribers
    • Suppliers

      I will provide WeChat IDs to my top suppliers for introduction to carry on business as usual
    • Mailing List


    Seller‘s Advice

    How to grow this business

    This store is mostly suited for advanced marketers to take this to the next level, and is also perfect for newbies who are wanting to learn digital marketing as it already has a strong brand presence, loyal customer base, and strong facebook pixel to set a strong starting foundation to try different channels.

    So far I've primarily used only Facebook advertising and SEO to increase traffic and grow this brand in western countries primarily USA/AU/NZ/CA. You could easily scale to other countries with ad translations such as the EU. I have missed a huge share of pie not using Google Ads and Pinterest. This would be a huge opportunity. Also IG influencers, I receive a lot of messages asking for features however have not followed through. Just these alone would add much more growth to this brand. You could also move the system to Kalviyo for better email marketing campaigns. Find more products to dropship and import them using Oberlo. Simply try out different products for different categories using very limited ad spending, while the rest of the business makes the money.

    Please read below for a full breakdown of the store and what you will receive from me upon purchase.

    || Brand Awareness || This brand has been featured in Vogue and Tatler magazines in the UK for many months in 2018/2019 and also featured many other high profile websites that brings organic traffic. You will also get many emails from smaller companies/influencers wanting to feature the brand for discount prices as you are well known. You will also get discounted rates from Vogue/Tatler magazines if you choose to feature at a later date.

    || Premium Theme - Custom Coded Website || The website has a Premium Theme - Retina, from Out of Sandbox. It is also custom coded with professional graphics throughout the website to optimise the checkout the process and increase trust. As well as image compression to keep the website fast which is crucial for higher conversion rates. There is also custom code to prevent spy tools auditing the website for best sellers.

    || SEO Optimised || The website has a clean sitemap, with all categories in silos for easier naivation and great UX. Every single product has a standardized unique product description as well as the category pages. There is no duplicate listings unlike 99% of most stores. This has allowed to dominate the niche via SEO and to have strong organic listings for products. The clean layout of the site allows you to add any further product in the proper category to keep it user friendly and simple whilst keeping SEO in mind. There is also a monthly high quality content blog which drive a lot of organic traffic. It is ranking for over 12,000 keywords, with hundreds of keywords on page #1 with high volume searches every month.

    || Multicurrency Local Checkout || This store is now coded to be multi-currency which allows your international customers to checkout in their local currency. The checkout process is custom coded to avoid confusion. Something that is overlooked. A brand new feature that many stores have not implemented. This will allow strong conversion rates. You need to connect with Shopify Payments to collect USD/AUD/CAD/NZD/GPS/EUR

    || Email Subscriber List || The real money maker. I have a huge list of 26,000 subscribers to utilise. You can use this and market/promote your email campaigns for public holidays and events. Easy money.

    || Email List - Email Marketing || This is connected to a subscription service. All automated flows and email retargeting are already setup for Abandon Carts/Post Purchase/Thankyou etc. It is setup to nurture the customer as well as stop them from contacting you and asking to many questions so customer service is less hands on. There is also lead magnets which work really well to get more subscribers. The website has Klaviyo pixel is installed for easy implementation if you choose to do so as well.

    || Social Media Profiles || Customers LOVE this store, they send in emails with customer photos etc. Facebook - Over 120,000 loyal high engaging followers Instagram - 4,500 followers + YouTube (hidden video lists)

    Pinterest - Collection of customer photos/videos. This provides strong social proof on your brand which can be used for advertising.

    The next steps to really pushing this to a higher level is doing paid partnerships with big personal brands in the space and endorsing people. We have a lot of customers who love our product and want to promote it.

    || Social Media FB Strategy || I will provide a link of the best niche Facebook pages to follow. All you need to do is repost daily for high engagement to keep your pixel warm and dominate this niche organically via Facebook.

    || Strong Facebook Customer Feedback Score || Currently at 3.9 as of September 2022. It's always been at 4.7-5. This allows for greater reach, cheaper CPM's and more organic visits for the brand when advertising. Read more information here >

    || Facebook Page / Pixel / Ad Account || My ad account has al the creatives and targeting since launch so you will be able to see the best performers and build of that for new campaigns. There has been thousands of sales in many countries in the past 6 months with al the LAA's setup. This will allow you to hit the ground running and get a headstart. This page has over 134,000 followers, so all posts are high engaging and many go viral. Facebook has the option for you to monetize the page as well for extra income.

    || Winning Products / Categories || I will show you all the winning categories and products that has allowed super fast growth and to dominate this niche longterm. This strong brand is well recognised worldwide so it has no trust factors. These are evergreen products that can be marketed all year around seasonally to different countries, and if you choose you can use the same ads that have thousands of engagement to carry on. The highest ad being 70k shares. I have also created a category to test products out of this niche, so it acts as a general store without looking to weird to the consumer.

    || Suppliers || All products are synced to Dropified using Aliexpress Shipping, with the winners synced to discounted hidden listings. I will show you the top suppliers to work with, and there private WeChats. They are great product sourcers so you can get any product for the best price. They will also provide you the latest products for you to test so you can get first to market and beat any competitors or spy tools. This private network alone is invaluable and allows you to stay ahead of the competitors. They send items very quick and give great support which has allowed me to maintain a 4.6-5 Facebook Quality score consistently.

    This is a dropshipping business. We do not hold any physical inventory and we not have any overheads such as storage or inventory or rent.

    I'm not going to provide ALL information here, only interested parties...

    Skills to have

    Digital Marketing. Facebook Ads to scale the winners as well as Google Ads to remarket in the SERPS. You would also you have to know how to do customer support (email) and use Dropified to place orders which is super simple. Supplying and shipping is very easy thanks to Dropified and the dropshipping model itself. The suppliers are top notch and trustworthy so it'll be less headache.


    Adam C.Current store owner
    I am regretfully selling my store as I am moving on from ecommerce to focus on agency startup which requires my full focused attention. I have worked hundreds of hours to make this one of the most dominant dropshipping websites in this niche and I do not have any time to manage this anymore unfortunately. This 7 figure website has already set a strong foundation. A skilled marketer can easily further scale into a multi-7 figure store with the right growth strategies.


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