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Premium eCom Business | Professional Design | Brand .com Domain | 100+ Products Premium eCommerce Business - Professionally designed store in a trending growth niche. The store has a fantastic selection of highly rated products. Perfect for new entrepreneur getting started! Start you online business today! This store is perfect for new entrepreneurs looking to start a successful dropshipping store!

Why should someone buy this store?

With this site you will get a complete business that is 100% done and ready to make sales.

If you have never run an online store before this is perfect to start out, because it will save you a lot of headaches.

The store has a huge profit margin of at least 50% on all products, which means you easily can bring this store to $100 per day with only a few orders.

Dessert, cake and chocolate accesories is a huge growth and trending niche, all the products have great reviews and orders - so you know there is a market this store!

The business is completely and 100% automated to save you time. You don’t have to do do any manual work when it comes to fulfillment, importing products etc.

How can the future owner improve the business?

What is this business? This is a premium eCommerce store in the dessert and dessert accessories niche, which has been trending and growing over the past couple of years.

The store focuses on premium accesories for baking cakes, making ice cream and chocolate fountains.

The store has a lot of premium functionality like countdowns, sales timers, pop-up notifications, customer clubs and premium filtering. See below for list of key features.

The store can hold unlimited amount of products which you can easily add from the administration panel.

We have also added a customer club to the site. This means that customers can sign-up and their address, name, etc. will be remembered, so when they come back to the store they won’t have to enter their information again.

Customers have the possibility to sign-up for the newsletter and you can create discount codes for them, if you wish to. is built with on Shopify (The #1 CMS for eCommerce stores in the world) so you are in good hands and can easily add more functionality/customizations to the site if you wish.

This is a dropshipping store so you save the hassle of actually having to order, store, package and ship the orders - that will all be done by the supplier (will be provided to the winner) and automated with the Oberlo App.

This makes it very easy for you as a new entrepreneur taking over this store, as all you have to do is focus on driving traffic and making sales.

This business is completely automated - so you only need to work a couple of hours a week, however if you really want to scale it into a +$1000 a day store, then extra work may be required.

How much profit can I make from 1 sale? The profit margin or the products vary a little, but we have set the price points so that you always will have a 50% profit on all products - this leaves you extra room for expenses like marketing etc.

A 50% profit margin means that if a customer order $100 worth of products, it will cost you around $50 to buy and ship the order - leaving you with a $50 dollar profit.

This niche has been on the rise for quite a while now and the products we have selected in this store are the highest quality and best selling.

This means you could easily attract a couple of sales a day, with the right strategy (I will teach you). It is not unrealistic to aim for $100-$300 a day in profit.

What experience do I need to run this store? You don’t need any specific experience necessarily to make this store a success. All the technical aspects have already been coded and set-up for you.

This store is perfect for new entrepreneurs looking to get started in the eCommerce business without all the technical hassle.

Do I need to know how to code? No, the website has already been coded, so no technical experience is necessary to get started.

Who is the perfect new owner for this business? The perfect owner would be someone who is looking to get started in eCommerce/dropshipping or someone who has maybe run a couple of stores. I will help you get started with everything necessary to make the store profitable from day one - so you don’t need any special skills before getting started.

I don’t have any dropshipping or eCommerce experience, can I make money with this store? The short answer is: Yes!

This store doesn’t require you to be a dropshipping genius or anything like it. It’s build with new entrepreneurs and store owners in mind. It has a great selection of products and professional design. It’s completely ready to go in terms of functionality, so you will be able to start making sales from the first day you take over this store.

What is dropshipping? Dropshipping is a business model for eCommerce sites like this one.

In traditional eCommerce when you want to start a store, you first have to purchase a large quantity of all the products you want to sell in the store, stash them in a warehouse and then package and ship them yourself. And keep in mind when you buy the products home from a supplier, you don’t know if they will sell.

With dropshipping it’s different. Here the manufacturer/supplier will keep all the products in their warehouse and when you make a sale, you will simply by the product from the supplier at a discount (in this case at least 50% off your sales price) and the supplier will ship the product directly to you original customer.

What happens when someone places an order? When a customer places an order you have very minimal work to do. After you have captured their payment, the fulfillment and shipping will be handled by the supplier and the process is completely automated for you.

What platform is it made on? The website runs on Shopify with a premium theme. Shopify is the most popular CMS in the world for eCommerce and there are countless of support articles and extra features/plugins to help you with everything. If you are new to Shopify I will gladly support you in the beginning and teach you how everything works.

How much does it cost to run the business? The cost is $29/month for shopify and that is the only expense. You could have other expenses like advertising or marketing later on, but those will result in sales and as such will be covered by your revenue.

What payment methods does the store accept? The store accepts paypal and credit cards - so your customers will have plenty of payment options to choose from.

Can I add more products? Yes, you can easily import more products with only 1-click using the Oberlo app.

Can you customize the design for me? Yes, if there is something about the design you would like to change, I can absolutely do it for you. Just let me know after the auction and I will take care of it.

What happens after I buy the site? After you buy the site I will be in touch with you and help get everything transferred and set-up.

Once the auction has ended I will send the Domain to your Godaddy account.

I will also transfer the store to you, so it is in your possession.

You will also receive a folder from be with a back-up of the site, all pictures, logo etc.

Once the domain and the site has been transferred and everything works on your end, I will continually advice you on how to market the store, drive traffic and make sales.

What is the shipping time? The shipping time for the products are usually 12-20 days depending on the country.

There are possibilities to speed up the shipping time, but for free shipping it’s usually 12-20 days.

Where can I ship to? The store ships to all countries as default. You can exclude any countries you do not wish to ship to.

Time to run this business: approximately 7 hours per week

Sale Includes

  • Physical inventoryNot Included
  • Logo and branding assets
  • Personal support after sale
  • Domain
  • Product photos
  • SuppliersNot Included
  • Mailing listNot Included
  • Social Media
    Not Included

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