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$12,100 USD

Elizoebeth Jensen Jewelry

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General description

Elizoebeth Jensen Jewelry is a line of luxe, modern jewelry that specializes in gorgeous personalized jewelry that appeals to Mothers, brides, bridesmaids, grads, etc.

Financials and traffic

Other sources of profit: local shows, custom jewelry request (of which I'm happy to share my resources and suppliers)

Average profit/month

$2,000 USD

Average overall profit margin


Average number of sales/month


Value of inventory

$9,000 USD

Recent revenue

$33,581.00 USD

Recent traffic

36,492 Sessions

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Business Expenses

Advertising costs are variable dependent upon the season. I've tried multiple channels for advertising and found the best results with Google PPC / Shopping and Facebook. I also use the occasional Blogger / Influencer which is a very strong driver of sales as well.

Expense item


Shopify plan


Subscriptions (ie. Mailchimp, apps)


Advertising (ie. Adwords, Facebook ads, etc.)


Inventory warehouse





My inventory consists of the raw materials (chains, stones, earing posts, etc.) that are required to make the items that I sell on my site. INCLUDED in my inventory are all of my original molds for each of the pieces on the website, marketing collaterol, and packaging. It's a ready made business complete with supplier relationships to execute the orders.

Located in Denver

Willing to ship inventory

Willing to transfer relationships with suppliers

What’s included in the sale

  • Physical inventory
  • Logo and branding assets
  • Social media accounts
  • Personal support after sale
  • Domain
  • Product photos

Social Media





Mailing list

3,000 subscribers

Q & A

Why should someone buy this store?

In a world of fast fashion and mass consumerism, I have endeavored to create a brand that speaks to discerning, educated, and fashion-savvy women who are looking to define their style and point-of-view with gorgeous, high-quality jewelry. My Personalized Collection is the powerhouse behind the brand as it can be marketed directly to new mothers, grads, newlyweds, newly engaged, bridesmaids, etc. I have had GREAT success with this marketing strategy and have adapted it by seasons of the year. E.g., grads in late spring, brides and bridesmaids in late winter through late summer, new mom's year round. All of these customer avatars are actively looking for luxurious, high-quality personalized jewelry. It's simply a matter of getting my products in front of them and the sale is easy beyond that. This is a GREAT example of marketing the ring to new Mom's via Influencer Marketing. The blog post did extremely well in terms of sale. At least a 10x on COGS. :

How can the future owner improve the business?

As mentioned above, the Personalized Collection is where I see the brand really growing. I spent the bulk of 2017 growing the Personalzied Collection so it was deep enough to offer a solid yet curated selection to my primary customer avatars who are interested in high-quality, luxe personalized jewelry. If I were to take the business furether, this is where I would continue to focus my marketing dollars. I would also build segmented email lists for each of the customer avatars that value personalized jewelry so that targeted email campaigns can be crafted for each segment. This would create great consistent monthly revenue.

What work have you put into the store?

My heart and soul for 5 years! I started this business because I wanted to make fine, 14k jewelry available to women just like me. As the business evolved, and I along with it as the chief brand strategiest and owner, I began to understand the market needs for fine jewelry much better and thus refined the way I present the brand online and through all of my marketing channels. On the back end, I also developed cost sheets, supplier relationships, and manufacturing relationships which took a good 2-3 years!

$12,100 USD

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