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General description

Operate a home decor store from the comfort of your own home!

Are you interested in a business that incorporates art and home decor? Then Canvas Boss is the e-commerce business for you!

Canvas Boss is a growing drop shipping business that specializes in canvas wall art. The store uses Oberlo suppliers and Printy6 suppliers. These are two apps that you will have access to. When orders are placed these services will print, package, and ship orders out to customers. This drop shipping process allows you to hold no inventory and allows you to work and fulfill orders for your customers anywhere that has internet access. You will be able to not only work from home but anywhere you go!

Wall art is something that is present in most homes, and the vast amount of themes available makes the potential for a large and diverse audience possible. 

With minimum time and minimum ad spend, this business has already had success in a short span of time. Much progress is being made with simple Google Shopping campaigns. An owner with more time would be able to optimize campaigns and boost sales instantly. This store receives less than 8 hours of attention a week, which speaks to it’s potential. You as the future owner can have the opportunity to increase revenue as the store matures quickly and as a full-time effort is implemented in the business.

In the store’s first full month, roughly $1,000 of revenue was generated. After product and advertisement cost the store made a profit of $600. As a “side project” that didn’t take up much time whatsoever, this store can have the option to grow immensely and be a strong source of income or even become a “set it and forget it,” low maintenance and heavily automated store that will provide a reliable supplemental side income. The initial time consuming set up is entirely ready, and expanding the product line takes minimum time or effort.

You will be purchasing the following:

A budding e-commerce store that’s prime to 5x and 10x current sales.

Branding assets, including logos and custom mock-ups for current and future products. Custom mock-ups will include a variety of PSD (photoshop) files.

Over 50 products (no physical inventory - products and orders are processed through two extremely robust third-party fulfillment apps: Oberlo & Printy6 ) that are complete with multiple product images, full descriptions, and SEO elements (i.e., meta titles, meta descriptions, image alt tags).

Social Media Accounts: Facebook and Pinterest

Custom domain

Access to a diverse customer/email list.

Small notice - This store was originally a jewelry store that was converted into Canvas Boss. As a result the Shopify admin url is unrelated to Canvas Boss. However, as mentioned above the store includes a custom domain, and other branding assets making this a non-issue.

Why should someone buy this store?

Anyone who wants to get into the home decor niche should look to acquire this store. Furthermore, anyone who wants to own an already fully set up store that is making sales in a short span of time would want to take advantage of this opportunity at a ready to sale price.

This store is also great for anyone who wants to work at home or any remote location, due to the store not holding physical inventory and having third party suppliers who fulfill orders.

How can the future owner improve the business?

The future owner can improve the store by expanding products. This simple task can enhance the overall appeal of the store in a short amount of time.

Increasing the overall advertisement spend and variety will instantly increase traffic and sales. The bulk of sales have come from inexpensive and rather broad Google Shopping and Facebook campaigns. Expanding the diverse e-mail list, running more narrowed Google Shopping and Facebook campaigns, and making an effort to create a Pinterest and Instagram following are all things that will immensely improve the store.

The future owner will also have existing order and customer data. This information can be used for future campaigns. Marketing back to these customers will create repeat orders and loyalty overall from a segment of already “hot” customers that are ready to buy again. Existing order data can also be used for retargeting and lookalike audiences as more data is gained. This is a very powerful marketing strategy to gain new customers that are similar to previous customers, as well as re-marketing to pass visitors.

Also more time dedicated to the store overall will improve upon business as a whole. Only 8 hours a week has been dedicated to the store, and that's frankly a generous number. After set up man hours are more like 5 to 6 hours a week.

What work have you put into the store?

Given the nature of the store, extensive graphical setup was done for the store. Professionally custom mocked up product pictures were created for all 51 products, this includes custom product pictures for each product. This graphic design work deemed tedious and strenuous would cost thousands alone.

SEO work: All 51 products have SEO rich meta descriptions, meta titles, and alt tags for each product image and all other images on the site also contain alt tags.

Theme Optimization: This store uses a premium theme called Fastor. This theme has been created to stick with the branding of the business.

Blog: A blog with two keyword rich blog post has been created, this creates organic traffic from search engines.

Advertising: As mentioned before a modest amount of advertising has been preformed on the store. Primarily Facebook and Google Shopping advertising.

Branding Assets: Branding assets have been completed for the brand this includes the store's primary logo along with a secondary logo (which will be included in the purchase). Also, over 18 easy to use Adobe Photoshop mockups have been created for current and future products.

Time to run this business: approximately 8 hours per week

Traffic and Performance

  • Avg. Revenue /month
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Seller‘s Advice

How to grow this business

I would continue to grow the business's social media following.

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